Friday, December 21, 2007

New Words!

I was starting to get worried.

Erick has not been talking. Now, that isn't correct. He talks, but he talks Noblish. Don't even ask me what that is because it is too difficult to explain.

Finally....this week....he started to say real words!

BRUSH.....for his toothbrush meghan

And I knew this one was coming.

My little boy is talking!!!!


Here is a little video of me trying to teach Meghan to say MAMA!

She just cracks me up! Trying to lick her shirt!! HAHA!

She is crawling!!

I'm so sorry to post this so late but Meghan started crawling on December 8th! Exactly 5 minutes after her Daddy left for the airport!

He missed it. The Crawling...not his flight!

Now, she is crawling all over the place and is trying to figure out the stairs!!

Now...our poor little angel is sick. Erick got it first, with a fever and not feeling good. Now, Meghan has it but with a cough. Keith took her to the doctor today and she has an ear infection. Poor little thing.

Monday, December 10, 2007

A Very Busy Week!

Just so you know....there are only 14 sleeps until Christmas Eve! Fourteen! AGH!!!

Last week was rough. We had a family crisis. My sister is having a hard time dealing with the break-up of her relationship. We wish so much that she lived closer so that we could hug her and make her some Hot Chocolate! We love Aunt Bobbi (Ba Boo as Erick calls her) so much! We just want her to be happy again.

The furnace stopped working on the coldest day of the week. I didn't realize it until it was 65 degrees in the house. But the good news is that the property management company sent someone out right away and we were warming up again in no time. Here is Alex all cuddled up on the couch!


Look What I Found Under The Christmas Tree!

Mallory was trying so hard to crawl all week, but could only go backwards. She kept ending up under the tree! And was not happy about it. She worked so hard all week! She whined and cried and got stuck and cried some more. It doesn't help that there are also TWO FRONT TEETH coming up too. This is really great because that is all she wanted for Christmas.

I was getting Mallory up from her nap and had put out the baby food I was going to feed her, when I came downstairs to this:

Then...he acted like he was just trying to help me out!

He really is a great helper!

He loves to sweep the kitchen.
Give Mallory toys.
Take them away.
And hugs and kisses are FREE!

But wait....there's more!

In addition to all of this......Keith was in Alabama on a business trip. The kids HATE when he is gone and each day they were a little more cranky. And then....because the week had not been rough enough. My car wouldn't start on Friday Night when I went to go to the grocery store. But when I think I can't take another minute and I think I am going to lose my mind.

I look at this precious face.....

And then I feel so much better! I thank god everyday for this little surprise!
She is the light of my life!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Christmas Jammies!!

I knew that I wanted to start the tradition of getting the kids PJ's for Christmas every year and then many weeks ago, I came accross these great PJ's on the Children's Place website. The best part was that they sold ADULT PJ's too! So I got me and the kids matching Christmas Jammies. I was so excited!! I let them open them on December 1st...the first day of Advent.

Here is a picture of Erick after he opened the package. A wonderful friend of mine gave me these fabulous Jingle Bell Socks and I put them on Erick. He looked like a little elf!!

It was much easier than I thought to get the kids to pose with me next to the tree! But Meghan, is just so mesmerized by her brother that she won't look at the camera. After seeing us in our nice warm jammies....I bet Daddy is sorry that he didn't let me buy HIM a pair!

NOTE TO MOMMIES: These PJ's are so super warm! I will be buying more of these for the kids because for the first time in weeks, Meg didn't wake up with cold feet!

Also...the adult PJ's run VERY big!