Friday, June 12, 2009

Weekend Update...Special Purpose!'s raining. Like a lot. We live in the desert. Alex suddenly decided that he would like to add to his train collection and he peed in the potty three times! Whoo Hoo! I am amazed at how much energy it takes to constantly ask someone if they have to pee and perform the costume changes. I also decided this was a great time to order the larvae for our butterfly habitat.

Tuesday...we had a lovely play date with Shannon, Haylie, Sara and Sophie. We met at a local park for lunch and we each brought some stuff. Shannon brought some fruit salad, Sara brought coffee from a brand new coffee shop in our hood and I brought brownies. These two are marathon runners/dietitian/nutritionists so I like to feed them as many calories as I can when they're with me. I also found out that one of these gals has been keeping a little secret from me and I'm so excited! baby

The kids and I arrived at the park early so they could play and there were a couple kids already playing. Mallory and Alex are very polite to other children so I didn't think it was going to be a problem....until we approached the play structure and this snot nosed (literally) kid had a couple hundred dollars worth of Thomas the Train crap spread all over it. The other kid was hanging out in the middle of the spiral slide like a troll. My kids couldn't play. Their mothers' stood a couple feet away chatting it up without a care in the world that their children were being rude. Later a teenager (babysitter?) showed up with 7 kids between the age of 1 and 10. Suddenly, there were more kids at this park than a Polygamist compound!

Somehow we managed to have our park time during the only sunny part of the day and we got to see some baby races.

Wednesday...I wrapped the kids in bubble wrap and made them stay in the house all day. It was raining anyway so it worked out. The reason for the extra bit of protection was that they had well baby/toddler checks scheduled for the afternoon and I hate going to see the doctor with a kid that has just injured himself or his sibling. I'm in constant worry that someone will alert Child Protective Services and find out that I'm filming and photographing my kids for more than two hours a day and that sometimes....I deny them something to drink but yet I drink like a fish in front of them.

Both kids are doing great! Mallory is tall and skinny and Alex is off the chart for both height and weight. We have a meeting with a sports recruiter next week...the Denver Broncos have expressed some interest in him.

Thursday....where the heck does Thursday always go? We must have played or something. Oh wait....I remember now. More freakin potty training and Alex found his special purpose.

Friday...Finally! The sun! And the mud. Oh Gosh the mud! The kids played outside until almost dark. Play,, work. I'm seeing more and more of myself in that kid of mine. I think these is a reason that he looks so much like me. He likes to organize things and tidy up. I found him outside doing this:

I asked him what he was doing and he said he was picking up the junk! He designed this rubbish removal vehicle all by himself and filled it with every single item from the yard he could find. Later I found all of this junk lined up on the deck Garage Sale style. And that's where we differ...I don't do garage sales.

Alex expressed no interest in potty training and instead just wants to play with the new toy he found in his pants.

Look what came!

Saturday...against my better judgement, we are all going to swimming lessons. sigh Mallory and Daddy will swim and Alex and I will sit on the picnic table while I destroy his self esteem for not wanting to get into the water. In the event that he does not get in the water my husband will finally accept the fact that the boy is just not ready. EDITED: I have cancelled swimming lessons for the day because it is raining, windy and 53 degrees.

It's beauty parlor time for me again and then I was hoping to go on a date with Calvin to see Star Trek but my babysitter won't call me back.

Have a great weekend!

***Come back Monday TUESDAY for a BIG announcement!***

And Tuesday we return with Manic Martha! Find out what I'm going to do with this.


  1. Sounds like a good week! Go Alex!! I totally forgot to ask S about the movie. Hope you're able to get out and see it with him :)

  2. Holy busy, Batman! I thought I kept a brisk pace, but I'm exhausted just reading about your week - lol!

    (Granted - I just have one kiddo, but I TOTALLY agree on the effort Potty Training takes - and the LAUNDRY - sheese.) Keep up the good work, sitsta. ;)

  3. I found myself laughing hysterically several times during this post!!! Can't wait to see what you do with that fabulous fabric, I am guessing? As for the BIG announcement...are you preggers?!?

  4. Woo-Hoo Alex! Way to "go on the potty"!

    Bubble wrap sound like a great idea, why didn't I ever think of it?!

    Good luck with your butterflies!

  5. I'm surprised you have time to do any of your crafts, you're so busy all the time!
    Can't wait to see what you're going to do with that fabric.

  6. Good week Connie! Potty training wears you out, don't you think? I thought it was grueling. I can't wait to see what you are going to do with that cute fabric!


  7. Thanks for leaving me a comment. I really enjoyed some of your posts so I added you to my blogroll. Its so much fun to find new blogs to read. Yours is awesome!

  8. I love the Kate Gosselin slap :) Will you send Alex over hear to help with the rubbish removal? I can't get William to pick up a DAMN thing :( Sounds like you had a great week, potty training not-withstanding. and oh how I hate public parks and rude people. 's why I stay home :)

  9. You have the fullest schedule! I'm amazed by how much you accomplish and you still manage to maintain 34 blogs! Wow! Whatever you're eating/drinking... I want some too!

  10. Hi Connie...thanks for stopping by today. And you should definitely join Friend Makin' Monday, it's tons of fun and I've met some really great ladies there!

  11. We have that butterfly kit and I keep forgetting to order lavae, let us know how it goes.
    You had a busy week, I bet it flew by!


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!