Sunday, February 22, 2015

Upstairs Circus

A year ago,  I started getting together with other Moms from school.  Moms that I already knew and Moms that I wanted to know better.  We had a few fun outings together and then things kind of fell apart.  My best friend was diagnosed with cancer and someone I thought was my friend, left me hanging.  I started getting moms together again for breakfast on the first day of school and it was the best thing for me.  I love connecting with my fellow Moms and sharing stories and getting to know each other better.

Several of these Moms have become my closest friends.  It's a total bonus that some of their kids are my kids besties!   I invited a handful of friends to join me in Downtown Denver for some crafting fun with mimosas.  Three lovely ladies took me up on it and we had the best time!

Welcome to Upstairs Circus!

On the weekends, you can make a craft and have bottomless mimosas for the low price of $35.  They have so many great choices of crafts, even for people that claim they aren't crafty.  The really interesting thing is that you get better at your craft and closer to your friends with each refill of your glass.  

I went with the Hex Nut Bracelet so that I could learn a new skill and open an Etsy store so my husband will get off my back about getting a job to support my family.  I LOVE my new bracelet and can't wait to go back and learn another skill. 

The very best thing about Upstairs Circus is that they are practically across the street from the new Union Station and you can take the light rail from all over the city and have a great time with your friends.  There are a number of restaurants at the Union Station and in the neighborhood to have lunch when you are done.  Be advised that people will be fawning all over you about how awesome you and your project are wherever you go.


  1. I need Mom friends. We are so much older than most of the other little kid parents that we are just out of sorts.

    1. I have found all of my old mom friends at school! Many of them are just my age....or I act their age if they are younger.

  2. I want to go there, so I can hit stuff. With a hammer. Awesome!

    1. My friend Leah accidently threw her hammer at me!


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