Friday, February 29, 2008

The One About The Frumpy Mommy Part II

Let's admit it. I'm no spring chicken anymore.

I am 37 and a half years old. I'm not sure how this happened, but it did.

I still remember back in 2000....when I was starting a new life and a new job and I turned 30 years old and everyone was in shock! They said I looked 21 and it made me feel so good! I think what the deal was...that I was fatter then and the fat was filling in my wrinkles.

Now....I look 37. Well 34 at best. I think part of the problem is that I became Tanorexic right after that birthday and tanned regularly for about 3 years. They say that tanning is bad for you and I believe them. But man, I just loved it. I still crave it sometimes when I am feeling really white and pasty and a little down.

So now we must do damage control. My face is in pretty bad shape. It needs help! Just my luck, my sister Bobbi just started selling Mary Kay and she sent me some samples. I love samples!!

I tried these products last week and I can still see a visible improvement in my skin. WOW!

TimeWise Microdermabrasion Set

This is a two part system. Refine and Replenish. Think of it as a scrub and a moisturizer. The Refine has tiny little exfoliators in it. The smallest I have ever seen. Yet it doesn't feel like it is scratching your skin.

Replenish was nice but I think I am going to stick with the product that I have been using.

The next product that I tried was the TimeWise Firming Eye Cream.

It is a really thick cream that feels like it is doing something. I have tried a couple of eye creams and they have been very thin and almost greasy. This is different and I loved it.

I ordered both of these and I can't wait to start using them full time and see how many years I can take off from my face!! I would like to look 31 by my next birthday!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The One About Mommy's Mental Health Day!

Hubby was out of town for four days. The last time he was gone...two weeks ago, it wasn't too bad. He was only gone two days that time and the kids slept well and were well behaved.

This time didn't go as well. Mallory was teething (two top teeth) and Alex was missing Daddy and would demand to see him at 2am. I think Mallory cried the entire four days. Let's just say...It was rough.

They were so happy to see Daddy when he got home. Mallory smiled for the first time in days and they didn't let him out of their sight.

I really needed to get away so I left Saturday morning for some Therapy.


I started out at Starbucks. My plan was to go to Super Target and to fully enjoy Super Target, I must have a Venti White Chocolate Latte FULL FAT with Whip. The Target's in Utah do not have Starbucks in them like they do in Colorado. Just another one of those irritating things about Utah.

Luck for me...there is a Starbucks across the street and it has a drive thru. I pulled up to the side of the building and stopped in front of the box.I was supposed to pull up to this box but I stopped just short of it and waited to place my order. It took me several minutes to realize that I had pulled up to the WRONG box. I was idling in front of the TRASH CAN. I know you have seen them....they have a long shoot coming out of the top so you can deposit your trash from your vehicle. Yeah, or tell it what you want from Starbucks.

Laughing my butt off, I pulled up to the right box and placed my order. I guess I was in need of a break much more than I thought!!

I have been on a self-imposed Target Fast. I wasn't supposed to go there until March 1st but it was an emergency. A retail therapy emergency. Once I got my coffee and was headed in the direction of Target...I could feel my pulse quicken and I got little butterfly feelings in my tummy. I knew it would be just a few short minutes until I was over the threshold. I quickly parked my car and entered the building. I basked in the warm glow of the Target sign as I walked through the door, and instantly...I felt it.

I was HOME!

I walked through all of my favorite isles getting more and more excited as I examined all of the pretty things. And then....I saw that they were putting out the gardening supplies and I had couldn't control it anymore...

This is the family blog so I am going to stop right there.

Like a bad boyfriend that treats you badly and takes all of your money....

Target....I can't quit you!!!!

My next stop was Joann's Craft & Fabric Emporium. I found a really cool quilt that I want to make for the kids for summer but the fabric that is recommended would set me back a hundred big ones and I figured I could find some just as cute.

I was wrong. I was in Joann's for over an hour. Looking and looking. Trying to match fabric to this one cute fabric with cars and trains on it, but basically finding nothing. I decided that my life would be much easier if I was a knitter and not a quilter. I dream about quilts and fabric and it is really annoying.

I left there and went to a store I have not been too before. At Hancock Fabric, I found the fabric that would work for my project and the best part was that it was all on sale.

For 15 bucks!!!

Here is what I got:

Now you have to wait to see what I do with it.

