Friday, May 28, 2010

Style Inspiration

It really isn't a secret that I'm highly influenced by TV and Magazines. I watch a lot of television and I used to have a pretty serious magazine addiction. I'm cut way back on the print mania but I just can't quit TV.

I tend to find inspiration from people on TV shows and I like to pattern some of my style after their's. A while back my inspiration was Betty Draper from Mad Men. I just adore her hair and her outfits.

I secretly want to be a Stepford Wife but I've been told that I'm too opinionated and have too big of a mouth. Whatever.

Most recently...I've been bowled over with inspiration from another TV personality. She is so much like me it's scary! We both love being organized, wearing cardigans and have a slight germ phobia.

I want to BE Emma Pillsbury!  She is perfect in every way and I want her wardrobe...from her pencil skirts to her cardigan clips...and don't even get me started on her jewelry!  It's all too awesome for words.

If you have a Emma obsession like I do then you will love the blog I just discovered this morning.  What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Ship is Sinking and I'm Going Rogue

I hung out at a coffee shop with my friend Sara yesterday.  We've both been in a funk and needed some time with a friend and it's always nice to get the kids together.  We tired to catch each other up on the last couple weeks of our lives in between breaking up fights and consoling children that fell and skinned their knees.

I know you all won't believe this but I was telling Sara that I finally feel comfortable living in Utah and I don't want to leave.  I had a conversation with Keith the other night about the possibility of him working from home and....staying.  He said no.  He doesn't want to be here.  The problem is...he hasn't made the friends that I've made.

The Jean Jacket Girls

I still keep hoping that Congress will not allow the Constellation project to be cancelled and that we'll be here for a while longer.  That the show will go on and our lives will stay the same.  I've told you before that I have this fear of the unknown....our apple cart is tipping and I can't keep it from happening.

Yesterday on twitter I saw a tweet from a gal that works Constellation in TX...she actually works for N.ASA and she was panicked.  You see, the Project Manager for Constellation was fired yesterday.  His crime was *going rogue* and trying to support the project and he became a lightening rod for controversy.

 N.ASA Engineer's Money Clip

I think I'm starting to understand why American's Republicans have gone into hiding and don't want to speak up about the things they don't like taking place in the White House.  If you don't agree with the play going on in the sand box, you'll be thrown out.

This event caused quite a ruckas.  Soon after Lockhead announced they would be letting go of 20%  of their workforce next week.  The end is near....

This event also shook up our household. The ship is sinking and we don't have enough buckets to bail the water.  It took two bottles of red wine but I finally got Keith to agree to a plan of action.  A plan that will hopefully return us to Denver.  If we have to go anywhere...I'd rather go home.


Luckily...I have something exciting to keep my mind off from our lives being shook up.  On Saturday night...I'm *going rogue* and I'm joining my partner's in crime in the kidnapping of Jessica Bern.  She is speaking at a blogging conference in Salt Lake and The Three Musketeers (me, Bobbi and Chris) are snatching her from her hotel and we're going to look for some trouble.  I'm bringing the video camera.....

The reason that this is really exciting is that Jessica is famous.  She is a comedian and has appeared in many TV shows and commercials. I'm pretty sure we'll end up in next week's US WEEKLY right next to an article about why Kendra isn't wearing her wedding ring.

That reminds me...Bobbi, don't forget to alert the paparazzi.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Shorts, Cupcakes and What I Wore

Utah Weather: 64 degrees, Sunny to Partly Cloudy
Plans: Laundry, Walk with the Kids

Shirt: JC Penny
Sweater: New York and Company
Shorts: New York and Compnay
Sandals: JC Penny 

Utah Weather: 51 degrees, Partly Cloudy, Windy
Plans: Play Date at the park our house with Monica and kids

Shirt: Orange Tank from JC Penny
Hoodie: Old Navy
Pants: Black Danskin from Wal-Mart
Shoes: Saucony 

Friday Night...Dinner Out
Utah Weather: 62 degrees, Cloudy
Plans: Dinner at Bistro 258

Shirt: Green and Blue Tank from JC Penney
Cover up: from Macy's (only thing left from Old Greek Boyfriends Mom)
Jeans: Macy's
Jewelry: Necklace from Zales..hubby got it because it matched my eyes 

Utah Weather: 69 and sunny!
Plans: Laundry, clean house

Shirt: Target
Vest: stolen from hubby's closet
Yoga Pants: New York and Company
Shoes: Saucony

Utah Weather: 52 degrees and partly cloudy
Plans: Visit a Vintage Cupcake with Sara and the kids

Shirt: New York and Company
Jeans: Macy's
Shoes: Mary Jane's from Naturlizer
Jewelry: Pray box necklace from Mother in Law
Hair: BANGS!! 

