Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Vlog: Wacky Wednesday

I decided to vlog today...since I had make up on.  And I had some stuff to talk about and I will be posting my Connie's Diary entry on Friday so here we are with Wacky Wednesday!

I posted about my skin cancer situation on Facebook today when I got home and found out from several people that when they had their surgeries...the tissue was examined during the surgery to make sure they got everything....instead of sending the tissue off to be checked.  I wish I had know about this type of surgery before I chose this doctor.

In other news...The Ares 1-X launched from Kennedy Space Center this morning and I missed it by 30 seconds. I walked in the door right after it happened. Luckily, Calvin taped it for me.  I was glued to twitter the last two days watching the hashtag #ARES1-X and I was disheartened by so many people that wanted the rocket to fail.  I would like to dedicate this song to those people.

On to the vlog!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My hair of many colors and the ARES 1-X launch

I'm snuggled up on the couch this morning with a big mug of coffee while I watch the first test launch of ARES 1-X. It's so exciting! not....lot's of waiting actually. Calvin and I got up at 5:30am to start watching NASA TV and those engineers aren't much for small talk so there is lot's of uncomfortable silence and then a splattering of activity and lots of beautiful pictures of the Florida coastline. Maybe this is why people aren't that into the space program....

I was looking through all my pictures on my computer the other day and I was laughing at all of my different hair styles and hair colors. I've always considered my hair to be one of my best I decided to make a little slideshow...and it made me want to grow my hair and color it blonde again. What do you think?

I added a new item to Channeling Martha. I saw a cute pillow in the Crate and Barrel catalog and I was inspired! Check it out HERE.

EDITED: I've decided that watching a rocket launch is a lot like being in labor.  Hurry up and wait and then...oh sorry, not today!  The launch has been scrubbed due to weather.  I'm bummed.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Dirty Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Lara at Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom...brought this to my attention. What does that look like to you? And if that is your cup of tea and you want to purchase this love umbrella for your kid. CLICK HERE!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Vlog: Stitches, Sitscation and GLEE

Good Morning!'s afternoon for some of you.  My PJ day wasn't very restful yesteday.  I got a wild hair up my...and switched my dining room table and kitchen table.  Since Bobbi moved here, we've had to eat in the dinning room and it's too far for me to carry the food every night.  So now the big table is in the kitchen.  Calvin doesn't seem to like it but it more convenient so...oh well.  I also cleaned all of the light fixtures in the kitchen.  And then Calvin brought me wine!  He's a good hubby.

EVO 10 The Evolution of Women in Social Media...Park City Utah June 24-26, 2010

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Tale of Two Owies

I had waited for weeks for Friday to arrive.  I was so excited for my little trip and all I was about to learn....but I was also scared to meet all of these new people for the first time and of course, I was afraid that some people wouldn't like me or want to meet me.

I decided to keep myself busy with dishes and vacuuming.  I had tried cuddling with the kids and Alex let me for about 10 minutes.  Mallory was too busy playing...I really just wanted to hold her.  Everything was going great.  I was packed and looked pretty.  In the back of my mind...I was waiting for something to go wrong.  I expected Calvin to call at any moment and say he couldn't leave work early.

I even had time to sit and watch The Young and The Restless.  Alex sat with me for a few minutes and then he said he had something to do and ran upstairs.  The kids like to use our walk-in closet as a spaceship...a creation of their father who is working on the space program.  However, this day they had taken all of the blankets and space gear out and piled it on the side of my bed.

At 10:40am...I heard a horrible THUMP.  You know the one....when your child's head makes contact with something.  It was loud; and then the screaming started.  I ran up the stairs and Alex was standing in the middle of the room with blood covering his face.  Mallory was standing there looking a little stunned.  I looked at his head and just about was bad.  The gash in his forehead was deep and was spreading open. We think he was on our bed and hit the headboard.

I yelled at Mallory to get Bobbi.  She just stood there.  I yelled at her two more times and she finally moved.  I wet a cloth and put it on his head to try to stop the wasn't stopping.  I was freaking out and cussing.  I was mad that this had happened less than two hours before I had to leave for the airport.  Why did this have to happen?

Finally....Bobbi came and she confirmed what I already knew.  He needed stitches.  She took over and I got on the phone...calling Calvin and then the Doctor's office.  I kept getting sent to voice mail and I was getting upset that the receptionists couldn't tell me if they could do stitches or not.  I ended up driving three blocks to the Urgent Care (I had switched Insurance Companies eariler in the year for a moment just like this) and they got us right in.

