Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I'm appSmitten

My daughter is helping me with this post today because she wants to be a blogger when she grows up!  Everyone say hello to Mallory!

Today, Mallory and I are going to tell you about something we're pretty excited about! We love our iPhone and iPad because we love all of the apps that we find to play with and make our lives easier.  Mallory says that her life would be ruined without apps. Mallory is very dramatic! But....she's also four.

Thanks to BlogHer, I found out about appSmitten.  With over 1 million apps in the app store (and iKeith adding more every day) it's hard to keep up with all of the cool apps for me and the kids.  I signed up for appSmitten and they are hand selecting the best apps for me and sending their recommendations directly to my inbox.  Your inbox will not be decide how often you get the newsletter.

The great thing is that appSmitten isn't just going to send every app in the world to my inbox, they are going to focus on the best one's that are worth downloading because they don't want me to waste my money on something that is not up to my standards.  They want to make sure I'm organized, entertained and productive. They also pick apps for Android so you non-Mac people will not be left out!

You can go to their website and find the best apps by category.  I'm loving the Education section because you can narrow it down by age.  I must have at least 10 apps on my iPad that are too advanced for my kids.  This will help me pick apps for them that they can use RIGHT NOW.

Are you on twitter?  You can follow @appSmitten.

CLICK HERE and sign up today!

Disclosure:  I'm participating in an affiliate program and I get a small fee for each newsletter subscriber.

Monday, February 27, 2012

What Not To Do At a Dinner Party

About a month ago, I watched one of the Harry Potter movies....I think it was the fourth one and it had that scary smooshy faced guy who you aren't supposed to talk about in it.

I commented to my husband that he looked like our friend John.  Except John has a nose.

And then I told John's wife and then I thought the better of it and told her to please not tell John.

Over the weekend, we were all gathered together at a friends house for dinner.  Debbie had gone to the restroom and John says to me, 'so you think I'm ugly huh?'  I denied thinking this with much head shaking.  Then he said, 'you think I look like Voldermort.'

I then had to try to explain myself and reveal that I secretly have a thing for bald guys....but he wasn't having it.

Debbie came back in the midst of the chaos and I told her what happened.  And this is when she yelled at him in front of everyone that he wasn't supposed to tell me that she had told him that I thought he looked like the scary smooshy faced guy.  I guess I know who I won't be telling my deepest darkest secrets too.

And I will think twice before telling ANYONE that they look like The Dark Lord.


Have you ever caught your husband looking at someone's boobs?  I have really never caught iKeith looking at another woman or he's super good at concealing it.

I snapped this picture at the same party and I captioned it.....Are you sure you don't want to hear about all of the apps I've made for the iPhone?

Someone on facebook noticed that it looks like iKeith isn't really looking into her eyes while he's talking to her.  I didn't even notice!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Rules of Inheritance

I’ve noticed lately that when I’m picking books that I’d like to read....I’m drawn to memoirs.  Maybe it’s the blogger in me but I love reading about a period of someone’s life. The good, the bad and the ugly!

I was thrilled when the BlogHer Book Club asked me if I would read this lovely book.

The Rules of Inheritance by Claire Bidwell Smith is the story about a young girl that grows into a woman after both of her parents are diagnosed with cancer when she is fourteen. It goes through all five of the stages of grief and the journey she took to say goodbye to her parents and find a life without them.

At times this memoir is sad and heartbreaking but it is also a love story.  A woman that really gets to know her father through learning about his life before she was born and taking care of that man as he died.

It’s also a love story about Claire.  How she finally let her Mother go and through helping other people...found herself and ultimately the man that would be her husband and make her life good again.

She was stronger than she thought she was and after everything she experiences and some regrets, she finds a happy ending and someone to be her special person.

I’m a sucker for a happy ending!

If you’d like to read more about The Rules of Inheritance then please visit the BlogHer Book Club and join in the discussion.

This is a paid review for BlogHer Book Club but the opinions expressed are my own.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Making Twitter Friends Everywhere I Go

Hello Friends!  And Impulsive Addict and Seriously Shawn!

This week is already on my shitlist and it's only Tuesday.   Yesterday, my son who was sick all last week woke up crying because his ears hurt.  A trip to the doctor confirmed that he has a very bad ear infection. I also paid a $30 co-pay to have them check out my daughter who was also sick last week.  She's fine.

I just checked the What People Googled to Find My Blog list and found that someone has a burning question that only I can answer. 

What happens when you put a tampon in the wrong hole.

The answer becomes a plug.

Speaking of things that don't belong.  Remember the little story I told you on Thursday about an altercation I was in?  I checked my calendar and I'm volunteering in the classroom with that woman on Friday. Awkward!