What The Kids Wore

Plans: Drive Mommy Crazy

Alex: Gymboree Shirt, Target Pants
Mallory: Old Navy Shirt, Gymboree Pants

Plans: Getting Cupcakes!

Mallory: Pink dress from Walmart, Jean Jacket from Grandpa, Shoes from Target

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bachelorette Ali Drinking Game

I have been known to drink a glass bottle of wine while watching The Bachelor and Bachelorette.  It helps me pay attention to what is being said and it makes the show a heck of a lot more fun.

Here are my previous drinking games:

Jake Drinking Game (scroll to bottom of post)
Jillian Drinking Game

Take a swig of your drink every time Ali...

  • wears yellow
  • says amazing, job or sexy
  • kisses someone
  • gets drunk 
  • cries 

Take a swig of your drink every time...

  • someone mentions a girlfriend
  • someone speaks in spanish
  • a bachelor gets drunk 
  • a helicopter appears
  • a bachelor tries to kill himself
  • an ambulance is called

Do a shot every time...

  • Chris Harrison appears 
  • a musical group performs for Ali 

The Bachelorette Ali: All The Right Reasons

I've made an executive decision NOT to read spoilers or Reality Steve this season. I want to be surprised and I don't what to know all of the alleged shenanigans that are being done by the producers of the show. Knowing all of that stuff ruined the show for me last time.

The show started off recapping Ali's time on Jake's show and I was pleased to see that they didn't spend a lot of time on that. I'm so over Jake and I hope he and Vienna (gag) will be very happy together for the next couple months.

They showed Ali trying on clothes to wear on the show and I was thinking how incredible of an experience that must have been. Lucky girl!!  Ali admits that she's scared that she quit her job for this.  Me too, Ali....Me too.

Fashion Note: I'm in love with the long sweater that Ali wore in the beginning of the show. Love it!

For the meet and greet...Ali has selected a long black gown with an open back.  It's pretty...but it doesn't do anything for her figure and it's very long and she keeps having to pick it up to walk and navigate the stairs.  Keith, who decided to work from the living room tonight (but he is NOT watching the show...let's make this very clear) said that the dress didn't do anything for him.  I thought it made her look lumpy.

Ali tells us her new mantra: A life without love is a life without happiness!

We spent a long time meeting the bachelor's in their hometowns and some of them freak me Frank, who quit a great job in Chicago to become a screenwriter and Kyle who is a outdoorsman from Colorado who likes to kill animals and fish.

Finally, it's time for the cocktail party.  Roberto thinks that Ali looks superfly, Kirk brought her a scrapbook of himself which Craig M (my least favorite) makes fun of. Kasey tells her that his Dad cheated on his Mom and Hunter sang her a song that he wrote.

Hi, I'm Shooter! 

Enter...Shooter!  His real name is Derrick and he's not a bad looking guy but he told her that his nickname is Shooter and he wants to explain that the reason is that he had some pre-ejaculation problems in College. Seriously?  You thought this was going to impress her?

Chris Harrison brings out the first impression rose and all of the guys freak out and realize how REAL this is.  They start scrambling to get Ali's attention and one on one time.

Roberto jumps at the chance and tells her all good things, happily married parents, owns his business and then he teaches her to salsa dance.  She thinks he's sexy!

Justin...the entertainment wrestles with the broken ankle reveals his shirt under his suit says RATED R on it.  This is also not very impressive....well, maybe if you are in your twenties.  I think it's stupid.

Craig R wants to warn Ali that Justin and maybe the weatherman are not here for the right reasons.  I'm not sure anymore what those reasons are.

Chris Harrison brings out a box and wants the guys to write the name or names of people that they think are not here for all of the right reasons.  There is a flurry of activity as the guys try to remember what Justin and Craig M's names are so they can write them on their cards.

The first impression rose goes to Roberto!  He made her feel comfortable and at ease and it doesn't hurt that he doesn't live at home with his parents.

Chris Harrison appears with the results of the vote and Justin received the overwhelming number of the votes.  Ali must now decide if she wants to keep him or not.  She gives him the rose....

Rose Ceremony!!

Jesse  24, General Contractor from MO.
Ty  31, Medical Sales from TN, loves his dog, great accent.
Craig R  27, Lawyer from PA, tattle tale.
Tyler V  25, Advertising from VT, seems shy.
Frank  31, Screenplay writer from IL, bold.
Chris L 33, Landscaper from Cape Cod, failed to tell Ali his Mom is dead.
Kirk  27, Salesman from WI, brought her a scrapbook, made a rose out of a hankie.
John C  32, Hotel Business from WA.
Chris N 29, Entrepreneur from FL, looks like Ryan Sutter.
Chris H 28, Real Estate Developer from Canada
Hunter  28, Account Executive from TX, sang song.
Craig M  34, Dental Salesman from Canada, bad boy, looks like Dean McDermott
Jonathan  30, Weatherman from TX.
Kasey  27, Account Executive from CA, Dad is an A-hole, looks like Jake.
Steve  28, Salesman from OH.
Justin  26, Entertainment Wrestler from Canada, voted most likely to be Wes, broken ankle, looks like the gardener from Desperate Housewives.
Roberto  26, Insurance Agent from SC, Salsa Dancer, happy parents, got 1st impression rose.