Alex was so brave....letting Stacey, the hot nurse put some gel stuff on his head.  He even flirted with her and asked her if she'd seen Monsters Vs. Aliens.  They discussed the movie and he relaxed.  Calvin arrived and I felt terrible leaving them; crying all the way to the car.  Mother's guilty is horrible.

Cavin and Bobbi kept telling me he would be fine.  And he was....going out for ice cream and burger cheese afterward and only complaining of a little headache in the days following.  Unfortunately, I had scared the heck out of poor Mallory.  I was upset with myself for yelling at her like I did and for being mad that this happened TO ME.  Accidents happen.....

Yesterday I finally had the surgery to remove my basal cell carcinoma.  My doctor told me that the face bleeds a lot.  Don't I know it!  I told her about Alex and his accident and that we would have matching Owies.  I also told her this is the last time I get stitches so he doesn't feel alone.  She always laughs at my stories...being a childless woman, she thinks my kids antics are funny.  Since I had her undivided attention...I told her all about my awesome bloggy friends and then we talked about childbirth.  She said in Med School she wanted to be an OB...but she quickly changed her mind after spending some time watching babies being born. 

The worst part was the injections to numb it and about 5pm last night it started to wear off.  It's pretty sore today and I can't open my mouth very wide....just enough to drink my coffee and slide in a bunch of cookies that Bobbi made me.  I've declared today PJ day and I think I'll just lay around with Calvin's laptop and watch my stories The Fresh Beat Band all day.

Thank you SO MUCH for all of your prayers and kind thoughts during this.  It has been so nice to have your support and I know I was totally not scared because you all had made me feel so much better.  I don't know what I would do without you!

I will be vlogging tomorrow!! 

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What I Learned at Sitscation 09

I am linking this post up at Tip Junkie's blog today because Laurie is talking about why we blog and I'm so passionate about my little hobby that I couldn't pass up the chance to share in the love!

When bloggers go to conferences, they tend to come away with either two feelings.  They either decide that blogging is no longer what they want to do with their free time....or they are excited and motivated.

I'll bet you can guess which side of the fence I fall on.  I'm a passionate person by nature.  I get excited about things and love to talk to people and tell stories.  I think this makes me a good blogger.  And let me tell you right now that I don't embellish my stories.  All of the gory details belong to me!  I lived them all.

The question comes up sometimes...why do you blog.  Blogging started as a way to update our families on our lives and a place for me to record recipes because I became really interested in cooking.  I didn't know a lot about it back then but over time it became so much more to me because I found the adult interaction that I craved as a Stay At Home Mom with two small babies.  Living in Utah was hard and my friends lived in my computer which worked out lovely because they were there at all times of the day.  Blogging was my support system...and it still is.

Over the last few years, I've met some wonderful ladies and they have become friends.   I don't blog because I want to be Dooce, appear on TV (except Oprah...I want to be on Oprah) , get a book deal, speak at a conference or be wildly popular.  I blog because I like to entertain people, make friends and have a connection with other mothers.  And I love comments. 

I enjoyed the talk from Sugar Jones.  She talked about Blogging for good and lifting each other up instead of tearing each other down all the time.  I try to make my posts positive.  Even when I'm telling a story from my old life that was full of dispair and heartache... I try to find the positive side.  I have enough negativity in my life from some family members but I am a glass half full kind of person and I like to be happy.

One of my favorite speakers at SITScation was Laurie Turk from Tip Junkie.  I've been following her blog ever since I learned she was speaking but I didn't really know everything that she does.  Quite simply...she's amazing.  Her website has sooo much information and great ideas on really just have to go check it out for yourself.

During her speech, she had many tips for blogging.  I excitedly took notes and tried to soak up every word she said.  She told me to blog about what I've learned.  This is how she started, wanting to share what she had learned with other moms. I love sharing crafts I've made and experiences I've had.  Then she told me to Create favorite word.  I  am passionate about many things and hope that my enthusiasm is contagious.  Next, she told me to Create get what you give. I need to work on my special purpose.

She talked about forming a blogging alliance and my first thought was; who would I want on my deserted island with me and many of my favorite bloggers came to mind! I feel like I have an alliance with many of you....we care about each other's lives and are here for each other.

