Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Shopping, TOM and What I Wore

I had so much fun this week! I organized my closet and I went to JC Penney's and bought a few very inexpensive items to supplement what I already have. And I wore some accessories! I love my jewelry and I hardly ever wear it. Thanks to Lindsey for inspiring me....

Utah Weather: 30 degrees and Snow
Plans: Appointment with Oral Surgeon 

Natuical Shirt: Target
Jeans: Macy's
Shoes: Plaid Flats from Me Too
Jewelry: Juicy Couture Charm Bracelet

Weather Report: 45 and Rain
Plans: Shopping with Mallory

Shirt: Grey boat neck from Target
Jeans: Macy's (only pair of jeans right now)
Shoes: Black leather mary jane flats from Naturalizer
Jewelry: Bracelet from Moon Over Maize
Necklace with black stone from Mexico

Side Note: Colored my hair red.... 

Weather Report: 55 and Partly Cloudy
Plans: None...1st day of TOM

Pajamas by JC Penney

Weather Report: 65 and Sunny
Plans: Target Day Two of TOM...Migraine

Shirt: Blue T-shirt from Target (my fav color)
Pants: Terry cloth from Victoria's Secret 
Coffee: Dark Roast from Smith's

I was doing great with my outfits until TOM showed up. Next week should be much better because I have lots of plans!

 Did you watch LOST last night?  I'm still upset.  I can't wait for this show to be over.


  1. I LOVE those plaid flats - do you have link for them? Please? I will trade you a bag of M&M's for the link. Really, I will. :)

    And, I am also really digging that nautical shirt. Looks like I need to make a run to Target!

  2. Love comfy pj's!!!

    Oh my - I'm still puffy eyed from Lost last night...

  3. You are looking soooo good, Connie!!

  4. those outfits are CUTE!!!!!!

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  6. How fun! I have been making myself get dressed most days now, even though Im usually just hanging out at home. It makes me feel less frumpy! Today however Im all about the sweats, but I plan to take a nap when Layla does in about 30 minutes and I want to be comfortable!

  7. I love that first outfit! Super cute!

  8. Cute stuff!! You're looking great! Love the shoes!

  9. That blue shirt is such a gorgeous color!

    Love seeing your outfits, what fun!

    We are watching Lost tonight. I'm sure I won't like it, will I? :)

  10. I don't watch Lost, but I LOVE those pj's. LOL That's what I would want to wear every day if I could. I'm having to get used to heels all over again and my feet aren't loving it.

  11. I need a new pair of shoes. Seriously, the last pair I got {not including rain boots from the hubs} were from my mom, a couple of years ago, and they belonged to her originally. I cannot even remember the last NEW shoes I bought. Sad. Yours are super cute, and can I just say Woot-Woo! {That's my impression of a whistle} ;)

  12. You were on such a roll too!!

    You already know my feelings on Lost. ;/


  13. We don't watch Lost, but I did read the spoilers this morning. Trying to decide if I want to bother watching the whole thing start to finish once it's over!

    Points to note - your face looks so THIN! You really look terrific Connie! I love that nautical shirt. And the blue Target shirt? How did you know that's MY favorite color? I love that blue 'cause my eyes POP when I wear it :) and lastly? We are on the same cycle. To the day. That's weird, isn't it?

    I need to be better about wearing 'outfits'. Today I took the kids to the dentist in my tshirt, denim bermudas, and thong sandals. And I seriously need a pedicure. You'd think I was in college, the way I dress! (Sigh).

  14. i can't wear flats. they make my feet look ginormous.

    girrrrl... you are looking smokin hot.

  15. love Friday's shoes!!!!!
    I also love anything from Victoria's Secret!!!!

  16. Cute stuff!! You're looking great! Love the shoes!
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  17. Found ya on Hello Owl...Following now :)

  18. Connie --

    You are so cute! I love those new clothes. You stylin' girl!


  19. I love that you posted this. You look great. How many days can I use that TOM excuse b/c I'm feeling like that more than a week out of the month.

  20. you look great!! cute outfits!

  21. YOu are so skinny!!! I love the pj outfit. I too only have one pair of jeans right now....I am in between sizes and I just want to get back to my prepregnancy pants :( I can almost fit, someday soon.....

  22. Love your new outfits! My favorite is the stripped shirt and the black flats. I need a pair of comfy black flats.

  23. You are looking fabulous! Cute clothes, too.


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!