Derrick aka Shooter...ironically, he leaves...early!
Derek...brought her leaves to catch...but they were unlucky!
Jason...did a back flip off the roof of the limo, but it wasn't that impressive.
Jay...Lawyer who didn't really say much.  Said he would have sent himself home.
John...I suspect he is gay.
Kyle...back to the woods with you!
Tyler...told her he wore boots because she did on The Bachelor.  He had the wrong girl. 

See how much Craig M looks like Mr. Tori Spelling? 

I can't understand why so many of these guys have the same name.  Three of them named Chris and two Craigs.  How confusing!

I'm working on my Bachelorette Ali Drinking Game and will have it posted later today. It's ready now!

In other breaking reality show news....Kelly Killoren Bensimon is now following me on twittah. (that's how Mallory says it) I'm baffled really because I'm kind of Team Bethenney.

In other, other breaking favorite author Jen Lancaster will be (or has been depending on your time zone) on The Today Show with Hoda and Kathie Lee today. YAY!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm Still Lost...But I'm a Survivor!

When I'm in a sure fire way to make it better is for me to plan something. The series finale of LOST seemed like the perfect event to plan around and since I don't know anyone else in my little town that watches the show I decided to plan around food and drinks.

I started off with a Welcome to the Island cocktail that I named Jack on the Beach. It consisted of Rum, Amaretto, Orange Juice and Coconut Juice. It was delicious!

When I was planning my menu...I wanted to only use items that would have been found on the island and I did a lot of research!  I made coconut chicken and shrimp (fished by Jin), Boar Balls (hunted by Locke), grilled cinnamon pineapple slices, cucumbers and tomatoes (grown by Sun).  I even managed to steal some soda's from Whitmore's sub.

During the 4.5 hour television event....Keith and I indulged in blended Dharmatini's and cookies from the hatch!  The cocktail was another of my special drink creations and consisted of canned mango, coconut juice, vodka, triple sec, grenadine and ice.

Do you know what my favorite part of this whole dinner was?  Seeing my kids faces light up and hearing them say, 'This is Great!' because I had done something special and different.  Priceless!

And this is why I love a theme and planning special meals.  LOST is a special show all by it's self...but this made watching it more fun and we had such a lovely evening.

About the show......stop reading now if you haven't watched it yet. 

We decided to watch the 2 hour special that was on before the finale because I tend to forget details. Like on Grey's this week...I did not remember the shooter from a previous episode. Keith had to tell me who he was. Keith blames this on the fact that I'm always doing something while I'm watching TV...twittering, looking at a magazine or drinking wine. He says I need to focus. Anyway, the two hour pre-game show had all of the actors talking about their characters, plus the creators of the show explaining stuff. We also figured out that LOST has been on for as long as we've been married and it felt like we'd pasted a test. Our marriage has survived LOST!

I dreamt about the show all night. My brain is still trying to figure out what the heck happened because my Virgo, left brained self wants to analyze the heck out of it instead of just letting it be what it was. I really great, well written, exciting show with no real conclusion.

On the one hand, I'm led to believe that everyone is dead and that they were all reunited with the person they LOST while on the island.  Which would mean that everything really happened...the crash, the rescue, the return....everything.

On the other hand, my brain wants to believe that everyone that escaped on the plane made it to safety and that Kate and Sawyer lived happily ever after, Claire was reunited with Aaron and Richard got to live.

But that also means that it's possible that Jack survived his knife wounds and lived on the island with Hurly and Ben.  Either way...I'm happy that Sun and Jin ended up together.


Thank you Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse for entertaining us for the last 6 years!  It was a wild ride and we're so glad we survived it.

Excellent reading about LOST from the L.A. Times.

Here are the alternate endings....

Sunday, May 23, 2010

I'm Not Myself

I laid in bed last night...unable to sleep.  The last 10 days have been really hard on me....I'm not used to feeling bad and not being able to do what I need to do.  Releasing control to Keith while I was laid up was really hard.  I still don't feel great and I can't open my mouth very wide so eating is still difficult.  I bought a donut at the grocery store this morning and had a heck of a time eating it because I couldn't open my mouth wide enough.  I felt like that girl with the brace in 16 candles trying to get a drink at the water fountain.