Now...the nitty gritty!  Creating! I often like to think of my blog as my house and you all are coming to visit me here.  I want you to enjoy yourself, have a glass of wine or cup of coffee and have a conversation with me.  And I want to keep you coming back for she suggests Mr. Linky Posts, weekly themes, contests, interviews and guest posts.

I'm really happy with my blog and some of the things I have going on here.  I love sharing my old journal posts and vlogging is my new passion!  I have so much to think about and things that I want to do and I'm just so excited!

this means Alli likes me

Lastly, Alli Worthington from Mrs. FussypantsBlissfully Domestic online magazine and Blissdom Conference. She asked me what my brand is.  My first thought was Folgers because I drink a lot of coffee but that's not what she was getting at.  Then I thought...well, I'm a Mommy and Wife and she told me I couldn't use those.  Well Heck. She really made me THINK about this.  And this is what I came up with.

I'm a humorous, crafty wino who entertainers people.

I'm not sure if that's a brand...but I like it and it fits me well.  I had dinner with the group of ladies that I pictured yesterday and we had the best discussion about blogging.  We talked about how careful we have to be with our words.  Alli told us that companies are scared of us because we wield so much power.  A disgruntled blog post against a company that we think wronged us can be devastating to them and we have to remember that everything we put online is there forever.  What kind of a legacy are we leaving for our children and grandchildren to google?

I decided that I like that what you read here is exactly how I am in person.  I don't put on a show and my blog doesn't come with rose colored glasses.  I'm real and that's the only way I want to be.

I also learned that I like having my finger and toe nailed painted.  I feel pretty and very much like Betty Draper!

All in all, Sitscation was a very positive experience for me.  I learned much, laughed often and drank $22 worth of coffee.


I'm having my skin cancer surgery 11:30am.  Alex and I will have matching stitches soon.

The only way to have a friend is to be one.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, October 19, 2009

Romy and Michelle go to SITScation 09

 I have good news...and I have bad news.  Which one do you want first?  The bad news.  Okay..I am not going to be vlogging from the 12th floor of the Venetian anymore because...I'm home.  And I'm freakin tired and I really have soooo much to say and some pictures but little to no video because I got so caught up in the moment that I forgot to use my camera.

I'm still trying to organize my thoughts because I want to share with you what I learned and I want to make sense and Alex just woke up.  So the Good News is that I'm going to start by finishing my stories from Friday.

The Goat:
I met and had the privilege of sitting next to NANNY GOATS IN PANTIES.  She is fabulous! She brought  Lacy (her cross-dressing nanny goat trapped in a Billy Goat's body) and I may have accidentally put my special purpose gift from eden's fantasys in Lacy's panties.  And that was before I even had my first drink.  *hopefully...picture to come*

The Old People:
After the keynote speech, Bobbi and I went to grab some dinner.  We went to the Grand Lux Cafe and ended up sitting right next to some really loud older folks from New York....a guy and three ladies.  They started talking to us and like I always do...I wanted to shock them.  So I told them we were polygamists from Utah and Bobbi was my sister-wife.  Then Bobbi told them that we thought they were polygamists since there were three of them with one guy.  They didn't talk to us anymore after that.....

Time After Time:
When me and The Bobinator get together...we are very much like Romy and Michelle.  (I'm the Mary) and so when this certain song came on during the SITScation party,  we did a special dance.  But people didn't seem to know what we were doing and we looked kind of silly but if you know me...I didn't care.  It was fun!!

The Caramel Apple:
Right by the elevators to go to our suite...there was a candy store and they had all of these caramel apples.  As I was walking back to our room from the party, in my bare feet (i'm classy like that), I hatched a plan to sit in the bathtub in our beautiful marble bathroom...watching TV and eating a caramel apple.  I bought one and about crapped my pants because it cost $9 and I later discovered it had the thinnest layer of caramel on it.  Total Rip Off!

I have so much more to tell you but I'm going to end by giving a shout out to all of the gals that made this weekend so amazing for me.

Bobbi in LaLa Land...Thank for coming with me!
Alicia from It Ain't Easy Being are so fun and sweet! Love you!
Kristi from Orange Juice...loved meeting you and our dinner conversation!
Lara from Chicken Nuggets of are a bundle of engergy! Love meeting you and your hubby!
Kerri from Damn You, Little Rock...I could sit and talk to you all day!
Amy from The Bee Dot you are adorable and I love your accent!
Jen from Buried with Children...our mutual love of coffee bonded us!
Summer from Le Musings of Moi...I love your style and you are beyond beautiful!
Kathy/Cynthia from Mama's Losin It..I felt like a are an inspiration to me!
Alli Worthington...the queen of blogging.  I loved meeting you and I almost cried when you remembered my name.
Sera from Laughing Through The happy we got to chat and have dinner.
Tiffany and Heather...The SITS Girls! Thanks so much for everything!  It was amazing!

