Sunday, May 16, 2010

Quick Note from the Panic Room

Hey everyone!

I'm alive....barely.

Friday and Saturday are a blur.  I remember very little about the last few days and had to rely on my sporadic tweets and a couple of pictures I took with my iPhone to figure out what I've been up to.  The conclusion:

I cried like a little baby after coming out of the anesthesia and then insisted 15 times that Keith take me straight home from the doctor.

I had a heck of a time keeping my pain killers down and finally came up with a white bread/orange gatorade mixture that worked.

I was given a Cow Bell to ring whenever I needed something.

My house is a disaster area and the children have been going without naps and going to bed at 10pm.

I tried to watch Private Practice on my iPad (ABC app rocks) but then I couldn't remember what happened so I watched it again on Saturday and still couldn't remember so Keith and I watched it today.  DANGALLTOHECKILOVEDELL.

I rented It's Complicated but didn't remember to watch it.

I was sleep walking last night and kept going into my closet and trying to get dressed.

I dreamt about Fillet of Fish Sandwiches and kept insisting to Keith that he should get me one and demonstrating that I could chew.

I missed my coffee.....a lot! 

Bobbi (bless her cotton picking heart) brought me coffee this morning and once I processed some of the caffeine...the fogginess started to lift. She also took my kids to her house for the day. Bittersweet quiet.....

The left side of my face it swollen to twice it's normal size and I'm still in a considerable amount of pain...but I quit the percocet yesterday because I need to take care of my kids tomorrow.

I'm hoping to be back to my usual routine very soon.

Thank you to everyone that's been checking on me via twitter and facebook!  It meant the world to me that you all cared.  LOVE YOU!


  1. Awww poor foggy Connie! Hope you continue to get better!

  2. I thought I heard a cowbell down here... I'm sorry it's been a rough "extraction" for you. Take care of yourself, Connie. Poor thing... xxoo

  3. Oh your poor tired children - and you! Have to say - I LOVE the cowbell :) Very original! And Bobbi ROCKS for bringing you coffee!

    Private Practice was GOOD, wasn't it? I'm REALLY glad the Lucas storyline is headed in the way it is (finally!) - and there were many tears rolling down my face there at the end :(

    Hang in there, I hope you feel better today and have a good Monday!

  4. I was thinking about you all weekend- been through having your wisdom teeth removed TWICE (why didn't they get them all at the SAME time???)!!

    Today will be a better day- and hopefully you can start remembering what you have watched!!


  5. hope things get better soon, its not fun to go thru that!!!

  6. I've been thinking about ya since Thursday, girl! Glad to hear that the fog is lifting a little. Hugs, sweetie.

  7. Hope you get better quickly. Sounds like you will have some tired kids. And Bobbi is an angel taking the kids for the day.

  8. Oh honey, you poor thing! Reading this made me cry because I am so afraid they are going to tell me next month that I need the other 3 of mine out (I only had one out a few years ago). I hope that you were able to make it through today with the kids alone. I'm sorry you have been in so much pain!

  9. Oh Connie - that sounds terrible!!! I am so sorry you have been having such a hard time. I hope the swelling goes down and you start feeling better soon!


  10. Man that is awful. I've always heard the older you get the harder it is. I guess that's true. Not that you are old. Just, you know, older than like high school age. I have no idea what I'm saying. I'm trying to help you feel better and not doing a very good job of it.

  11. Those must be some painkillers! :)

  12. I'm so sorry it's still all foggy and painful for you! And I definitely recommend hiring a housekeeper to come put everything back for you!

  13. I was worried about you with the lack of blogging, I'm glad you are back! Wow, no naps and bedtime at 10? I don't know if your kids would survive much longer without you! I hope you are feeling better soon.

  14. Gosh Connie you have been through the ringer. I hope each day you are feeling better. I've missed you and look forward to you being back to normal! PS, no chance I'm pulling these wisdom teeth anytime soon.

  15. A cowbell? That's awesome! Are you aware that you didn't mention wisdom teeth ONCE in your post? I had to read through your tweets to figure out why the puffy face and what you had done. Of course it might have been in your previous post which I was going to check next and I debated back and forth where to go and I went through a lot of tweets before it came up and so now I can at least say I hope you feel better and know what I want you to feel better from.

    I also caught the fact that you are going to San Francisco soon - what brings you so close to my house? OK, it's not that close, but it's closer than Vegas and it's closer than Utah.

  16. Ugh. Stay on the percocet and leave the kids with Bobbi for a little while longer. It's OK...


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!