I've lost interest in so many things that I used to love to do.  I don't want to plant anything, I'm tired of cooking and I even went so far as to delete my food blog.  I just want to sit and watch HGTV all day.  It goes back further....I couldn't get in the Christmas Spirit and I created my Focus on the Family lists as a way to force myself to plan things for the kids.  I really have no desire to do much of anything.

I looked back in my blog archives to see if I could pinpoint when I started to feel this way and I think I know what the problem is.

I wrote a post last September when we first found out that Obama was thinking of canceling Constellation and I talked about feeling paralyzed and like I couldn't breathe.  I think the uncertainty of my family's future and the future of this country is taking it's toll on me.  I'm worried for my family and our country.  Alli Worthington opened my eyes to some things that have happened the last few weeks.  If I didn't follow her on twitter...I'd have never known there had been a flood in Nashville.  Did you know? 

I feel like I'm on a runaway train that is speeding down the track and I'm fearful of what is around the bend. 

And I don't know what to do about it and I hate feeling this way.

The good news is that I'm still able to work up some excitement over TV....and I'm counting the hours to the LOST finale tonight.  I've made up a special menu of food that I'll post about tomorrow.

Also...The Bachelorette starts tomorrow and I'll be watching and recapping the show.  Look for that on Tuesday.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Reason Keith Won't Text Me..Part 2

I've told you before that Keith and I don't communicate much during the day.  Once in a great while, he'll call me a couple times or we have a great textersation....but mostly, I just leave him alone.

There is a reason why I do this and it's because sometimes being a Stay At Home Mom makes me a little crazy and I'll get crazy ideas in my head and I'll think I need to have Keith's opinion at that very moment.

If my crazy idea is about s.e.x....I generally get a quick reply but if it's about a TV show or food or me want to escape on a trip.  I get crickets.

Sometimes if my text is really crazy he doesn't respond with another text.  He calls me.

Like today.

May 20, 2010 4:01pm

text to Keith's iPhone:  Do we have a Zombie Plan in place? 

(RING) My phone is ringing....

Keith: Are you drinking already?

Connie: Why?

Keith: What is this nonsense about Zombie Plans?

Connie: Well, Loralee...

Keith: Oh.

Connie: What?  Loralee's husband has a Zombie Plan.

Keith: I have to get back to work.

Connie: (CLICK)

First of all....Keith thinks Loralee is a figment of my imagination. As are most all of my internet friends except that I have met with her several times and have photographs of myself with her.

Second of all...DO WE HAVE A ZOMBIE PLAN?

Third of all...I don't drink (usually) until he calls to say he's on his way home.

Whatever. Do you have a Zombie Plan?

Something tells me that Keith will be late tonight.....

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Day I Channeled My Inner Kate Gosselin

I'm having some trouble getting back into the swing of things. Yesterday was the first day that felt considerably better....and I did what I always do. I overdid it. I cleaned and organized and went all Kate Gosselin on the kids and the mess that they made out of their rooms.  I removed every single toy, stuffed animal, train track and block.  I organized them and put them back in the playroom.  A toyless bedroom is a happy bedroom.

This freak out was triggered by what I found in the basement. PlayDoh...thrown willy nilly all over the room, stuck to walls and placed on the track of my elliptical machine and ran over with the little wheels.

I was so upset that I think Kate Gosselin would have looked at me sideways. I removed all playdoh and playdoh paraphernalia from the house and posted a message on twitter.

and then I tweeted this.

I got lots of responses that ranged from five minutes to 9 hours.  But you can see the kind of day I was having.  And to make it the PERFECT Kate Gosselin kind of day...I sent Keith to the store with a handful of coupons!  By the time LOST came on I was a blob on the couch with a heating pad pressed to my face and a glass of wine not far from my lips.

That reminds me...Bobbi can you take care of the kids Sunday for a couple hours and bring them home at bedtime all tired and sleepy so that we can watch the LOST EXTRAVAGANZA that starts at 6pm?  That would be awesome.....

I took a break from the percocet on Sunday because I thought it was making me feel like crap.  Turns out it was the aftermath of surgery that was making me feel like crap.  Anyway, it turned out to be a good thing that I was coherient on Sunday because I was in the newspaper....again.  Had I been under the influence I might not have noticed or remembered.

Not long after I moved to Utah and had been rejected by the Mormon population of my little community I turned to the internet for solace.   I found comfort, comradery and happiness in the act of planning for Christmas...all year long.  This is where my ritual of posting about Christmas every month on the 25th began until Keith crushed my spirit and ruined Christmas for me.

Anywho...Mark Saal, a local comedic newpaper journalist wrote an article in the Standard Examiner about crazy people that like that Christmas music starts playing before Thanksgiving.  I wrote him a letter and told him that I listen to Christmas music every month on the 25th and that I am a part of a group of women all over the world that do this.

