Sunday, August 26, 2007

Busy Children!

The Children have been very busy and therefore, MOMMY has been very busy. Alex continues to amaze me with his manual dexterity...he is putting the puzzle shapes into the right holes and putting the coins into the toy pig. He is trying so hard to talk and sometimes he does say a word but he doesn't do it again for a long time. The lastest was Banana...he said Nana. I was so excited! He is going up and down the stairs really well now. It makes him so happy to go down on his belly like he is supposed to. Oh and Alex is quite the dancer. Any music causes this kid to bounce up and down and move his head.

Mallory just turned 5 months old and grew a bunch. All of a sudden her clothes don't fit! She is also rolling, back to front...but now seems to have forgotten how to roll back. She spends much of her time on her tummy and Alex loves to come over and play with her...his idea of playing anyway. Which consists of taking whatever toy she has her eye on and handing it to me. He is also very good at putting her pacifier back in her she wants it or not!