Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Santa and The Color Purple

Hey everyone! It's been a crazy couple of days...staying really busy and visiting friends. Yesterday was all about the kids! We decided it was finally time for them to meet Santa.  Someone please tell me if not allowing parents to photograph their kids with Santa is the norm?  I refused to pay for their photo packages so I snuck across the way and took my own pictures.

Mallory was too afraid to sit by Santa but when he asked her what she wanted for Christmas she said a Pink Bicycle!  And then he fist bumped her.  That Santa is a cool dude.

Alex had a great chat with Santa about the trains he owns and the one's he wants. I was most impressed that this Santa knows his stuff....Alex said pink train and he knew it was named Rosie.

We also went to the Denver Aquarium in Downtown Denver.  The kids loved seeing all of the fish and were surprised to see Tigers there too.  We had lunch in their restaurant and were able to sit right next to the giant fish tank that takes up half of the eatery.

We ate with the Fishies.

Mallory and I left the boys in the Apple store and we went searching for a purple dress.  She just loves the color purple and wanted a dress to add to her now growing collection.  We hit the mother load in Macy's and she ended up selecting a beautiful dark purple knit sweater.  She was so much fun to shop with and I'm so thrilled that she is my shopping buddy!

We also needed to visit Invesco Field at Mile High because the kids needed some Bronco Gear.  We suspect that we are responsible for the Bronco's decline over the last four weeks because our children didn't have proper attire.

You just wait until Thursday.  GO BRONCOS!

Today...we're going shopping again.  The Target in Ogden was completely sold out of any size 7 shoes for poor Mally (due to the baby boom of 2007) and now I need some boots since I fell in a snow bank yesterday.


  1. Are y'all staying there for the rest of the week? I know how much y'all love it there- hope you can move back there soon.

    Mallory is a girl after my own heart- I, too, love the color purple! Hope you'll post pics of her in her new dress!

  2. Baby boom of 2007? Was there really? And purple seems to be a really "in" color this year, I am seeing it everywhere.

  3. Girls are so much fun. When Baby Girl was about Mallory's age my mom took her to the mall and as they were walking in she looked up at my mom and said, "Let's do it Nana!" LOL Good times.

  4. Mallory is my new buddy; I LOVE the color purple also! Not only is the color my favorite, but the movie, The Color Purple is my favorite movie also.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Sounds like you are having a BLAST!

  6. Have fun shopping! Hannah can't wait to tell Santa all about the snow globe she wants for Christmas!

  7. Purple is a fav at our house. By this Mommy too, it is just as slimming as black but I dont feel like I am hiding in black.

    And about the Santa photos, I do think not allowing parents to take photos is the norm. Photograpy is their business. I know you can decline the photo taking and just talk to Santa.

  8. It sounds like you guys are having an AWESOME time. Mallory is going to be a fashionista!


  9. Sounds like you all are having a great time!

    But I thought I was your shopping buddy....

  10. Yay for aquariums and I love shopping with my girl too! My older son told her today..you are like a mommy because you like shopping! she cries if i do not take her to the grocery store

  11. Whew, Santa already, girl you are hardcore. They look so happy though, glad you had fun.

  12. Baby Boom of 2007? I never thought of it that way - but, now that you mention it, everyone that I know, including me, had a baby in 2007. Decline in the economy leads to more time to have sex? Makes sense to me.

    Mads is deathly afraid of Santa and so we will most likely be skipping it - unless my mother finds a way to guilt me into it like she did last year. What a disaster! Oye!

    Did you find boots? I am in desperate need of a new pair and would love to see what you find.

  13. How funny! I'm the opposite with Santa.

    When Oliver was a cute chubby 7 month old, we got the best Santa's lap picture ever.

    Then the following year, the twins were sleeping two month olds and the picture was sub-par. Oliver had become a cranky, mistrustful 20 month old (this MAY have had something to do with the two newborns in his house...maybe)and we ony just caught an okay picture before he burst into tears and demanded that I save him from the terrifying man in red.

    So I decided that Oliver was done with Santa - I wouldn't terrorize him the following year since I knew his reaction would be much the same. But I thought the twins deserved a second chance seeing as they didn't fall asleep every 10 minutes anymore.

    Yeah - not so much. They look very unhappy in their 14 month old try at Santa. And Eleanor looked very bald. It was quite disappointing.

    So no Santa last year. I figured that I'd wait until they told me they WANTED to give it another go.

    But who knows. I'm nothing if not hubris-ridden and I'm sure I'll end up dragging them all up to Santa this year figuring that they'll find security in numbers and possibly grace us with our first viable holiday card picture ever... We'll see.

  14. Well at least you weren't swimming with the fishes!! : )

    Purple is my favorite color too...
    Mallory has great taste!

  15. It sounds like you're having a fantastic time! I'd love to hit Macy's with my girls - well, maybe Sarah - Evie just nags me for stuff all the time :)

    Did you find any boots??

  16. Sounds like a great time was had by all... Glad that you have a wonderful additional shopping partner. Now the 3 of you (don't forget about Bobbi) can all go together to shop and "do lunch".
    The fishes lunch sounds like a terrific time - there used to be a place in EPCOT at WDW like that & my boys loved it!
    And NOW I know why the NY Giants lost the game last night - it's your kids fault - thanks a lot!!
    Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving.


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!