He wrote another apology and mentioned me by name because about 60 of my friends sent him Christmas cards.

Sunday he wrote another article...this time about the city of Farmington Utah and their desire to purchase $103,000 worth of Christmas decorations. (for the record...he's against it.)  And he mentioned me and my friends again:
I immediately made the naughty list of a sinister underground group called the Rudolph Society or some such - a gang of overly cheerful women who celebrate "Rudolph Day" on the 25th of each month by making year round preparations for Christmas.  I received a number of emails and even Christmas cards from these people, accusing me of trying to steal Christmas.
I can't figure out why Mr. Mark Saal wants to stir this up again. I thought we had reached an understanding and that me and my sinister underground group of friends would be left in peace.  I'm suspicious that he is working with Keith to keep my Christmas Spirit broken.  I'm looking for the money trail....

Mark Saal....all I have to say to you is I Wish You A Merry Christmas and watch your back...I have a tendency to act like Kate Gosselin when provoked.  Just ask Dave.


You may have noticed that I did not publish this month's edition of The Connie Diaries.  I've gotten some emails from people asking me if they are over and if I'll be continuing the saga.  I'm torn.  Young Connie is going to start doing some things that her parents (who read this blog) don't know she did and these parents are coming to take care of Old Connie's children in 18 days and so.....they will resume after that.  Maybe.  I'm also thinking of speeding things along and posting a summery of six months worth of entries at a time.  This will elimanate some of the sordid details and maybe not upset Old Connie's parents too much.  Can you get grounded at 39 years old for things you did when you were 16?


What I Wore...will resume next week!  I've been wearing the same pajamas for 5 days and my face looks like CoJo from Entertainment tonight.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Quick Note from the Panic Room

Hey everyone!

I'm alive....barely.

Friday and Saturday are a blur.  I remember very little about the last few days and had to rely on my sporadic tweets and a couple of pictures I took with my iPhone to figure out what I've been up to.  The conclusion:

I cried like a little baby after coming out of the anesthesia and then insisted 15 times that Keith take me straight home from the doctor.

I had a heck of a time keeping my pain killers down and finally came up with a white bread/orange gatorade mixture that worked.

I was given a Cow Bell to ring whenever I needed something.

My house is a disaster area and the children have been going without naps and going to bed at 10pm.

I tried to watch Private Practice on my iPad (ABC app rocks) but then I couldn't remember what happened so I watched it again on Saturday and still couldn't remember so Keith and I watched it today.  DANGALLTOHECKILOVEDELL.

I rented It's Complicated but didn't remember to watch it.

I was sleep walking last night and kept going into my closet and trying to get dressed.

I dreamt about Fillet of Fish Sandwiches and kept insisting to Keith that he should get me one and demonstrating that I could chew.

I missed my coffee.....a lot! 

Bobbi (bless her cotton picking heart) brought me coffee this morning and once I processed some of the caffeine...the fogginess started to lift. She also took my kids to her house for the day. Bittersweet quiet.....

The left side of my face it swollen to twice it's normal size and I'm still in a considerable amount of pain...but I quit the percocet yesterday because I need to take care of my kids tomorrow.

I'm hoping to be back to my usual routine very soon.

Thank you to everyone that's been checking on me via twitter and facebook!  It meant the world to me that you all cared.  LOVE YOU!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Reclaiming My Family Room

There was a time...not so long ago that I was really good at decorating. I was going through some pictures last night looking for the proof that Squirrels are after me when I came across pictures of some of my former homes.

One of them was a 100 year old farmhouse, with broken cabinets, stained carpets, a ceiling that was falling down and at one running water. I decorated that little dump with everything I had in me. I tried so hard to make it pretty....

Since our white leather couch was destroyed by Victoria the Mouse...I had to rearrange the existing furniture and realized that I haven't *decorated* in several years. Once the kids were old enough to break all went into storage or was slowly eliminated in one of my fits of decluttering.

I recently assigned our unused dining room as the kids playroom and relocated most of the toys there.

Today I relocated ALL of the toys there, took back my family room and attempted to decorate with items from other parts of the house. I still feel like it needs some work and I want to get some throw pillows.

What do you think?

Calvin hates that STAR....he thinks only people that live in Texas should have them.  I really love it.

That reminds me...Calvin is on twitter now.  I finally convinced him that if he wants to be a successful iPad developer then he is going to have to embrace social media and learn to tweet.   This might also be a good time to tell you that his name isn't really Calvin.  It's Keith.  He wanted an alias to protect his identity while working on the super special space program...but that's dead in the water so I'm allowed to use his real name now.  Introducing...Mr Connie.

I made this picture for his twitter avatar but he won't use. 