Saturday night I went on a date with my husband. One of his co-workers is competing to be Denver's Next Improv Star! We tried to get a drink (or 3) and a bite to eat at 5 different places. We got turned away over and over because everyone and their dog was eating dinner downtown that night. We did get a table at a place called CRAVE but it was a bar that served cake and I didn't think that was the best place to take a diabetic for dinner.

We raced all over downtown and finally ended up at Rock Bottom Brewery. I found the irony. We had reached Rock Bottom in our choices. Did I mention that all of this happened while Keith's boss with us?

We had a burger and drinks and listened to Dan tell us fascinating stories about Steve Jobs. And knowing me and how inappropriate I can be....I told him he should lay on our table so we could turn the beer tap on straight into his mouth. He said that he didn't get where he was by laying under things. I told him that I'm exactly where I am by laying under things. And then I called Keith my Sugar Daddy.

Once we were in our seats at the improv show....we smelled something. Something bad. I did what I always do when I smelling something bad and I told twitter.

The guy behind me....was reading my phone over my shoulder and told me it wasn't him.   And asked me to retract my tweet.

Guy behind me who DID NOT FART took to twitter to make sure the world all 12 of his followers knew and included a picture of the person who he thought was responsible.  That person is my husband's boss.

I laughed so hard that I peed my pants!  And the show hadn't even started yet!  I am now twitter friends with Michelin.  So now he has 13 friends.

The show was very funny and our friend made it to the next round.

Good Luck Break Your Leg Lindsay!

Bachelor Ben Drinking Game: Week 8

This show is almost over and I have to say....I can't wait! I've lost all respect for Ben and the sight of Courtney makes me what to throw things at my TV.

The hometown dates are always interesting and I believe there will be lots of unhappy daddies that don't trust Ben. I think it's his hair. Who can trust a guy that looks like Moe?

Take a small sip of your drink when:
  • Someone cries.
  • Someone rides a horse. 
  • Someone says *winning*.
  • Someone wears a bow tie. 
  • Someone says they are falling in love with Ben.
  • Ben dresses up like a hick.
  • A marching band appears. 
  • Someone laughs maniacally.  Finish your drink if it's Courtney
  • Someone you don't like gets a rose.  Finish your drink if it's Courtney

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Book Club, Bachelor and a Brawl

Today is a smorgasbord of information! 

I was not able to post a recap of The Bachelor yesterday because I had a special post up about how I found the love of my life on eHarmony.  If you missed it...hop on over and check it out because I'm giving away a $100 gift card and there are two chances to win.

Bachelor Recap in one paragraph

Belize is beautiful and Ben is clueless. Lindzi gets a date where they jump from a helicopter into a blue hole and then they put a message in a bottle. Emily's date finds the happy couple catching their own lobsters and talking about Courtney. Courtney gets her own date where she shows her true colors...but Ben doesn't see them.  On the group date, after swimming with sharks,  a few girls tell Ben to tread lightly and he takes it as a person challenge. Rachel and Emily go home. It's down to the final four...Lindzi, Courtney, Kacie B and Nicki.

Book Club Announcement

Today, Mimi and I are announcing our next book club selection!  I have to tell you....I really enjoyed all of your comments and participation on the Facebook group.   MWF Seeks BFF would not been as fun to read without it!  This month we are reading......150 Pounds by Kate Rockland.

If you would like to be in the running for a copy of this book, all you have to do is leave me a comment saying I WANT THE BOOK.  I will pick the winner on Friday night!

Here's the snopsis from Amazon:

A smartly-written novel by author, Kate Rockland, of two women starting at opposite ends of the scale--and finding compromise and friendship in their journey towards 150 pounds
In the fast paced life of blogging, two women stand out: Alexis Allbright, of Skinny Chick, and Shoshana Weiner, who writes Fat and Fabulous. Both have over five million loyal readers. Both are hungry for success. But the similarities stop there. 
With over 100 pounds on the scale separating them, weight isn't their only difference. Alexis is a loner who is so bitchy the only person who can stand her company is her gay best friend Billy. She gives neurotic New Yorkers a run for their money with her strict daily workout routine, and weighing of food. Shoshana is Alexis’s opposite. Living in Jersey with rowdy roommates, she is someone who “collects friends,” as her mother puts it; and treasures a life of expanding circles...and waistlines.
When both appear as panelists on a popular talk show, their lives intersect in ways neither could have imagined. In turns comedic, heartwarming--and familiar to any woman who's ever stepped on a scale--Alexis and Shoshana realize they have far more in common than either could have possibly imagined, and more importantly, something to offer.

The Brawl

Come back hear all about a little altercation that I got into last week.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Bachelor Ben Drinking Game: Week 7

I'm really irritated with ABC today. Last night they played a never before seen episode of Pan Am out of order.  It should have aired 6 episodes ago and made for a really confusing and frustrating hour.  I guess since they are planning to cancel Pan Am they didn't care about the order.  They should have just left that one out.