Sera, Kristi, Bobbi, Alicia, THE ROCK, Margarita, Me

Where is THE ROCK's hand?

This post has been edited because I totally forgot ONE very important person that was so much fun to meet and I loved getting to know her before the conference on twitter. Lara! I love you!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

VLOG: SITScation...Day One

After I published the vlog...I realized I forgot to tell you all kinds of stuff. I still haven't recovered from the stress of yesterday and my brain is not cooperating with me. I will tell you in the next installment. Check for that later tonight.

Things to look forward to:

  • The old people we freaked out
  • Me and Bobbi's special dance
  • The Caramel Apple
  • How I violated a goat

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bright Lights City

The last two days have been...frustrating.  I'm fashionably exhausted!  Figuring out what to wear, then changing my mind and then changing my mind back.  Adding outfits, matching accessories and shoes and deciding to throw caution to the wind and wear white shoes after Labor Day. At the last minute I realized I hadn't assigned an outfit for Saturday Night and that threw me into a panic. Then I was invited to a blogger brunch by Healthy Choice because they liked my food blog.  Everything needs an outfit.  Now I know why Rachel Zoe is BA-nanas!  Styling an important person such as myself is a lot of work!

Last night we had a twitter party to get to know everyone and I won a vibrator!  I'm also getting one in my swag I will have TWO.  Imagine that...going my whole life without ever owning one and now I'll have two.  So I think I will give one away.  Send me an email if you're interested and I'll put your names in a hat.

Tonight I bought the finishing touch...a hot pink nail polish called Rich and Famous!

I had to break the news to Big Pappa tonight that he would be taking care of FOUR children....our's and Bobbi's.  He's thrilled.

I will be vlogging during our adventure.  Probably will be pretty raw and advised.  I will also be doing whrrl stories (sign up HERE and add me as a friend, there's also an iPhone app for that)  and of course Tweeting my heart out.  I'm pretty excited to be going to Vegas and meeting all of these wonderful bloggers.  It going to be a hoot!

I'm gonna keep on the run
I'm gonna have me some fun
If it costs me my very last dime
If I wind up broke up well
I'll always remember that I had a swingin time

Viva Las Vegas, Viva Las Vegas 

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Open For Business

I'm happy and scared to death to announce that my etsy shop is NOW OPEN!  It feels like I just had a new baby and I'm showing her to you for the first time.  I think she's really pretty....and I hope you do too.

Ladies and Craig! new baby!

Every item in the store is specially made for you! You pick the colors or theme. I can even make them BIGGER!


So...Bobbi and I leave for Vegas in TWO DAYS. I'm totally not ready but I did manage to lose 3 pounds and my shirt fits...barely. I may have to do some shopping when I get to the Venetian.

I would like to officially thank Big Pappa for sponsoring my trip to SITScation. He has been so supportive, both financially and emotionally and I love that he realizes how much I need a break from time to time. I love you Calvin!

I just need to figure out if I should bring my laptop....

Tuesday, October 13, 2009 a handprint on my heart

I'm a planner.  I NEED to plan ahead for trips and outings and whatnot.  It's just a part of my list making.  I had this trip planned for months because I had purchased WICKED tickets for Calvin's birthday.  I got an email from Denver Center Attractions about the tickets and the next day the Bronco Schedule was coming out so I was able to coordinate both activities!  I love when a plan comes together!
So Thursday, I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off getting packed and ready because I waited until the last unlike me.  In the middle of all of this, the yard guy showed up to winterize our yard.  I told him about Bobbi's dog's staying with us and they barked at him from the window.  He left and I let the doggies outside to play.  Several hours go by, the kids are taking a much needed nap and I open the garage door to pack the car and there is TAYLOR.  Crap.  The yard guy left the gate open and BUCK is gone.  I'm freaking out because we are leaving in ONE HOUR.  And I'm scared to call BOBBI. Luckily...Buck has been picked up by the NOPD and Calvin bailed him out of jail on his way home.  YAY!

