Saturday, February 16, 2008

My Moo....11 Months Old

My Moo.

She is growing up. She is 11 month's old today and that means that in one more month she will be 1 year old. I know what you are thinking. I'd like to know how this happened too. She is just such a sweet little thing but is acting like such a big girl.

At her 9 month appointment last week she did so well. Better than Mommy who forgot to schedule the appointment for two months and then paid $20 for the FREE Well Baby Visit.

Note to self: call and get money back.

Weight: 18 lbs 11 ounces 25 %
Height: 29 inches 50%

Mallory's new thing this week is opening and shutting the doors upstairs. She loves to do this but then gets mad because her foot gets in the way. She also recently became my laundry helper. What is is with kids and clean laundry? I just keep telling her that someday she will be folding these clothes not throwing them willy nilly all over the room!

Mallory is sleeping through the night most nights. There are times that she demands a bottle in the early morning hours and I gladly get up with her. I know that these times of cuddling and of her falling asleep in my lap are few and far between now. I gaze into that perfect little face and remember the days when she was so little. She looks at me with those big blue eyes and touches my cheek with her hand and I just melt.

Soon, she will not be a baby anymore. She will drink from a big girl cup and sleep through the night and not need me as much. She will walk and talk and do things for herself.

but she will always be my baby.....

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