Dear Jen Locke,

Yes. Please jump on twitter and follow me. I tend to chat over there a bit more than Facebook although NOW I won't be able to talk sh!t about Calvin Keith anymore so that's going to cut out about 20% of my tweets. And I won't be able to announce that I'm having a glass of wine at 4pm on a Tuesday. Oh wait...Keith hasn't figured out how to follow me back yet....

Follow me....

If you need me in the next few days...I'll be in the Panic Room reading magazines, eating jello and hopped up on Vicodin.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rainy Days, Date Night and What I Wore

The rainy cold weather is really putting a damper on my outfits. We aren't doing much outside of the house because it's either too cold or raining, or snowing. The good news is that each day this week is going to get nicer and nicer but unfortunately...I'm going to be laid up recovering from my oral surgery. That just figures doesn't it.

I forgot to take a picture of Saturday's outfit when I went to the Farmer's Market with my daughter and Sunday, Monday and Tuesday I was in my comfy clothes because of the rain...and the mouse!

Utah Weather: 55 degrees, Partly Cloudy
Plans: Keep mouse from running up my pants.

Shirt: Black shirt from Target
Hoodie:  Grey, Victoria's Secret
Pants: White Terry cloth Victoria's Secret
Knee high Socks: Target
Shoes: Saucony

Utah Weather: 30 degrees, Snow
Plans: Coffee Date with Shannon

Shirt: White V-Neck, Target
Hoodie: Black, shrunk in wash, Old Navy
Pants: Black, Danskin for Wal-Mart
Shoes: Saucony

Thursday...Date Night!
Utah weather: 45 degrees and cloudy
Plans: Greek Food and Belly Dancing

Shirt: Boho Shirt,  J.C. Penney's
Pants: White Slacks, New York & Company
Shoes: Joan & David from Nordstrom
Jewelry: silver bangles from Wet Seal and earrings from Payless Shoes.

Utah Weather: 53 and Sunny
Plans: Laundry

Shirt: Purple V Neck, Target
Cardigan: Black, Old Navy
Yoga Pants: Dark Grey, Old Navy
Slippers: PINK, J.C. Penny

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Live from The Panic Room

Last week...I thought I saw *something* scurry across the floor and under my desk in our family room.  I screamed, jumped into my chair and called my husband on my iPhone. He wasn't happy to be woken up at 5am to come downstairs and investigate.

We found nothing....

The next day, hubby was working late in his office and he heard noises.  Like the thump of a dogs tail.  We don't have a dog.....

The next morning was chilly and the heat kicked on and a couple pieces of insulation with wood chips in it came up through the kitchen vent.  I freaked out a little because I had just started reading My Fair Lazy and Jen had a RAT in her house! I tucked my pants into my socks.....

 That night at dinner, Calvin told me that he had heard noises and I told him about the insulation so I made him call Justin our pest guy. Justin told Calvin about an animal super highway and that sometimes they aren't living in your house they are just passing through.

I'm now picturing a maze of roads running under my house...filled with little varmints. Two things....1.) not a good idea to tell your terrified wife what the pest guy says and 2.) ARE YOU FREAKING SERIOUS?

I die!

Over the weekend...I found a small amount of stuffing by the stairs that go to the basement. I showed it to Calvin and he said it was from a stuffed animal and I said I was suspicious that it is from our little *friend*. On Sunday night, I saw a small amount more on the couch where I spent the entire day in my PJs because it was my day.

Yesterday, the kids were building an ark playing nicely in Alex room so I plopped down on the couch to watch Army Wives and when I did a cloud of stuffing flew high into the air.  It was like a scene from a movie! I jumped up and thought what the heck is all of this from...and I slowly removed the couch cushion.


I immediately called Calvin and told him what I'd found and that it was LIVING IN MY COUCH!! I also told him that he needed to come home and take this couch out of my house.  He didn't not find that this was an emergency so I gathered up the children, my iPad, iPhone, a cooler full of snacks and I sought out the sanctuary of my bedroom.

The Panic Room!

We stayed in the Panic Room for 5 hours until Calvin decided to come home and remove the couch (and creature) from the house. I watched as he pushed it into the garage and nothing came out...except for Vivienne's Christmas Card.

I rearranged the furniture and tried to get comfortable in a new spot (since my old spot is now in the garage) and felt a little like Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory. And that's when it happened.  The mouse ran across the family room from the love seat I was sitting the entertainment center!

I jumped up on the back of the couch and screamed!  WHAT THE HELL! Calvin went to the basement to retrieve the trap that Justin had left and placed it near the furniture.  We spent the next two hours speculating what it was doing and where it was building it's nest.

Calvin thinks it's pregnant.

This morning...I'm reluctantly sitting at my desk in the family room and resisting the urge to retreat to The Panic Room.  Calvin tells me that mice are nocturnal and won't be wandering the house during the day light.

