Friday, November 30, 2007

Erick's First Cupcake!

Erick's Mommy LOVES cupcakes! Is there anything more wonderful then a single, yummy, sugary frosted cake? I think not.

Here is what Erick thinks of Mommy's Yummy Cupcakes! A picture is worth a THOUSAND words!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Potty Time!

I bought Erick a Potty a few weeks ago. I wanted him to get used to it being around so that when the time comes....he will do his business! Well...he and the potty did not get along very well. Being the mini-engineer that he is, he wanted to take it all apart and put it back together. But he had major difficulty getting everything back together.

And figuring out how to sit on it was much harder than it looked!

He finally figured it out! And now he moves it all over the house!

Funny Faces!

Meghan loves to eat. But only certain flavors of baby food. When she doesn't care for something....this is the face you get. It is sooo funny! She also gags alot. But she loves solid food and will gobble it up like it is her last meal. Her new favorites this week are chunks of banana and banana bread!

BREAKING NEWS! Meghan is getting up on her hands and knees!! I think she is going to crawl by Christmas!! But still no teeth. Erick had four teeth by now.

Gotta Go...Meghan is stuck under the couch again!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Silly Mallory

When I was at Wal-Mart the other day, I decided to get Mallory a hat and gloves. I have been looking everywhere for a hat and gloves that fit her AND match the jacket that I bought her. The Jacket is purple and pink plaid. I have found tons of toddler hats and gloves but none for infants. I bought a set thinking it looked like the right size. Well...the hat fits but the gloves are huge! She is looking at me in total disbelief!

What are you doing to me Mommy...doesn't my favorite store carry hats and gloves? Someday take me to Gymboree NOW!!!

Poor Baby is getting her second flu shot today!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Brothers & Sisters

Mallory is never so happy as when her big brother Alex is in the room. Well, she is almost as happy when Daddy is in the room but she really really loves her brother. They play together so well. Alex brings her toys and hangs out next to her when she is bouncing. He even keeps trying to get in the jumperoo with her! Silly boy!

She always looks so sad when Alex is taking a nap and she has to play by herself.

I hope this lasts!

The Case of the Missing Shoes!

Yesterday...we had plans with Tracey to go to Tona for lunch. It takes a bit of planning to get us all out of the house and I usually make sure I have extra time in case something goes wrong. I was thankful for that extra time yesterday because I couldn't find Alex's shoes ANYWHERE! I searched high and I searched low. I looked in the car, I looked in the family room, kids bedrooms, the toy box, the kitchen cabinets, the refrigerator...well...I got hungry when I was looking so I looked in there since I already had the door open. I ended up putting a pair of shoes on him that are too big because I didn't want him to go barefooted.

When we got home...I searched again. Alex has been hiding things around the house so I tried to think like him. Still no shoes!

When Daddy put Alex to bed last night, he went to put his stinky poopy diaper in the pail and there were Alex's shoes. In the diaper pail. GROSS! Alex's other new favorite thing is to throw things in the trash.

I think it is time to go SHOE shopping!

Happy Halloween!

Another Halloween has come and gone! Alex was a lion but not for very long. He hates anything on his head and immediately ripped the headpiece off. I did manage to get one good picture and that makes Mommy very happy. Mallory was, as usual, very accommodating. She wore one of Alex's costumes from last year. She chose the Pumpkin and she was so darn cute! I felt bad for her though. Everyone sent Alex costumes last year and she had to wear hand-me-downs. Get used to it Mallory!

We did not take the children trick or treating because Daddy's rule is that they have to be able to say Trick or Treat to go. Mean Daddy! So hopefully next year we can take them out!