Here is the quilt that I just finished! It is Nana's Christmas took me longer than I expected to finish quilting it.

BREAKING NEWS: Alex has a fever. 102.3 But he isn't acting sick.

Friday, February 22, 2008

The One About The Valentine's Package!

Since the kid's don't know when Valentine's Day is...I told my Sister that she could mail her package to the kids late. She just started selling Mary Kay and we were waiting for her to get her samples so she could send some to me.

The box arrived today and the kids had a great time opening their bags.

Mallory opened her's in private so that Alex wouldn't steal her stuff. I was really excited to see that both kids got little boxes of chocolates.

Later....I found her trying to hide her chocolates from me. Look at that face. She is clearing telling me that they are her's and I am not to eat them.

And here they are all hopped up on chocolate, KFC and root beer!!

Thanks Bobbi!

And Thank You Nana & Poopa and Grandma Diane & Grandpa Bob for the cards and money!!

Daddy made it home safely from Alabama and Mommy will be taking a mental health day tomorrow.

The One About The GoldFish Crackers....

I had taken Mallory upstairs to change a very stinky diaper. We came back down to find that Alex had taken the bag of Goldfish Crackers and dumped it on the end table.

This is what I found:

Then in Yiddish he said....Oh yea? So what if I dumped the fish all over the table. What are you going to do about it?

I suggested a spanking.

He suggested that he now didn't know how this happened. I believe his exact words were....


It might also interest you to know that this all happened on No Pants Thursday! I new thing we are trying out.

Oh, but don't worry, Mommy was wearing pants!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Air 22 months old!

22 months.

I have been a Mother for 22 months. It doesn't hardly seem possible. I'm completely frustrated with how quickly my children are aging and there isn't a darn thing that I can do about it.

I wanted to post about Alex's age and accomplishments yesterday but I couldn't think of anything that has changed in the last few weeks. He hasn't really done anything new, besides wanting to go for walks every single day in the freezing cold and going on a hunger strike.

But this morning. He did a few things that I think are so darn cute.

I have his pacifier in my pocket. He knows I have it. Normally he just comes up to me and repeats PASS-PASS over and over in this sweet little high pitched voice. Sometimes, I pretend that I don't know where it is and this results in hysterical crying which somedays drives me insane so I give the damn PASS to him.

This morning....he crawled up in my lap, and started giving me little kisses and hugging my head.

And then....he looked me in the eyes and asked for PASS. How could I refuse? just got played.

Now, I wanted to change Alex's diaper. He refused and ran away from me. Well, I don't have the energy to fight him so he can sit in that diaper a little longer. A few minutes ago, he brought me his pants and his diaper.


He knows how to remove his clothes and diaper. This can't turn out well. So, he is running around the living room like a crazy person...sans diaper.

Poor Mallory. He just went after her Goldfish Crackers that are in her little flower holder in her bouncy station. She obviously saw where his hands have been because she has covered her Goldfish with her baby bear in an effort to keep Alex's genital touching hands out! She is a smart girl.

Oh, and Alex has shown an interest in building things. Most recently, a tower with his hotdogs.

Still waiting for him to talk though.......

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The One About The Baby Mama!


I just about peed myself a moment ago while watching the trailer for a new movie that is coming out April 25th. I am so there! I am taking myself on a date to see this movie!

Go here and watch the trailer!

But first...go pee. OR number two...I don't want you to poo yourself watching this.


I would also like to issue a formal apology to all of the children who will be wearing the plaid shorts from Gymboree. I do not think YOU are wussy. I think you will look very stylish in them. I think that my child would be wussy wearing them and he will already be laughed at because he talks some crazy gibberish that no one understands and frankly, we don't need anymore trouble.

Have a nice day.

The Other One About Alex's Birthday Outfit!

I finally found an outfit that I love and is so.... is so Alex!

The other outfit. Was some wussy kid. A wussy kid that wears plaid shorts.

Hey! 1972 called they want their shorts back!!!

I just couldn't do that too him.

Isn't it great? And it is from Gymboree too!!

The One About The Frumpy Mommy!

Mommy has slipped into a bit of a slump. It happens to the best of us. Your days all kind of run together after a while and you can't remember if you have taken a shower or not and the hair on your legs can be braided. You just don't feel sexy anymore and you really don't care.

