Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The One About The Frumpy Mommy!

Mommy has slipped into a bit of a slump. It happens to the best of us. Your days all kind of run together after a while and you can't remember if you have taken a shower or not and the hair on your legs can be braided. You just don't feel sexy anymore and you really don't care.

In an effort to Fight The Frump....I got my hair done.

Here is the before picture.

And here is the after!

I am also searching for new clothes. I bought a couple of dresses and I'm searching for the perfect June Cleaver Apron!

This is the goal....

To have a pretty apron to wear over my pretty dress so it doesn't become soiled when I clean and take care of the children.

When you think of me...

The Stay-At-Home-Mommy Extraordinaire.

Picture me like this.


And when I finaly convince my darling husband to get one of those new fangled Sister Wives....

This is what we will be wearing! The finest in Sister Wife Fashions!

Please do not be offended by my sister wife comments. I am not making fun and I am not for or against men having multiple wives. I am fairly new to Utah and this come up from time to time. It just does. I love the HBO show BIG LOVE and I would be honored if Bill took as a 4th! I even jokingly call my gay BIL my brother husband. It is not meant to offend anyone. Just being silly.



  1. hop on over to the mouse house for suggestions on how to break up a suit to look great for every occasion!

  2. I love BIG LOVE and am so bummed that we don't have HBO anymore. I've got to rent season two. And I wouldn't mind a sister wife. I wouldn't want her getting any action, but she could cook and clean for me.

    CUTE hair too. You look fabo.

  3. Okay, I thought you looked very nice in the first photo, and the after photo looks great! Haircuts are amazing. Unfortunately, my hair weighs like 30 pounds, and fancy cuts make me look a little mushroomy, or like I have big Texas hair on purpose.

    Good luck finding a cute apron! There are so many adorable ones online.

  4. Great hair cut/style! (And cute lil baby in the background!)
    Braided leg hair. LOL!

  5. Love your hair! It looks really good. There is this blog called the (I think thats right) and they have really cute aprons. By the way love the baby in the background too. :)

  6. Meghan says Tank Ewww!

    She would like to get her hair done but she only has three strands!

  7. CUTE hair.

    I went on an apron craze a few weeks ago, spent HOURS searching aprons, and I still haven't made it through all the apron links I put in my favorites. If you want - some of the cutest aprons I've seen are at etsy.

  8. You are just beautiful, please don't beat yourself up at all. I love aprons too, BTW - thinking of getting more as a matter of fact!

  9. Love your new haircut! You look very pretty!

  10. You looked great before but also Fab after. LOVE it!
    Don't forget to update your avitar to your new do.
    I also tease my hubby all the time that he'll never get man, the way he is. LOL (It cracks him up)


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!