Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The One About The Fashion Emergency!

We have been having a great time playing today.

The kids took turns wearing Erick's Elephant hat.

Later we were playing in Erick's room.

We had a little accident with the Learning Home...but no one was injured.

While the kids played, I was going through some of the clothes in the drawers to see if there was anything that would currently fit Erick since he is growing like an unruly weed! I found a couple things in the bottom of a drawer that Erick insisted I put on him immediately. I didn't even know we had these slippers....and then he wanted to wear his Doggie Backpack. He isn't wearing any pants because he peed through his diaper on the way upstairs to play. He likes Donald Duckin' It better anyway!

And so we have....Our Fashion Emergency!

He must get his sense of style from his father.....

Then...Meghan stood up by herself without hands for about 10 seconds and boy oh boy was she mad when she fell down.

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