Friday, April 29, 2011

What I Loved About The Royal Wedding

I got up at 3am this morning to watch The Royal Wedding.  I skyped with my dear friend Jackie who lives in England so that we could watch it together. my daughter's hat.

Skyping with Jackie
I loved the experience of watching this wedding.  I love Princess Catherine's dress and how nervous she seemed.  She must have been so frazzled....imagining how many people were watching.  I'd venture to say she is more popular than Oprah at this point.  Sorry Oprah.

I loved how Harry turned to look at her walking down the isle and whispered to his brother, 'wait until you see her!'  I loved how William looked at her when she finally arrived on his arm.  I loved how the Queen Mum fell asleep for a moment during the singing.

I loved that my little boy woke up because I was laughing too loudly and cuddled on my lap for a few moments and then asked me if I was watching a Disney movie.

I loved that my friend Jackie thought a English Muffin was my pet name for hottie Prince Harry!

I loved their first TWO kisses as husband and wife and how they drove away from the palace in a convertible Aston Martin. 

I cried because beautiful Princess Di was not here to see her little boy all grown up and married to the most beautiful girl in the world.


P.S. The nice Mormon boys that came by the other day have been googling their names at the local library and reading my post about them.  I guess I shouldn't have used their real names.  Oops.

P.P.S.  My laundry room has been condemned.'s a health hazard and there is a restoration company coming to tear the walls out and rebuild.  I need to find a nicer laundry mat.

P.P.P.S. I'm about to put my marriage under a huge amount of stress.  Keith and I will be following the 20 Years Younger plan by Bob Greene that you might have seen featured on Oprah this week.  I'm half way through the book and I can tell you that the food plan is going to be really tough. You can watch our marriage implode track our progress here.


  1. Very cool idea to Skype with your friend - and in lovely hats as well!

  2. Her hat was her wedding hat and I think it looked very smart on her!

  3. You're so cute! Glad that you and Jackie had fun watching the Royal Wedding together.

    What is this 20 years younger diet thingy all about!? (I don't want Oprah... are you going to unfriend me? ; )

  4. Laura....I still love you. Even though you don't want Oprah.


  5. LOL! Thanks Connie, Your my hero!

  6. I loved all of those things too! And I cried reading your list. I'm emotional, okay? I loved being able to watch as a girl became a princess. How magical is that??? And I loved looking at all the hats and going "wha?" at some of them :)

  7. Connie, YOU are adorable. I think Di was watching from above. :)

  8. I still haven't seen it yet. Now I am inspired to grab a box of kleenex and watch a bit of it

  9. The fact that the missionaries are googling their names is cracking me up!!

    My son was amazed by the cute!

  10. Up at 3 and wearing a sassy hat...Oh how I love me some Connie!

  11. love your hat! It was such a lovely event. Can't wait to see how you and Keith do on Bob's program. I am off to read up on it ;)

  12. I loved the part where Prince Harry peeked back too! And when the groom saw his bride. I was only watching because it replaced my local news and I have to get up at 5 anyway but I did get caught up in the moment!

  13. LOVE the hat - I was a little disappointed in myself for not having proper head gear *sigh*

    It was all so fabulous! I was giddy with joy all day yesterday!!

  14. I wish people wore hats here more often. I look really great in a hat.

  15. If you wouldn't have told me that was M's hat, I would have thought it was a fasitonator!!

    Loved watching all 9 hours I dvred too!!


  16. I caught everything you said about the broadcast on the re-caps. Good enough.
    Pip Pip & Cheerio.

  17. I think your hat looks lovely. =)
    I love all the same things you did about the royal wedding along with the 3 year old bridesmaid who seemed bored with the entire thing.
    I, however did NOT get up until 7:30 and watched from that point on. Saw the KISSES live then saw all the replays of the wedding - including the queen asleep. TeeHee
    Not to mention the ridiculous outfits that Prince Andrew & Fergie's daughters wore: What were they thinking???


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!