I've named the mouse....Victoria. (twilight reference there in case you didn't catch it) the not at all helpful category...Calvin told me a story about Kangaroo Mice and one that ran up his sleeping bag and he demonstrated ON ME with his hand. Try to sleep after that....

If you need me...I'll be in the Panic Room with my iPad and my stack of magazines.  And some Sprite.  And that's all I need.  Well, maybe some jello. 

This is also were I will be while I recuperate from my wisdom teeth being removed.

Monday, May 10, 2010

National Children's Book Week and other stuff

Well...Mother's Day is over for another year and that means I won't have a break for another year. Oh Wait....I'm getting two wisdom teeth removed on Thursday afternoon and I'm planning to milk that situation for all of the rest I can get.

I desperately need the rest. I've been having insomnia and hot flashes for a week and when I mentioned it to Calvin he got all excited and said that the perfect solution for Pre-Menopause is for me to play World of Warcraft again. WHAT? I was thinking more along the lines of AMBIEN!

Nice Try Honey.

Which reminds me...that conversation happened on our date night last week. We had a great time! Calvin was in a fabulous mood and was being funny and dare I say...delightful! We had dinner at The Athenian in downtown Ogden because I wanted to see live Belly Dancing. I recorded this Bollywood exercise show and sometimes I catch him watching it. I guess it's his version of P.orn. I thought I'd take him to see it in person but then they cancelled and our option was for the owner to dance for us.

No thanks.

We ended up at a mexican grocery store (in a scary part of town) to try the selections from their bakery and it was the coolest place we've been for a while! We looked completely out of place (and like we might have been lost) and we were walking around the store yelling to each other when we found something cool. We bought 6 bread/pastries/cookies and a giant piece of cake for $6.25.

And then we ate it in the car.

Did you know it's National Children's Book Week? It is and we're going to do a few book related things this week and I was thinking of not turning the TV on except to watch The Young and The Restless but it's raining again. And Cold. So that means we can't play outside because Mommy freaks the heck out when kids get muddy. We will be going to the library to finally get a library card. Finally. And I want to make bookmarks and I had plan to make bookbags but that would require a trip to the Crap Store and I just don't think I have it in me this week. Did i mention I'm tired?

Okay....have a fabulous Monday and in case you were not aware...the next season of The Bachelorette begins on May 24!

EDITED: Sneak peek of part of my outfit from my date...come see the whole shebang on Wednesday.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Kids Make the Darndest Things: Me


The other day the kids wanted to draw. Alex always wants to draw with my highlighters even though they are so light that you can't see his work very well.

He worked very hard for about 10 minutes on this one piece of paper and then he brought it to me with this giant smile on his face.

He looked down at his masterpiece and he sheepishly told me that he had drawn a picture of me.  My eyes immediately welled with tears because this was the first ever sketch of me made by one of my children and I felt the weight of this moment in my heart.

And then I aksed him to tell me more about the picture and this is what he said:

My heart....he drew my heart.

Happy Mother's Day! 

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Shopping, TOM and What I Wore

I had so much fun this week! I organized my closet and I went to JC Penney's and bought a few very inexpensive items to supplement what I already have. And I wore some accessories! I love my jewelry and I hardly ever wear it. Thanks to Lindsey for inspiring me....

Utah Weather: 30 degrees and Snow
Plans: Appointment with Oral Surgeon 

Natuical Shirt: Target
Jeans: Macy's
Shoes: Plaid Flats from Me Too
Jewelry: Juicy Couture Charm Bracelet

Weather Report: 45 and Rain
Plans: Shopping with Mallory

Shirt: Grey boat neck from Target
Jeans: Macy's (only pair of jeans right now)
Shoes: Black leather mary jane flats from Naturalizer
Jewelry: Bracelet from Moon Over Maize
Necklace with black stone from Mexico

Side Note: Colored my hair red.... 

Weather Report: 55 and Partly Cloudy
Plans: None...1st day of TOM

Pajamas by JC Penney

Weather Report: 65 and Sunny
Plans: Target Day Two of TOM...Migraine

Shirt: Blue T-shirt from Target (my fav color)
Pants: Terry cloth from Victoria's Secret 
Coffee: Dark Roast from Smith's

I was doing great with my outfits until TOM showed up. Next week should be much better because I have lots of plans!

 Did you watch LOST last night?  I'm still upset.  I can't wait for this show to be over.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

If You're Going To San Francisco..... plans for today have changed.  TOM just showed up with a migraine.  I slept until 7:30am which is unheard of for me....I just couldn't open my eyes.  I won't be searching the Top of Utah for My Fair Lazy: One Reality Television Addict's Attempt to Discover If Not Being A Dumb Ass Is the New Black, or, a Culture-Up Manifesto
because I felt so badly (and lazy) that I bought it on iBook so that I can read it on my iPad.  I guess this is one of the upsides of having the iPad...instant gratification.  The downside is that if I ever get to meet Jen Lancaster...I'll have to have her sign my iPad instead of her book.