Our trips to Denver normally include many of our favorite restaurants.  But this time we decided to try some new places.  Friday night we went to Pasquini's Pizza in Highlands.  If you are ever driving through Denver on your way to somewhere have to stop here! It is easy to get to from I-25.  I'm going to try to put this in a nutshell since I will be posting more about it (and the other great food we had) on my food blog this week.  Awesome Sangria, they bring the kids pizza dough to play with, Awesome Pizza! Great prices and fabulous desserts!

Saturday we woke to ice and snow.  We ran a bunch of little errands (office max and Michael's).  I waited in line so long at the crap store that the woman standing in front of me in line started knitting with the yarn she wanted to buy.  We walked around our favorite neighborhood...Belmar.  We stopped into mark and isabella's for lunch.  Such a fabulous meal!  The best chicken strips for the kids and I was in love with my Chicken Parmesan Sandwich with a glass of Merlot.

We rushed home to drop off the kids and we went to see WICKED!  We've seen WICKED before...but we can't agree on when.  I think it was 3 years ago...Calvin thinks it was 4 or more.  The good news for me is that it's been long enough that I don't remember everything from the show and there's an excellent chance I was tipsy when I saw it, so it's like seeing it for the first time.  Except that I own the soundtrack and know all of the songs!

It was cold in Denver.  Real cold and I don't like to walk around much when I'm freezing my tush off but walked we did.  We love downtown Denver so much that I soon forgot that I was cold and just enjoyed being with my favorite guy, in my favorite town.  We found ourselves standing outside of our favorite little russian restaurant which is responsible for both of our children being conceived.  I've told you that story right?  It was not open we walked a few feet further and found a gem that we'd never seen before.

The sign outside of Crepes N Crepes said that it was happy hour and wine and crepes were $4.  SOLD! We walked into this darling little restaurant with yellow walls and little wooden tables.  There was french music playing and soon the wonderful smell of crepes cooking and cheese melting would fill the air. We had a couple glasses of wine and tried three different crepes that were all so wonderful.  If you live in Denver you MUST try this place.  They have happy hour Wednesday- Saturday, 3-6pm.

The Red Square Bistro was finally open so we stopped in for a drink, the cheese and fruit plate and to see my boyfriend. All of the years that we've been coming here (and conceiving babies when we get home) Pascha has always been there.  He is the sweetest older man and remembers us every time.  This time I got a hug from him!

Then we went back to my in-laws to tuck in the kids and slip into a food coma!

Sunday, I went to the giant Whole Foods store in Belmar...all by myself.  I try not to visit this store every time because it makes me mad at Utah.  I get upset seeing all of this amazing food and ingredients that I can't get back home.  Walking past the seafood counter sends me over the edge...I avoid the back of the store completely.  This time...I got some forbidden rice (it's black), hazelnuts (I want to make biscotti), a delicata squash, baba ghanoush and pita chips!

The Bronco Game was awesome!  They won in overtime...and Calvin had a great time with Alan.  We are so excited that they are 5-0!  WOOT!  Did you see the old style uniforms from 50 years ago?  Those socks were crazy!  Mallory had her finger's crossed that they would get the field goal.

I took complete advantage of STARBUCKS being 3 blocks away.

 EDITED: Calvin just sent me a text...he said that the first US tour of WICKED was in 2005. He's right....dang it.

Monday, October 12, 2009

I'm Back!

We got back from Denver this afternoon and I've been busy working on
the items for my etsy store.

I have so much to tell you about my trip and I hope to have my store
open by Friday when I leave for Vegas and the SITScation blogging

I just got this lovely picture from my dear friends Jessica and Craig.
I was so touched that they have missed me!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

To Infinity AND Beyond

First off...I want to thank all of you that have been praying and supporting my family during the uncertainty of the last few weeks.  As many of you know, being a stay at home mom is super stressful when you don't know if your husband will have a job.  Depending on that one income is tough and the thought of being without it is downright scary.  I feel so lucky and blessed that he has this job and that it's a good one because that is the only way I'm able to stay home with our kids.

Calvin wasn't always an engineer.  He trained to be West Point graduating in the top 10% of his class.  While in college...he was the first student in his class to have a APPLE computer and he was a wiz with it, teaching himself programming and writing games and other things.  So it was no surprise when he left the Army that he would go into the computer field.  He worked as a Custom Computer Program Designer for 16 years until he was laid off a month before I gave birth to Alex.