In an effort to Fight The Frump....I got my hair done.

Here is the before picture.

And here is the after!

I am also searching for new clothes. I bought a couple of dresses and I'm searching for the perfect June Cleaver Apron!

This is the goal....

To have a pretty apron to wear over my pretty dress so it doesn't become soiled when I clean and take care of the children.

When you think of me...

The Stay-At-Home-Mommy Extraordinaire.

Picture me like this.


And when I finaly convince my darling husband to get one of those new fangled Sister Wives....

This is what we will be wearing! The finest in Sister Wife Fashions!

Please do not be offended by my sister wife comments. I am not making fun and I am not for or against men having multiple wives. I am fairly new to Utah and this come up from time to time. It just does. I love the HBO show BIG LOVE and I would be honored if Bill took as a 4th! I even jokingly call my gay BIL my brother husband. It is not meant to offend anyone. Just being silly.


The One About The Cheese Facial!

Hubby is in Alabama again on business so Alex emailed him this morning. Here is what it said:

Hi Daddy!

I wanted to show you what me and Mal are up to today.

Mommy let us have Cheese Facials.

I can tell you right now that there was lots of crying and screaming during the exfoliation part of this little spa experience.
I think I heard Mommy say something about f&%k the environment as she used about 15 paper towels to clean us up.

We miss you and can't wait for you to come home.

Mommy has mentioned something about a Funny Farm. Sounds like fun.

When can we go?

Have a Great Day!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

My Moo....11 Months Old

My Moo.

She is growing up. She is 11 month's old today and that means that in one more month she will be 1 year old. I know what you are thinking. I'd like to know how this happened too. She is just such a sweet little thing but is acting like such a big girl.

At her 9 month appointment last week she did so well. Better than Mommy who forgot to schedule the appointment for two months and then paid $20 for the FREE Well Baby Visit.

Note to self: call and get money back.

Weight: 18 lbs 11 ounces 25 %
Height: 29 inches 50%

Mallory's new thing this week is opening and shutting the doors upstairs. She loves to do this but then gets mad because her foot gets in the way. She also recently became my laundry helper. What is is with kids and clean laundry? I just keep telling her that someday she will be folding these clothes not throwing them willy nilly all over the room!

Mallory is sleeping through the night most nights. There are times that she demands a bottle in the early morning hours and I gladly get up with her. I know that these times of cuddling and of her falling asleep in my lap are few and far between now. I gaze into that perfect little face and remember the days when she was so little. She looks at me with those big blue eyes and touches my cheek with her hand and I just melt.

Soon, she will not be a baby anymore. She will drink from a big girl cup and sleep through the night and not need me as much. She will walk and talk and do things for herself.

but she will always be my baby.....

Friday, February 15, 2008

The One About The Balloon!

Hubby took Alex to Smith's Grocery Store to buy me a card for Valentine's Day. Alex spied the balloons so Daddy bought him one.

Alex and Mallory LOVE the balloon! Mallory squeals everytime she sees it. This brings us to the first lesson in parenting that Daddy learned that night.

If you purchase a balloon for one child you must get one for the other child too.

Alex did not want to go to bed without his balloon. So....Daddy let him take it to bed. And then kept going in to get in out of his hands after he had fallen asleep. Alex was clutching it so hard that Daddy couldn't get it out. Several times during the night, Alex would awake to find his balloon on the other side of the room and cry until Daddy came and gave it back to him. He would then lay there for 30 minutes talking to his balloon. Which brings us to the second lesson is parenting that Daddy learned that night.

Do not let your child take a balloon to bed with them.

This is why we watch The Super Nanny! I guess we will have to buy her book too!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The One About The Fashion Emergency!

We have been having a great time playing today.

The kids took turns wearing Erick's Elephant hat.

Later we were playing in Erick's room.

We had a little accident with the Learning Home...but no one was injured.

While the kids played, I was going through some of the clothes in the drawers to see if there was anything that would currently fit Erick since he is growing like an unruly weed! I found a couple things in the bottom of a drawer that Erick insisted I put on him immediately. I didn't even know we had these slippers....and then he wanted to wear his Doggie Backpack. He isn't wearing any pants because he peed through his diaper on the way upstairs to play. He likes Donald Duckin' It better anyway!

And so we have....Our Fashion Emergency!