Anyway, Ben and his ladies are in Belize this week.  Next week, he heads to four of their hometowns so this week is very important.  The question is....will the black widow get a rose this week?

Take a small sip of your drink when:

  • Someone complains about Courtney.
  • Someone cries.
  • Someone risks their life on a date.
  • Someone threatens bodily harm.  Finish your drink if it's Courtney.
  • Someone says *winning*.
  • A helicopter appears.
  • Someone says they are falling in love with Ben 
  • Someone laughs maniacally.  Finish your drink if it's Courtney.
  • Someone swims with sharks. 
  • Someone you don't like gets a rose.  Finish your drink if it's Courtney.

rock paper scissors lizard ben

Roll In The New Year....Late

If I left you hanging about the status of our lease on our apartment....I'm sorry.

We took a hard look at our finances, looked at houses for rent in the area and decided to stay for at least another year.

I was devastated!

As you know, everything happens for a reason and I know this is where God wants us to be. A week after we made that decision, we discovered that Alex may need to repeat Kindergarten. Full day Kindergarten which would cost us around $300 a month.

The good news is that we got a few things upgraded! We got a new toilet and burner pans for my stove. WHOOOO HOOOOO!

I also realized that this apartment complex gives me blog fodder once in a while and I'd miss that.

Two weeks ago, on January 31....there was a knock at the door. I looked through the peep hole and spied an old lady. She looked harmless so I opened the door. It was one of the church ladies that has adopted our complex and she had something for me.

She wants me to bring the kids to craft day in the clubhouse!  

I thought the concept for delivery of the note was very clever but also a few weeks late.

I was also ousted as the Mayor of my complex a few days ago.

And now I've made it my personal misson to oust Snoop Dog and become The Mayor again. 

Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Daydreamin': Fried Cheese Curds

I lived in Utah for almost 4 years. I will tell you right now that Utah is NOT known for their food. It's a beautiful place to visit if you are into skiing, hiking and other outdoorsy activities.

I don't do any of those things. I lived within 10 minutes of a ski resort and still didn't find a reason to learn to ski.

Many people that go to Utah to ski or drive through the state on their way to somewhere else; find themselves in Ogden.

If this happens to you, I highly recommend staying near Downtown on Historic 25th Street because the best restaurants are in this area. There is also a movie theater, bowling alley and a little shopping.

If you DO find yourself in Ogden Utah, you MUST find Soul and Bones BBQ. Do not let the fact that it is next door to a strip club deter you. You have to order the Fried Beehive Cheese Curds! They are little bits of white cheddar cheese that is beer battered and fried. It's served with dipping sauces and is the only thing I miss about the state of Utah.  I'm sorry to tell you that you can't order a beer with your curds because Utah is stingy with their liquor licenses,  but there IS a beer pub a block away....or you can hit up the strip club.  I KID!

Deep Fried Beehive Cheese Curds

Becca at R We There Yet Mom? wants to know about the things you love. Link up!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Bachelor Ben: The Ugly Cry

I just finished helping my son with THREE pages of Kindergarten homework so I don't have the time or gumption to write a big recap of last nights train wreck that is The Bachelor.  Instead....I will use bullet points.

Ben and his bevy of ladies are in Panama City.

Will Our Love Survive? Pack 3 Things. (Kacie B)
  • Took a helicopter to a deserted island.
  • She brought...a monkey, a corkscrew and candy.
  • He brought...a machete, a net and matches.
  • They re-enacted a scene from LOST.
  • Kacie B knows how to go with the flow.
  • Kacie B had an eating disorder in high school.
  • Kacie B gets the rose!

Let's Get Lost (Group Date)
  • Ben drives a long wooden dinghy.
  • Takes them to a village.
  • The Chief if kind of hot for a guy that is 4 feet tall.
  • Everyone changes into traditional garb...girls wear beaded tops.
  • Courtney isn't a prude and doesn't wear her bikini under her top.
  • Courtney's nipples are blurred out.  And her sarong falls off.
  • Ben looks ridiculous.
  • Everyone dances.
  • Lindzi knows how to go with the flow.
  • Ben likes Courtney's confidence and asshatery. I mean assertiveness.
  • Courtney struts around in her bikini while Jamie tries to talk to Ben.
  • Emily is now in love with The Chief.
  • Emily apologizes to Courtney and she doesn't accept it. Emily is dead to her.
  • Lindzi gets the rose!
  • Courtney invites Ben to her room.  He doesn't show up.

