Friday, February 15, 2008

The One About The Balloon!

Hubby took Alex to Smith's Grocery Store to buy me a card for Valentine's Day. Alex spied the balloons so Daddy bought him one.

Alex and Mallory LOVE the balloon! Mallory squeals everytime she sees it. This brings us to the first lesson in parenting that Daddy learned that night.

If you purchase a balloon for one child you must get one for the other child too.

Alex did not want to go to bed without his balloon. So....Daddy let him take it to bed. And then kept going in to get in out of his hands after he had fallen asleep. Alex was clutching it so hard that Daddy couldn't get it out. Several times during the night, Alex would awake to find his balloon on the other side of the room and cry until Daddy came and gave it back to him. He would then lay there for 30 minutes talking to his balloon. Which brings us to the second lesson is parenting that Daddy learned that night.

Do not let your child take a balloon to bed with them.

This is why we watch The Super Nanny! I guess we will have to buy her book too!

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