If you're going to San Francisco
Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair
If you're going to San Francisco
You're gonna meet some gentle people there

For those who come to San Francisco
Summertime will be a love-in there
In the streets of San Francisco
Gentle people with flowers in their hair

I'm planning a trip to San Francisco.!!  Calvin decided (with my help) that he should attend the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June and I invited myself along for the trip. My parents have agreed to come stay with the kids for that week so that we can have a second honeymoon.

I am super excited and I've been researching all kinds of things for me to do during the day while he's at the conference. I even selected our hotel so that I would be half a block from the mall. I don't even know what I'll do with myself for 6 days without my kids. Six days to do whatever I want. Six days to eat anything and everything I can get my hands on that isn't a french fry, a cheese burger or a chicken nugget.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to gain 10 pounds while I'm there. I'm hoping to lose 10 during my wisdom teeth removal so that I have some wiggle room.

I've been searching the house for things I can sell to add some cash to my shopping fund. There's a Sony TV, a Parazul handbag and some speakers on the list. If I could...I would sell our home gym too! I don't even think Calvin would notice it was gone since he doesn't use it.

 I was just checking the weather for only gets to 67 degrees.  I guess I will still need a jacket or at least a cardigan.    Now I have an excuse to buy some more cardigans...I do love them so.

If you have been to San Fran before and you tips or recommendations....please share they with me in the comments section.

Talk to you all later...I'm off to read my new book and inhale a box of Strawberry Poptarts....

Monday, May 3, 2010

2nd Annual Jen Lancaster Day

Tomorrow is the big day!  The 2nd Annual Jen Lancaster Day! See the 1st Annual Jen Lancaster Day HERE.  It's a very special day all across America where women proudly wear their pastel colored Izod polo shirts and pearls and drink White Russians.  If you don't know who Jen Lancaster is...she is only the most brillant and funny author of all time!  Some people call what she writes Chick Lit...I just call it fabulous.

I will taking the kids out on a bit of a field trip tomorrow in search of the new book.

You are probably wondering why I didn't just pre-order the book.  Well...I enjoy the hunt.  Finding Jen's new book can sometimes be slightly difficult in Utah because she uses cuss words and doesn't have any vampires as characters.  This is fine by me because I'm not a fan of vampires (or wolves)...they scare me.

We will start at the closest bookstore and work out way south until I find the object of my desires!  And for lunch...we shall dine at CHICK Filck A.

If you are a fan don't forget to celebrate Jen Lancaster Day and pick up a copy of her new book My Fair Lazy: One Reality Television Addict's Attempt to Discover If Not Being A Dumb Ass Is the New Black, or, a Culture-Up Manifesto

Oh...and don't forget the the ultra fabulous Real Housewives of New Jersey starts tonight!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Focus on the Family: May 2010

April....about drove me crazy!  Thank goodness I had somewhat of a plan (aka Focus on the Family) or I might have spent a good part of the month curled into a ball in the corner of my living room behind the leather chair.  Between Easter, Alex's trip to Denver and his birthday and all of my dental appointments....I'm wiped out.  I have some downtime coming up in the form of oral surgery which will likely knock me on my butt for a few days.  Calvin will be taking full responsibility for the children, house and well...everything for three days.  I'm hoping to catch up on all of my reading...if I'm awake.

Family Time....quality time together.
  • Family Outings (bookstore, movie, bowling)
  • Celebrate Mother's Day
  • Plant herbs
  • Bake something together

Kid and preschool.
  • National Children's Book Week May 10-15
  • Visit the library Get a library card
  • Practice writing letters
  • Start Geo-Caching (one per week)

Me Time....cuz if Mama ain't happy....

Couple Time....all because two people fell in love.
  • Date Night...Dinner and Belly Dancing at local Greek Restaurant
  • Plan our 2nd Honeymoon to San Francisco (June!)

Home's where the heart is.
  • Declutter and plan for possible move
  • Americana Theme for Summer
  • Start thinking about (and making notes) for Christmas

This is going to sound silly...but this month I'm grateful for coffee.  I know you were probably expecting me to get all deep like I have the last couple months but I've decided that sometimes it's okay to stop looking at the big picture and just focus on something small that brings you joy.  For me, it's coffee.  I look forward to enjoying that first lovely mug of hot liquid first thing every morning, sometimes it is the only thing that gets me out of bed.  I love that it brings me and my lovely friends together and the excitement of trying new kinds of coffee at little shops and making new friends.