Thursday, November 5, 2009

There's a Good Reason why I can't Sleep

I mentioned the other day that I have a list of things to fill the month of November and my quest to NoBloPoMo.  Each day that I think about what to write about, I'm reluctant to use any of my ideas for fear that I will get to November 22nd and have nothing left.  Calvin, I know what you're thinking and stop rolling your eyes.  It is entirely possible for me to run out of things to say.

I decided to make it easy on myself today and use one of Mama Kat's writing prompts.  She had some great one's this week and it was hard for me to pick one but I'm going with....

10 Reasons why you can't sleep at night.

1.  I'm always thinking...which is probably why I'm always talking.

2. snoring.

3. prowling the house and turning all of the lights on.

4. Someone's nose hurts, is crying and needs medicine.

5. Sex dreams about Bob from The Biggest Loser.

6. Heartburn after drinking a bottle of wine.

7. I get up to pee and then can't go back to sleep.

8. The moon is too bright.

9. The dogs are barking.

10. I can't wait to have a cup of hot coffee.

I've had several comments from people that don't know who Bob is.  A cutie right?  Except for that weird vein in his forehead......

The Real Housewives of Orange County starts tonight!  I'm so excited!  I love most all of them (except Vicki...she drives me BA-NANAS!)

I have a vlog all ready to go for Friday!


  1. You can do it!! I did a series last year when I first started blogging, where I did an entire month of thankfulness. I thought it would be hard to think of stuff, but it wasn't.

    Love your list!

    I don't like Vicky either. Blech.

  2. HEY! The dogs don't bark at night....usually.

  3. Great reasons. Who's this Biggest Loser guy? Are the dreams disturbing because he's gross or because he's hot?

  4. Bob? Im still trying to figure out if he is straight?!

    I cant even remember the last time I had a good nights sleep! Damn I missed Orange County chicks, I hate Vicki too...her voice is like nails on a chalkboard. I want to slap her!

  5. Okay, #5 I laughed out loud so hard that I snorted, and if I would have had a drink in my mouth it would have spewed all over. LOL That is so awesome, I heart Bob too! #7 I am right there with you, my issue is that I get up about 4x at night to pee!

    Oh, and I would LOVE for you to meet up with us in Seattle. Crystal is a girl I met on the reality show I was on and she is seriously the funniest person I have ever met. You would love her. I am going to try to talk her into starting a blog because she is constantly writing the most hilarious stuff on her FB page.

    Have a great night!
    Michelle :)

  6. AHHHH!! I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE BOB!! too bad i'm not his type, but man, meeeeeeow! he's a tiger! and girl... i can't wait for real housewives!! the tivo is set! bring it on!! and ughhh vicki is horrid...i can't stand her!

  7. Man, they tell you once you're a Mom say goodbye to sleep but I didn't believe them. So everybody has the peeing issue too? This is not just me? You mean this might be it? Realization slowly dawning on me that I'm going to have middle of the night pees for the rest of my life....


  8. Forget all have to pee stuff, too...that is not my problem.

    #8 though... hello?!?! I thought I was the only one. Dear god it irks me and I can not sleep at that certain time when the moon is right between the cracks in my blinds, thus blinding me. Grrr...I actually bought a stupid sleep mask! How pathetic is that?!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog btw and reading my mushy sappy ridiciulously out of character letter to my dh :)

  9. Getting together with my girlfriends tonight to watch Real Housewives premiere. Thirst and an early hangover may be added to my why I can't sleep list tonight!

  10. I like your list! I too am always thinking and often it keeps me up at night. If I'm not thinking I'm worrying, which is just another form of thinking. :)

  11. Now I have to Google this Bob guy. I am curious what he looks like. Is he gorgeous or Sasquatch looking? Inquiring minds want to know....

  12. LOL! I just added a picture of Bob!

  13. Funny! I actually will actually toss and turn (thus keeping myself awake) trying to not have to get up to go to the bathroom because than I wouldn't be able to fall asleep!

  14. You can't sleep at night because you drink too much coffee! And I like Bob, but I think he might be gay.

  15. HAHAHAHA! Sex dreams about Bob, you crack me up! I can't sleep because I'm too busy thinking too. That and the pee issues. Oh, and because I have three children, and none of them seem to need any sleep during the night. One {or more} is always up. Always. Thanks for the reassurance about the sickies. I actually think they may already be on the mend. Thank goodness!

  16. Okay. I've seen Bob and he IS cute, but I am sort of getting the gay vibe, too. Isn't that how it seems to work? ;-)

  17. I thought about doing this prompt, but mine would have been like, 1) Baby Girl is playing with my hair, 2) Baby Girl is rubbing my leg with her toes, 3) Baby Girl is grinding her teeth, 4) Baby Girl is patting me on the back, 5) Baby Girl won't stay in the middle of the bed and is smushing the air out of my lungs..... I'm sure you can see where that is going. Then I would have had all the comments about cosleeping and then I would have had to tell people to f off. Not such a good post.

  18. I'd have sex with both of those people. At the same time.

    Just sayin.

    And WOO HOO! For Orange County Housewives!!! I didn't realize it starts tonight...that makes me so so happy.

  19. I feel kind of left out - I can't bring myself to watch any of the Real Housewives shows. It makes me cringe for some reason.

    Oh - and Bob - he's hot! I would be worried about a person that did NOT have sex dreams about him.

  20. OMG Connie. I love Bob, and have had several of those dreams myself! When I was doing Biggest Loser Boot Camp DVD, I would dream about Bob constantly!.

  21. I don't get the Bob thing. His forhead disturbs me.

  22. Just stopping by, saw your post, and had to comment! I am with you on the sleepless nights for most of the reasons you listed... except for Bob. While I adore the biggest loser, and think Bob is a cutie, he's too short for me!


  23. I don't think that there would be much sleeping for me if he was in my dreams. Yum! Yum!

    But does he make his lovers get skinny first? B/c then it would be no fun.

  24. I'm laughing at Mama Kat's comment, because I was sort of thinking the same thing :)

    You can do it Connie! Can't wait to see the new v-log...

  25. Hahahaha I laughed out loud at #5. Yep, he's definitely hot. Good luck on the blogging every day for the month. You can do it!!!

  26. He is a cutie! I wouldn't be able to sleep either with those toddler roaming around at all hours...

    I have never seen the Housewives of OC, I used to watch the NYC one. I will have to TIVO that. My sister Ashley loves the New Jersey one.

    Have a good day my friend!


  27. Sorry C, can't sympathize. I usually sleep like a rock thanks to a little pill I like to call AMBIEN, which I take occasionally.

    Can you tell I don't have kids yet?

    Went to bed at 8:01pm last night. Slept until 5:15am when my alarm went off and I got up to run.

    Craig said I was asleep in less than 2 minutes.

    Maybe it's the O'Fallon air. You should come to O'fallon and see for yourself :)

  28. I am so with you on the thinking too much and peeing too much thing...those are what keep me awake. And, uh, yeah, sex dreams about Bob?!? Been there done that!!! The man is hot!!! Though I admit I do still wonder if he is gay or not...

  29. Vicki is yuck in my opinion! I'm the same way, always thinking and can't sleep and then the little one gets up early....then coffee and it's a cycle. glad to know I'm not the only one. have a fab Friday love!

  30. Yum...BOB is HOTT!! I share those same reasons for not sleeping...pretty much every single thing you listed! Plus, I stay up reading books into the wee wee hours of the morning.

    Thanks for the pic...he's smokin' hott...did I already say that?! =P

  31. I always have something to say, lol! If you need help - yell!

    I can only sleep with medication. My body has forgotten how!


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