Thursday, January 23, 2014

Booze Corner

Yesterday I was watching Channel 4 local news because Entertainment Tonight was being replaced by a special about The Broncos.  Don't get me wrong, I love football and The Broncos but I'm trying to pace myself before the big game.

This story came on about car seat safety.  They had a Mom with a little one and they told me that she has twins on the way.  They showed her buckling her kid into a car seat and then they showed her in what I'm assuming is her kitchen., I took a picture of my TV for you.

Photo taken with iPad from recliner

Was this the best place to interview this pregnant Mom about car seat safety?  Who the hell set this shot up?  Whoever did it....should be fired or sent to work for MSNBC.

This is why I will never let Channel 4 News in Denver interview me for a story. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

GLEEprov on Date Night

Thank you Sarah for reminding me that I never told you where I took Keith on our date!

It was so nice to get out for an evening by ourselves and Keith loved that we did it on a Friday night because it reminded him of the old days when he'd go out after work.  The old days....before we had two kids and the PTA to deal with.  We talked about all kinds of things but not about the kids.

And we held hands.

Keith was channeling his inner Don Draper.

Finally, we got to our destination!  The Bovine Metropolis Theatre to see GLEEprov!

It was so fun!  A cast of ten who take a suggestion from the audience about something that happened to them when they were in high school.  In this case, a girl that was a high school mascot.  They made up a story and songs on the fly about that topic and it was hilarious!

GLEEprov is running for four more weeks, every Friday night at 10:15pm.  

side note:  Our waitress at The Rialto told us that she knows one of the instructors at The Bovine and that we should look for him and say hi from her.  She said, you can't miss him...he's bald.  Well...there were about 15 bald men at this show!  They just kept walking in and we laughed and laughed!