Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm Still Lost...But I'm a Survivor!

When I'm in a sure fire way to make it better is for me to plan something. The series finale of LOST seemed like the perfect event to plan around and since I don't know anyone else in my little town that watches the show I decided to plan around food and drinks.

I started off with a Welcome to the Island cocktail that I named Jack on the Beach. It consisted of Rum, Amaretto, Orange Juice and Coconut Juice. It was delicious!

When I was planning my menu...I wanted to only use items that would have been found on the island and I did a lot of research!  I made coconut chicken and shrimp (fished by Jin), Boar Balls (hunted by Locke), grilled cinnamon pineapple slices, cucumbers and tomatoes (grown by Sun).  I even managed to steal some soda's from Whitmore's sub.

During the 4.5 hour television event....Keith and I indulged in blended Dharmatini's and cookies from the hatch!  The cocktail was another of my special drink creations and consisted of canned mango, coconut juice, vodka, triple sec, grenadine and ice.

Do you know what my favorite part of this whole dinner was?  Seeing my kids faces light up and hearing them say, 'This is Great!' because I had done something special and different.  Priceless!

And this is why I love a theme and planning special meals.  LOST is a special show all by it's self...but this made watching it more fun and we had such a lovely evening.

About the show......stop reading now if you haven't watched it yet. 

We decided to watch the 2 hour special that was on before the finale because I tend to forget details. Like on Grey's this week...I did not remember the shooter from a previous episode. Keith had to tell me who he was. Keith blames this on the fact that I'm always doing something while I'm watching TV...twittering, looking at a magazine or drinking wine. He says I need to focus. Anyway, the two hour pre-game show had all of the actors talking about their characters, plus the creators of the show explaining stuff. We also figured out that LOST has been on for as long as we've been married and it felt like we'd pasted a test. Our marriage has survived LOST!

I dreamt about the show all night. My brain is still trying to figure out what the heck happened because my Virgo, left brained self wants to analyze the heck out of it instead of just letting it be what it was. I really great, well written, exciting show with no real conclusion.

On the one hand, I'm led to believe that everyone is dead and that they were all reunited with the person they LOST while on the island.  Which would mean that everything really happened...the crash, the rescue, the return....everything.

On the other hand, my brain wants to believe that everyone that escaped on the plane made it to safety and that Kate and Sawyer lived happily ever after, Claire was reunited with Aaron and Richard got to live.

But that also means that it's possible that Jack survived his knife wounds and lived on the island with Hurly and Ben.  Either way...I'm happy that Sun and Jin ended up together.


Thank you Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse for entertaining us for the last 6 years!  It was a wild ride and we're so glad we survived it.

Excellent reading about LOST from the L.A. Times.

Here are the alternate endings....


  1. Oh I so wanted to email you last night!!!! I thought it ended PERFECTLY! Without putting a lot of thought into it. I think everyone on the plane lived, but the ending was Jack's interpretation of his death. Remember how Christian said, "Everyone eventually dies Jack." They all died at different times and in different ways.
    I liked the ending b/c I didn't want everything tied up in a neat little bow - I didn't need to understand the island or have questions answered. I thought it was a great goodbye and found myself crying at the end.
    Loved it! And for the record, I would have loved to come to your LOST party!!


  2. This morning...after sleeping on it, I'm more happy with the ending.

    Last night...I was a little tipsy, weeping like a baby and wanted answers.

    I soooo wish you could have been at my LOST party!!

  3. LOVE your Lost food!

    I am still kinda lost... going around getting everyones thoughts & its funny because so many people take it so many different ways...

    I've watched it from the beginning & was LOST through it all - so its appropriate that I'm still a little LOST at the end...

  4. I loved the ending! Well the part that they all ended up together. Especially Sawyer and Juliet--I liked them together.

    Your dinner looks amazing!

  5. I've never seen an episode of Lost but wow - that theme dinner is AMAZING. I may call on you when planning a "Harry Potter" theme party later this summer.

  6. I have not seen Lost at all but I totally wish I was at your party. Looks yummy. :)

  7. I haven't watched the show since the first season, but all of my friends on Facebook were really enjoying it.

    I'm glad the kiddos had a good time and felt like they were apart of the special event. That's sweet.

  8. I've never seen an episode, but can I just say that I wish I was at your party! YUM! Can you come over and plan one for me? :)

  9. Your Lost party rocked, I would have been there too! I loved the show - so sad it's gone, but I thought the ending was great (if only like the show, slightly confusing).

    Now, let's see those bangs! :)

  10. After being an avid LOST watcher since the beginning of the show, would you believe I mistakenly went and scheduled something for that Sunday night? Arghh! Your menu was adorable (as usual), and if it was possible, I totally would've blown opff my plans in lieu of hanging out at your house munching on those delicious snacks and sippin' on those cocktails. Can't you see it now? :)

  11. you crack me up with your Lost food :)


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!