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I'm a firm believer in List Making.  I've made them since I was a child but my most effective list was the one I made titled 'Things I'm Looking For in a Mate'.  It was least 30 items and when I put this list out into the universe; the love of my life arrived in the form of iKeith.

New Years Resolutions 2015:

Things I Want to do in 2013:

Paint my liquor cabinet
Eat from a Food Truck (DONE)
Finish my Orange quilt
Eat Chicken and Waffles with Denise.
Finish decorating the kids bathroom (DONE)
Become PTA President (DONE)
Bring Vlogging back (DONE)
Start collecting cake stands
Get a rug for the kitchen
Ride the new W light rail line (DONE)
Grow some veggies and herbs (DONE)
Stop planning so much
Find a solution for all of the cords on my desk
Put new knobs on the kids dresser
Decorate each kids side of the room Bought a Bunk Bed

My foodie bucket list is here! 

List of Places I Want to Visit:

Los Angeles, Huntington Beach, California (May 2012)
Portland, Oregon
Orlando, Florida (November 2012)
Austin, Texas
Nashville, Tennessee
Lake Bronson, MN
San Francisco, CA (June 2010 & June 2013)
Washington, D.C.
The Grand Canyon (March 2012)
Yellowstone National Park
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
London, England
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Dallas, TX (March 2013)
Savannah, Georgia
Sedona, Arizona
San Diego (September 2014)
New Orleans, Louisiana
Ft. Worth, TX (March 2013)
Boston, Mass
Dothan, Alabama
Key West, Florida
Mt Rushmore

Bucket List:

Own a home
Have enough garden space to plant White Pumpkins
Own a Weimaraner dog
Learn to Knit (December 2012)
Teach my kids to ride a bike
Lay on a beach (march 2012)
Make Sushi
Own a designer handbag (got a Coach bag for Christmas 2011)
Take Kids to Harry Potter World (November 2012)
Take the Kids to LEGOLAND (September 2014)
Take the kids to Disney Land (November 2012)
Go on a cruise
Eat my way through Portland
Attend Ignite Denver
Sail a boat
Eat my way through San Francisco (June 2013)
Start a Breakfast Club
See a Broadway Musical ON Broadway...again.
Go on a Caffeine Crawl
Have a walk on role on The Young and The Restless
Stay in the Four Season Anywhere
Meet The Pioneer Woman
See my husband dance (November 2012...he learned Gangnam Style)
Ride a roller coaster (march and november 2012)
Visit Sweden
Ride a Zipline
Be the PTA President (July 2013-?)
Go to a movie premiere
Meet Kate Gosselin
Spy on Martha Stewart from her bushes
Float on an air mattress in a swimming pool
Eat pizza in NYC
Take my husband to an Army-Navy Game
Visit West Point...again
Get some beads during Mardi Gras

States the kids have visited

Alex (15)  Mallory (14)

Colorado (We live here YAY)
Montana (just Alex, when he was 10 weeks old)
Utah (We lived here for 4 years)
Wisconsin (Summer 2009)
New Mexico (Spring Break 2012)
Arizona (Spring Break 2012)
California (Spring Break 2012) (Summer Vaca 2013)
Florida (Fall 2012)
Texas (Spring Break 2013)

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  1. Tuesdays I have completely free and I couldn't think of a better way to spend one than checking off that box on your list that includes chicken and waffles! XOXO


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