Sunday, December 6, 2015


2064 days

Also known as five and a half years.

That is how long we will have lived in this apartment when we finally move in March.

We've been through a lot here and it's time to move on.  My kids need their own rooms and there are things happening in our complex that make me feel unsafe in my own home.

It's time to go.  And I'm thrilled!!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Best Fireworks Display in Denver

A few months ago, I got an email from the Colorado Symphony Orchestra that they would be playing a special concert on America's birthday.

I'm always on the look out for a fun place to see the fireworks with my family  and this was perfect because we are obsessed with classical music thanks to our fantastic school music teacher.  I immediately bought tickets!

I moved to Denver 14 years ago (holy crap has it been that long?) but I have never been to Fiddler's Green.  I've been missing out!  It's a great venue with seating and a lawn area.  Lots of beer/wine/food vendors and most all of them took credit cards. 

We arrived early, but we didn't need to.  Turns out we were in line with all of the people with general admission tickets that needed a good lawn seat.  I will tell you that the best seats are in the 200 sections.  If you are in the 100 sections you have to move to see the fireworks because the stage will block them. 

We all dressed up but we didn't need to because it is an outdoor concert, but we like to dress for the theatre.  That's just how we are. We looked like we are the type of people that go to the symphony, which we are.  Ha...just the thought of me being hoity-toity is pretty funny! 

Once the sun set at around 8:30 we could see the stage much better and with a light breeze blowing it was the perfect night!  The fireworks started around 9:15 and lasted about 30 minutes.  The Symphony continued to play until the last 10 minutes so that they could step out and enjoy them too. 

If you are looking for a family friendly place for your family to enjoy the 4th of July fireworks and experience some culture at the same time, this is the place for you!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

LEGO Apple Watch Docking Station

I've had my Apple Watch for about 7 weeks now and I LOVE IT!  I love being able to see so much information in a glance and I haven't gotten lost once since my watch taps me on the wrist when it's time to turn.

My watch gets lots of attention, but the most awkward demo I did was during my gynecological exam. My doctor was really interested in the watch and asked me a bunch of questions while I was in the stirrups. I laughed all the way home!

One of my favorite things to do with my watch is send my heartbeat to my husband and two friends that also have watches.

I have one question about my Apple Watch.  Why is the charging cord 15 feet long?  Seriously, can someone explain that to me?  It has become such a pain to deal with this cord that I was forced to use my imagination and create a couple of docking stations for our electronics.  I would have made one for our iPads too but my kids would only let me use some of their LEGOS.  

I like to look at my watch in the middle of the night to see what time it is, so I wanted mine to hang.  I was really glad that my daughter had some pink and purple bricks so I could make it girly.  

We've been using our docking stations for a few days now and they are working out great!  Time to get out the KRAGLE and make them permanent. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Mother Funders

You probably thought I quit huh? Nah...I was just busy.  In April, I agreed to remain as President of the PTA for a third year.  It wasn't a hard decision to make because I love what I do for the kids, families and teachers at my school.  Word on the street is that I'm doing a great job so I might as well keep doing it.  Plus, then I don't have to get a real job.

This exciting news brings me to the topic at hand.  The new Bravo show called Mother Funders.

I've watched two episodes now and I'm flabbergasted.  I'd love to know if this is a real PTO at a real school and if this is really how they act or if it's exaggerated for ratings.  For one thing, there are some things missing from the show.

  • Respect
  • Volunteers
  • Committee Chairs
  • Snacks at the meetings
  • The Principal
  • A Treasurer

If I treated my board and volunteers like Carla does, I would be a one-woman show.  No one would ever come to a meeting or help with anything. Putting a very helpful volunteer on probation is unheard of and asking a volunteer to leave a meeting is so rude I can't even wrap my brain around it.

In the last episode, our dear friend Carla is taking gift bags to a bunch of strippers because she is a helpful and charitable.  I had to laugh at this little development because I was recently looking for a street for my PTA board to adopt....but now I think we should adopt some exotic dancers.

I really hope this PTO group can pull it together and takes the focus off raising money and put it where it belongs....on the kids.  Parent Teacher Organizations need more Robins. She is volunteering for all of the right reasons and you can tell.  TEAM ROBIN!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Snow Day

I will never ever get tired of that lovely phone call at 5:35am.

