Sunday, June 21, 2009

Live Long and Prosper Chris Gorham

Captain's Log, 0930 hrs.
We are headed to the city of Salt Lake to obtain the new iPhone 3Gs. I'm reading twitter and sipping a Vanilla Iced Coffee from Mickey D's. The children are quietly working on their toy laptops like good little techies. I see a RT (retweet) from my blog buddy Connie in Canada and it contains a name that is very familiar to me. Chris Gorham.

Let the captain's log show that Chris Gorham is my favorite actor and I refer to him as *insert finger quotes ala Danielle on Real Housewives New Jersey* my boyfriend. He has been my boyfriend for many years. I've loved him since I first saw him on Popular back in 1999 and I even watched a movie he made where he played a Mormon Missionary to Tonga called The Other Side of Heaven. I may have accidently thought it was a P0rn0. Calvin and I watch his newest show every week called Harper's Island and it is an awesome show! But you might know him as Henry from Ugly Betty.

Anywho...I was so excited to see him on twitter so I followed him. And I read some of his tweets and HOLY COW he is in Salt Lake City. I may have peed my pants! We got the iPhone, we had some lunch, I avoided ruining my diet with a hotdog on a stick and we headed home.

Captain's Log, 1315 hrs.
I'm searching twitter for tweets from Christopher and I see that he is at a Support the people of Iran rally and it is at the capital building in Salt Lake which was just a FEW BLOCKS from where I was. My Boyfriend was A FEW BLOCKS away!

isn't he handsome!

Captain's Log, 1700 hrs.
Our babysitter arrives with a Kate Gosselin hairdo and it looks a little weird on a 15 year old. Calvin and I leave for our date to have some drinks, appetizers and go see Star Trek. We are having a lovely time, enjoying yummy food and talking. My eyes may have glazed over when he was trying to explain Star Trek to me. I checked twitter and Chris said that he and Alyssa Milano are filming a movie together called My Girlfriends Boyfriend. So I tweeted this:

Captain's Log, 1815 hrs.
Calvin and I discuss my sister's love life because discussing world peace is too heavy. And he informs me that she has to date a 52 year old guy because the new rule is half a guys age plus seven years. I tell him that I have never had trouble finding someone to date and I don't know why Bobbi has so much trouble because she is way cuter than me. AND HE AGREED. Wow....I think to myself, this date is going downhill fast.

Calvin was paying the bill and I received this tweet:

And then I lost my shit in the middle of the bar at the Sonora Grill.

Captain's Log, 1905 hrs.
I am floating into the theater and we are five minutes late for the movie which has already started. There is stuff blowing up and little sirens going off and mass chaos. We take our seats and we're immediately drawn in. There is a heartbreaking scene in the first 11 minutes and I'm bawling. Star Trek isn't supposed to make you cry! During the movie, Spock leaves the Enterprise (you know beam me down Scotty) and he is having a moment with his girlfriend. She tells him that she is going to monitor his frequency. I leaned over to Calvin and I said, 'She is going to follow him on Twitter'. For the record, I have a total crush on the actor that played Doc McCoy.

Harold? Is that you? Where's Kumar?

Captain's Log, 2110 hrs.
The movie was wonderful and we had a fabulous night! We need to go on dates more often!

Captain's Log, 2200 hrs.
I begin plotting a sight seeing trip to Salt Lake City to find my boyfriend. Who wants to go with me?

*Disclaimer* I am not going to stalk Christopher Gorham. I just like to talk about stalking Kate Gosselin, Jen Lancaster and Martha Stewart so there is no need to alert the authorities.


  1. Like I told you yesterday, there is NO WAY I'm dating a 52 year old man. Unless he looks like George Clooney, is uber rich and wants kids.
    That shouldn't be too hard to find right?

    That is so cool that he tweeted back to you! And yes, he is very handsome. If I could have made out to see you this week, I totally would have helped you stalk him in SLC!!!!

  2. I'm so jealous! You're getting all kinds of famous twitter love!

  3. He is cuuuute!!!!! And your posts always make me laugh so hard!!!

  4. LOL! I can't believe he tweeted you back! I would have lost my sh*t too! ;-)

  5. This is seriously the funniest thing I've read in forever...and may have finally intrigued me enough to check out twitter...LOL!

  6. I'm so jealous! First Martha, now Chris!!

  7. That was SOOO funny! I totally forgot about that show Popular and that he was on it! I may be intrigued enough to go see Star Trek.

  8. I am sad to inform you that Chris finished filming Saturday night and has returned to LA.

    *connie is sad*

  9. So funny! I lol so many times in this post! Glad you guys enjoyed yourselves!

  10. You crack me up! He really is adorable -- I especially love him in his Henry glasses.

  11. I had no idea the guy from Ugly Betty was that cute in real life. He is not that cute on the show. Then again, neither is Betty. Loved this post!

  12. "She tells him that she is going to monitor his frequency. I leaned over to Calvin and I said, 'She is going to follow him on Twitter'."


    I wouldn't consider you a Twitter stalker since your stalkees write you back! If you were a true stalker, they wouldn't write you back, so as far as I'm concerned, you're cool!

    You're claims that Utah sucks are lost among posts such as realize that, right??


  13. I am so glad I came back to visit your blog- you re hilarious!! I am so stoked he tweeted you back!! How fun!! It's as if you had a personal conversation with him- just you & him!!!

    Fun post!! I'll come back for more!!


  14. You are too funny. Can I hire you to have Coldplay tweet me back? They never tweet up anyone, sigh.

  15. I LOVED him on Ugly Betty! And he did such a great geek in spite of the fact that he's a hottie.

    I also love how you are still a little boy crazy after all these years... Aren't we all?

  16. That's how I felt last week! I got a tweet from Dax Holt off TMZ and Jamal Anderson...whom I didn't know was a professional football player until the husband told me. How exciting!

  17. ran across your blog about running into Chris know he's all MINE, don't you? I , too, have had a crush on him for like...forever. You are so lucky to have seen him in Salt Lake. I will never be so luck, here in Ohio. Not much to film here. Loved reading your article...just wanted to say.
    i'm on Twitter as zewy


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