I saw the ad for the job fair in the paper right after I learned that I was pregnant with Mallory.  We were getting desperate for a job...any job.  Calvin came home with a pile of info about this new opportunity and the man he spoke with had even given him a website for me to start looking for a home.  We were whisked away to Utah, we checked out the city looked at some homes and Calvin interviewed.  We held our breath hoping for an offer...a new start, in a new town with an exciting new job with the space program.

Calvin and I discovered that we had both had a fascination with space as children.  Calvin even has a carefully folded and protected diagram of the moon that he had gotten at Mc Donalds when he was a little boy.  The prospect of being involved in a project that was going to take people back to the Moon was so exciting!

During the 60's the United States was in a Space Race with Russia.  What an exciting time!  I wasn't yet born when Neil Armsrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the Moon in 1969 but I can imagine how wonderful that must of been for 6 year old Calvin to watch on TV.

Since then the United States has been leading the world in Space Travel and Exploration and I have always been amazed by the journey of NASA and the Space Shuttle Program that was started in 1981.  I grew up watching the Shuttle launches and daydreaming about going to space someday.

Now it's time for a new direction in Space Exploration!  The Constellation program plans to develop spacecraft and booster vehicles that will replace the Space Shuttle and send astronauts to the Moon and eventually to Mars.  Ares 1 is for launching mission crews into orbit and Ares V will transport hardware.  Ares 1 will also be used to launch the Orion spacecraft that will be used for human spaceflight missions.

Right now the future of manned space flight is in danger. Costs are the big issue. The current space exploration program has been short changed by both the Bush and Obama administrations.  President Obama is currently looking at the possibility of canceling Ares 1 and starting over or trying to find a different alternative.  In the meantime, Russia, China and India are developing their own space programs.  It's important that we stay the course and that NASA be given the funding they need to continue with the project as planned.  Common sense tells me that changing directions now and taking a chance on another plan seems more costly and time consuming.

America's leadership in space is so important.  Our children being encouraged to study engineering and science is vital to our country staying ahead.  I was shocked to learn that less than one percent of the federal budget is devoted to exploration, science and new technologies.

Satellite communications, microwaves, cellular phones, miniaturized computers, pacemakers, kidney dialysis, scratch-resistant lenses, medical and sports technology, adjustable smoke detectors, cordless tools, and water filters are just a few examples of the advances that have occurred through NASA space research.

Don't let America fall behind because you didn't speak up.  Let President Barack Obama know that American's care about our security, our economic competitiveness and our space program.  Please join me in writing a letter to the president asking him to make NASA and Space a priority.

Please help me remind President Obama that on August 2, 2008 he talked about the importance of strengthening America's competitive edge by maintaining our leadership in Space.  At that time he pledged to give NASA the support it needed to reach ambitious goals and ensure that our Space program didn't suffer when the Shuttle goes out of service.

I'm asking President Obama to:
  • Match NASA's budget to its mission and goals by providing an additional $3 billion by 2014 and increase the budget annually using an inflation factor.  
  • Close the gap in the US ability to launch astronauts into space by extending the life of the Shuttle.
  • Develop and lead future international spaceflight partnerships by extending the life of the International Space Station.
  • Enable progress in Space Exploration by accelerating the development of a well designed and adequately funded heavy-lift space technology program.

Please help me (and the future of America) by writing and sending a letter today!

The Honorable Barack H. Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Monday, October 5, 2009

Friend Makin Monday ~ Hobby Time

7:00am...Calvin just left for work.  He is supposed to find out if he's being laid off this morning but I also heard from my dear friend Monica (her hubby works there too) that it will be tomorrow.  If they're hoping that someone will go postal...I'm almost there.

7:32am...I've decided that if I don't hear something soon...I will have developed an ulcer.

7:39am...Calvin just sent me a text....Layoffs are not happening TODAY.  Tomorrow maybe? Who knows.  This is ridiculous.  They told everyone that it was going to be today.  I think I just had my first Anxiety Attack....

** ** **

In the meantime...Thank Goodness for Amber to keep me distracted this morning.  Do you know what a great friend we have in Amber?  She's so supportive and helpful.  I just love her!  This week she wants to know about my Hobbies.

What are your hobbies? What do you wish that you knew how to do?

What a great topic Amber because I've been working on an idea all weekend that will hopefully ease the burden should we become unemployed. Unfortunately...I'm not ready to unveil my idea but I will soon have an ESTY store open for the big reveal! P.S. my idea was inspired by another fav bloggy friend Manic Mother. We are two crafting peas in a pod who LOVE Martha Stewart.