Save The Last Dance (Blakeley and Rachel) 
  • One person will go home from this date.
  • Ben is looking for chemistry so they take salsa lessons.
  • Blakeley is sensual. Rachel is stiff.
  • Blakeley brought her scrapbook and shows it to Ben.
  • Rachel gets the rose and Ben calls the cops on Blakeley for stalkerish behavior.
  • Blakeley goes home and makes plans to cook Ben's bunny.

Now I Have To Find Someone Else! (The Casey S Story)
  • Chris Harrison arrives early to talk to Casey.
  • Casey doesn't know why.
  • He says three people told him that she has a boyfriend.
  • They talked to the boyfriend and he says that they practically live together.
  • She says he's her EX and that he won't marry her but she is still in love with him.
  • Chris makes her talk to Ben.
  • Ben looks at her like she's a nutjob and kicks her to the limo.
  • Casey ugly cries on National Television and says...NOW I HAVE TO FIND SOMEONE ELSE!

Rose Ceremony
  • Ben looks like Moe from the three stooges.
  • Ben tells the girls if they are not completely open....they should leave now.
  • Nicki has the most annoying voice but my husband pointed out that she has big boobs so it's okay.
  • Jaime gets drunk and straddles Ben for their first kiss but she won't shut her pie hole long enough for him to kiss her.
  • When Ben said he wants them to be open...he didn't mean Jaime's legs.

And the roses go to: (in the order that I like them)

Kacie B (from Tennessee, old fashioned, got first one on one date, baton twirler, LOST date, goes with the flow)
Emily (Ph.d student from N. Carolina, performed a rap, climbed Bay Bridge, can't stop talking about Courtney, performed another rap)
Lindzi (from Seattle, rode a horse and got first impression rose, drives a F350 diesel, had night SFO date, goes with the flow)
Nicki (divorced, dental hygienist from TX, bubbly, date in Puerto Rico, annoying voice)
Rachel (fashion rep from NYC, quit her job, chill, doesn't open up, date in Park City on a lake, winner of two on one date with Blakeley)
Courtney (Super Model from LA, mean to other girls, too good to be true, winning, verbally abusive, caught a fish, took Ben skinny dipping, didn't wear top at village)

Blakeley (VIP cocktail waitress from N. Carolina, made out with Monica the first night, sucked face with Ben on group date, giant forearm tattoo, likes to color hair)
Casey S. (Courtney's friend, has boyfriend)Jaime (dadless nurse from NY, doesn't like Courtney, straddled Ben)


Monday, February 6, 2012

Bachelor Ben Drinking Game: Week 6

Has it really been six weeks? I still can't believe that I've stuck with it this long! Ben and his brides-to-be are off to Panama City Panama. There will be drama and I'm sure Courtney will drive me to drink.

Week 6 Drinking Game

If you are on the wagon, a fan of Mitt Romney or can't drink for medical here for a healthy version of the game.

Take a small sip of your drink when:

  • Someone complains about Courtney.
  • Ben looks ridiculous.

  • Someone cries.
  • Someone risks their life on a date.
  • Someone threatens bodily harm.  Finish your drink if it's Courtney.

  • Someone says *winning*.
  • A helicopter appears.
  • Someone tries to reenact a scene from the TV show LOST. 
  • Someone dances with little people.  

  • Someone laughs maniacally.  Finish your drink if it's Courtney.
  • Ben drives a boat.
  • Someone you don't like gets a rose.  Finish your drink if it's Courtney.

picture credit

Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Sledding We Will Go

You may have seen on the news that Denver has gotten more than it's fair share of snow.

We took full advantage of it today!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Daydreamin': Where Do You Love?

My dear friend and role model for PTA President, Becca from R We There Yet Mom, wants to know about the places that you LOVE!

I was going through a box of photos the other day and found family pictures from when I was in junior high school. It was spring break 1985 and we were in Lake Powell!  Twice during my teen years, we visited Lake Powell and rented a houseboat.

I'm obviously not going to make it on the boat.  Can someone give me a hand?  As you can see...eons before blogging was invented, parents took pictures of their kids in a predicament BEFORE helping them.

This must be where I got my love of visiting places in the OFF SEASON because a year later we'd visit Lake Powell during Thanksgiving.  It is cold in November and March but the prices can't be beat!  You also have the entire lake to yourself!

Here we are in a dinghy. It's windy and my hair is getting messed up and those are my actual sunglasses and yes, my pink collar is popped.  The 80's were very good to me. 

I have amazing memories from these trips!  I spent hours and hours reading, eating oreos and drinking hot tea.  I also spent hours practicing my cheers because I was going to try out for cheerleading and I wrote GREG AND CONNIE in the sand every chance I got.  Sadly, Greg never loved me back......

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Book Club Junkie

Remember my little book club with Mimi?  

We're giving our thoughts on our first selection today.

Check out our posts here.

Our next selection (Mimi's pick) will be announced on February 15th!