Friday, November 13, 2009

Vlog: Jumpin and Stuff

Thank goodness it's FRIDAY!  But I just realized it's FRIDAY the 13th! AGH!  Yesterday was one of the hardest days I've had in a long, long time.  So bad that when I escaped to the grocery store I almost picked up a flyer for daycare.  You know it's bad when I'm thinking about getting a job.

Jennifer (who made me wear the bow in my hair) See!  I can rock the bow!

Kerri (who turned me on to Burt's Bee Chapstick).  THANK YOU!

Amanda (also known as Shortmama)  I could have jumped higher if the kids weren't weighing me down.

Somebody's Hero


  1. Oh my God, I love ha ha...that has been my goofy ass family all week.

    My daughter (2) is the biggest handbag, lip gloss diva ever.

  2. I love their chapstick!

    Rockin the pointer it!

    Hope next week goes better for you.

  3. Your kids are a riot! (and I don't miss those days-much) Every little girl needs a sparkly butterfly purse. I love how happy she is by the small things to put into it. Adorable.

  4. Your kids are so cute! I love the hair-do, so how long did it last? :-) Your son's wink was awesome!

  5. I don't know where to start. First off, thank you for making me realize that I need to be more thankful for the little things. I mean seriously. That wink? That smile when Bobbi handed her gum? "I LOVE gum!" She said. How precious. And the crying at the end... pulled at my heartstrings.

    Did I tell you Parker SOBBED the other night when Shay got voted off Biggest Loser? I mean literally - tears dripping, gasping for breath sobs. Wow. He has a tender heart like his Mama. :)

  6. Only the diehard run through water to get coffee.

  7. Those were CROCODILE tears at the end. Poor boy! Cute vlog, as usual!

  8. I love your kids!

    And that whole Starbuck's thing is just cruel. I would be standing in front wondering how to get in. And ya know, without my morning caffeine, I probably wouldn't be able to figure it out. Cruel. Just cruel.

  9. You guys are so right...those are crocodile tears! When I was editing the video yesterday...Mallory kept asking me to replay the part of Alex crying. She liked it!

    Knitting Knirvana...I think I could scale that wall if I needed to!

  10. I just love your vlogs. You inspirer me to vlog more.

    And you know what else, this made me miss you a whole, whole lot. I wanna go to another SITScation. We didn't get to spend nearly enough time together

  11. LOVE the vlog- as always. I'm thinking I want a shout out too in your next vlog.

    Can you find a way to say "Ya'll come back now ya here?" in your next one???

    I would be honored.


  12. Oh my goodness, the end is so sad. That's how I feel when I have finally escaped and am forced to return home too :( Poor little sweetie {and Bobbi too!} Can I just say how much I love your Vlogs? I think you should Vlog every day. And I'm with Becca, I want a shout out ;) Can you recite the alphabet backward while doing jumping jacks with your eyes closed? Just kiddin'.

  13. I love your Vlogs too and totally get the week that you are having. I totally puffy heart all of you and look forward to every vlog.

  14. "I WUV gum!"

    "Charge it!"

    You should know C paused his television show to watch the vlog when I pulled up your post.

    I love your vlogs!!

  15. I didn't even realize it was Fri the 13th until day. I must live under a rock. Your kids are adorable! Today is the 14th and then the 15th so it will get better!
    I am sending the following to all blogs I follow.
    To those on my Reading List:
    Please do me a favor. Would you go to my blog and “follow” me again? Because I changed my URL, I have lost many of my readers. I know you can still hunt me down, but this will make it ever so much easier on you. I will once again show up on your Reader and Blog Roll. I knew this would happen but needed to change to be more representative of who I am now. I think this is the best fix. Thanks for your time. If you have another solution, let me know! Thanky!!!!!

  16. I have got to come back in the morning and watch it again! Cant get my dang sound to work to hear ya but I saw the jump LOL

  17. Ok sound is back up...that was so funny! You jumped higher than I could hehehehe!

    I would cry if I had to leave all that shopping fun too!

  18. I LOVE YOU!!!! I'm so glad I waited until Monday to watch because you made my relatively sucky morning great!!!!! I laughed so hard. And now every time something happens to piss me off today I'm just going to think about you wearing that bow on your hair and smile right through it.

  19. As usual, you and your children are a bright spot of my day. You make me laugh and miss my kids at the same time.
    Have a great week.


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!