I know, I know. Many people don't like Martha. I get it. She's not everyone's cup of tea but I love her,  her show and her books and magazines. It's my dream to be in the audience of one of her shows.  I've been a fan for a very long time....since back in the old days when I lived on a 600 acre ranch and my water well broke right after I planted my garden and I said to myself...What Would Martha Do and I decided that she wouldn't let the garden die!! She would get a 5 gallon bucket and shlep the water to the garden from the stock tank 20 yards away.  And that's what I did....for 6 weeks!

I think I have a lot of the same Hobbies that Martha has.  I consider Cooking and Baking a hobby because I'm always trying to make new things, trying new ingredients and improve my skills.  In some ways, planning my tea parties is a hobby too.

As for crafting...I taught myself to Cross Stitch when I was 12 but I haven't done that in years because I moved on to hand quilting.  I love designing a quilt in my head, putting it on paper and then sewing each and every piece of fabric together by hand.  I have made several quilts...for my children and for family members. I also love stamping...and making cards.  I can't wait to tell you about my new project!  I think my husband would say that Planning for Christmas is also my hobby.  I just love Christmas!

Also things I consider hobbies...watching TV and movies.  I'm a huge Movie Buff and love going to the movies.  I have an addiction (that I'm currently seeking treatment for) to Magazines and I love sitting down with a glass of wine and reading.

Things that I wish I could do....Knit.  I've always wanted to and once things settle down around here...I want to learn.

** ** **

Something really exciting happened last week! You all know how stressed I've been and these TWO things brought such joy to my frazzled mind and actually made me smile and jump up and down.  I won TWO giveaways!  The first one was from my friend Raising Z.  I won a gift card to Amazon in her very first giveaway.

The second....I still can't believe it.  I won a $200 gift card to HomeGoods from The Inspired Room to redo my bedroom.  Remember when I posted pictures of my horribly cluttered love shack?  CLICK HERE.  Well...Melissa was feeling so badly so impressed with me that she award ME one of the cards.  I can't wait to visit the store in Salt Lake and make our bedroom a sanctuary...I just need to figure out where we will be living.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Vlog: A Miracle in the Playroom

I have a vlog for you today...that I filmed on Monday when the kids and I went on an adventure.  Before you watch this...I need to tell you a little story about our week.  I'm going to start by telling you that we NEVER go anywhere on Monday.  I like to spend my Monday doing laundry, cleaning house and getting everything ready for the week.  It's my catch up day.

Monday morning, something made me get dressed (i threw on some make up but didn't do my hair) and take the kids out.  When we got home...we ate some lunch watched a show and took a nap.  After nap, we got ready for Calvin to come home and we were going to an Open House at the fire station that I had read about in Sunday's paper.  The open house ended up being NEXT week (the paper just said MONDAY) so we went downtown, got hotdogs and walked up and down 25th Street looking at all of the painted horses. Here is my Whrrl story.

Then we stopped for ice cream at Zeppes before they close for the season.  By the time we got home it was bedtime.  Because of our activities...the kids didn't play in their playroom.

Tuesday, the weather turned cold so I made a tent in the family room and we hung out watching TV most of the day....a lazy day after our busy Monday.  Plus, I had much laundry to do....

All day Tuesday, something kept telling me to go clean the playroom.  Rob had slept down there on an air mattress over the weekend but I had noticed that Calvin took it down so I didn't really think I needed to do much down there but this nagging thought wouldn't leave my mind.

During nap time, I finally went downstairs to *clean* and as soon as I walked into the room...I saw it.  A PILL!  There was a prescription pill in the middle of the playroom and it scared the shit out of me.  I ran up stairs to look up what it was and it was LITHIUM.  It was Robert's Pill.  I started crying thinking of what could have happened if one of the kids had gotten ahold of it.  And then I realized....The Lord was keeping us keep the kids out of the playroom.

Once again...he held my family in his hands and protected them from harm.

The power of prayer my friends!  I've been praying like crazy for God to help us, keep us safe and keep Calvin employed.  I just hope I haven't asked for too much.....

Today is Calvin's 3 year anniversary at work.  And Monday is the day...layoff day.  I want to thank everyone that has been praying for us and keeping us in your thoughts.  I'm confident that no matter what happens...we'll be fine.  Because God is looking out for us.