He must get his sense of style from his father.....

Then...Meghan stood up by herself without hands for about 10 seconds and boy oh boy was she mad when she fell down.

Friday, February 8, 2008

The One About PooPa!

Meghan and Erick have a Poopa. His formal name is Grandpa Fred aka Grandpa Weiss.

I can't quite remember where the Poopa nickname came from....but I think it had something to do with him being full of .....

Anyway, little Meghan is the apple of Poopa's eye. He thinks she is the most beautiful baby that was ever born! He spoiled her at Christmas time with $100 to buy her special birthday outfit and when he read the blog post about the little red outfit that I found for her, he sent Meghan this email. Yes, she has an email address already.

You tell your momie to go get that dress and POOPA will send her the 20 bucks.

My little girl really look good in RED.



Then I few minutes later....I got this email...demanding that I purchase the outfit.

DAMMIT you get her that RED dress YOU HEAR.


So...Poopa! The outfit has been ordered and Meghan wanted me to tell you THANK YOU!!!

Is she spoiled or what?

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The One About Erick's Birthday Outfit!

This little boy will be turning TWO years old soon. I have his sister's Birthday Outfit all squared away but just can't seem to find anything I like for Erick.

Why are boy's clothes so blah?

This is all I have been able to come up with so far. Of, course it is from our favorite store.


I did find this....but it is from Janie and Jack. It is from the By the Seashore Collection and we don't live anywhere near a seashore so he may look a little out of place. I'm also not willing to spend $145.98 on clothing for myself, nevermind spending that kind of cashola on Erick.

When I was looking around....I did come across another fabulous outfit for Meggie Moo. This one is from Best Dressed and is only $20! What a bargain! It is also in Meghan's signature color for Summer....RED!!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

A Note From Meghan!

My Mother is having memory problems.

There was so much going on here last week! I can't believe she doesn't remember.

First of all....I graduated from my baby carseat to my Big Girl Carseat! It is so comfortable and has a lot more room. I feel asleep in almost as soon as we drove away from our house. The best part of this is that i don't have to sit RIGHT NEXT TO Erick anymore. He can't reach me and take away my toys and blankets. The bad thing is that I am right behind Mommy's seat and she can't reach me.

We also got a sweet 40 inch LCD Flat Screen TV last week. And we got Apple TV for it. Daddy is very happy. He loves technology! The Wonder Pet's have never looked so good!

This weekend, I decided to start standing. Just for 10-15 seconds at a time but I am so incredibly proud of myself! I am going to be walking before you know and then watch out world because here comes Meggie Moo!!!

I also decided to start talking more. I say down and I say it at the right time, like when we are leading Erick down the stairs. Mommy says it is funny that my first real word is down and Erick's first real work was UP! This weekend, I got stuck on the stairs. It was mainly Erick's fault....he was in my way. Daddy came along to rescue me and he asked me if I was stuck. I said STUCK...several times. You should have seen my parents clapping and cheering their fool heads off.

Look at this picture.

Can you believe that we have not heard from Regis and Kelly yet? We are supposed to be in New York to appear on the show in ONE week. They better call me quick so I can get my gymboree outfits together. It takes a bit of time to look this cute.

I know you all love to hear about me but I have a brother so I thought I would share a picture of him too. He ate his first apple today and he did a great job.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

The One About The Stairs!

Where in the world did last week go? I can not believe that it is already Saturday afternoon.

I guess last week was not very eventful because I can't remember many of the things that happened. The only real thing that I can recall is that Meghan has become a very skilled stair climber. She is now flying up the stairs to the kitchen. She has discovered the fun toy on the front of the fridge that makes all kinds of noise. She likes all of the animals except for the cow. That cow scares the heck out of her and makes her cry. She is also very stealth, I think I am going to put one of those pet bells around her neck.

She was playing so nicely with it, unlike Erick who just likes to throw the pieces on the floor and see how far they will go. And then Erick taught her how to do that. Now she plays with it for a few minutes and then throws the pieces on the floor. Erick also showed her where the food storage containers are kept. I still can't believe that I have never tripped over any of those and knocked myself unconscious.

Here is a photo of me and Erick. Don't we look alike?

I just got word that Gymboree has a new line of cute clothes coming out for Easter! I think it is time to apply for the Gymboree Visa Card. Whoo Hoo!!