That phone call from the Superintendent of Jeffco School District telling me that school has been cancelled because the snow that fell overnight makes getting to school dangerous.

God Bless you Dan McMinimee!

I get another day with my kids that are growing so fast I can't keep up!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Bring On The Wild Monkeys

A dramatic new episode of the bachelor starts now.

Bali....majestic landscapes, friendly people and lots of culture.  Chris can see himself spending the next year the rest of his life with all three of these women and he could see a honeymoon in Bali.  He's looking forward to seeing if he can get intimate with these women.

Kaitlyn is first and Chris can see her in his life.  This is a huge day for Chris because they need to have serious conversations today.  Kaitlyn is ready to tell Chris about all of the feels she is having while they go into a temple where they aren't allowed to kiss. They walk around the city hugging people and playing with rabid monkeys. One of them peed on Chris when he was feeding them bananas. Kaitlyn thinks her hometown date went better than she thought and her family liked him more than she thought they would. They are talking about the guard that Kaitlyn has up.  She's scared of losing him and he gets it. He's asking her to not hold back, everything she is saying he is hearing. Chris pulls the fantasy suite card out of his ass nowhere. She says she can't say no. Kaitlyn thinks she needs to put her feelings into words and tell him how she really feels. She tells him that she is completely falling in love with him. Chris says he is falling in love with her too.

Whitney meets Chris on a boat and they toast to an amazing day.  Whitney has never felt so sure about anything in her whole life. She is worried that her sister refusing to give him approval is going to affect how Chris feels about her.  She is explaining that her sister had to take care of her from an early age. Chris reassures her that he's not concerned.  Whitney thinks that the two of them feel so right together.  His feelings for her are very strong. Whitney is confident that she is going to marry Chris. Dinner with Chris brings critical questions about Whitney's career and what she will do about moving to Arlington. Chris is talking about how far away Arlington is from anywhere that you can do anything. Whitney says that she has worked so hard to get where she is and she wants to be a wife and a mom.  If she moves to Arlington she is going to be a wife and a mom and leave her career behind. Here comes the fantasy suite card. She's thought a lot about this and she thinks it will be great.  Chris wants to take things to the next level. She is ready to be engaged to this man and start their life.

Becca is meeting Chris in the middle of a rice patty and she is wearing some unfortunate black running shorts. They are at a temple and there is a man there that they are supposed to ask questions about their future.  They tell them they will be a good couple and Chris will be a good dad, Becca is hard to control and their advice for the evening is that they should 'make love'. At dinner, Becca needs to tell Chris her secret. Chris and Becca agree that today was perfect and Chris thinks he could be a part of her family. Chris wants to make sure that she can see herself in Arlington. They both share their feelings and their relationship is moving forward but now they need to get to know each other on a whole other level. Here's the fantasy suite card.  She has to tell him now. Here it is....she's a virgin. Chris should have been better prepared for this with the other virgin but he pauses too long. He respects her waiting and he isn't surprised.  I guess they will play board games tonight. More than waiting for marriage, she's been waiting to fall in love.

The next morning....Chris says they had a serious conversation when they woke up and now he's confused.  He's struggling with who he is going to send home. Whitney and Kaitlyn have confessed their love and said they will move to Arlington. Chris meets with Mr. Harrison to talk about what he needs to do.

It's rose ceremony time and they are in a temple so there are very strict rules for giving out the roses and attire apparently. Chris pulls Becca aside to talk to her.  Why are they whispering?  Is that a temple thing?  Becca says she hasn't been sleeping after their last conversation and she needs to tell him that she's crazy about him. For him, it's about finding true love and the person he's supposed to be with. This is the toughest decision he's ever made.  Chris brings Becca back to the rose ceremony and Kaitlyn is freakin out!

Whitney will you accept this rose?

Becca will you accept this rose?

Goodbye Kaitlyn.

Next week: The Women Tell All.

Whitney (29
) Fertility Nurse, sounds like she is on helium. Crashed a wedding with Chris. Classy and Mature. Fun date in Des Moines. Has a successful career in Chicago.

Kaitlyn (29) Dance Instructor, told Chris he can plow the f**k out of her field any day. Date to CostCo.  She's into farmers. Has a connection with Chris. Writes rap lyrics in her spare time.  Winters in Phoenix.

Becca (25) Chiropractor Assistant. Also a virgin. Lives in Louisiana.