Thursday, June 30, 2011

No Trespassing

On Tuesday...the kids and I escaped the heat and went to Evergreen to hike around Evergreen Lake. We had an awesome time and I packed a bento picnic lunch.

While walking around the lake, we found this. And we laughed and laughed.

No Trespassing

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hiking Red Rocks

On Saturday....we went hiking.

It was 90 degrees so MY plan was to go to Evergreen where it would be cooler and we could find a couple letterboxes.

No one listens to me.

We went to Red Rocks Park (home of the famous Red Rock Amphitheater) and hiked in the dessert and rocks.

Before we started our hike...I had to use the restroom.  There was a wedding going on at the gift shop and the woman's facilities were on the side of the wedding.  So there was a nice woman standing there telling me the potty was closed.  She offered me two solutions.

  • Men's room
  • Walk waddle a quarter mile to the port-a-potty.

I walked into the men's room just in time to see.....something I didn't want to see.

I decided to huff it the half mile to the potty and back.

Towards the end of our hike....I was experiencing heat stroke and decided to find words that rhymed with disintegrate.

I started with applegate.
then uriniate.
the fornicate.
Keith offered up master....

We stopped for a water break right after that.

Here is a short video of our experience.

We did finally make it to Evergreen.....where it all began almost 8 years ago! I can't believe I got iKeith to go back there.

Later that night we went to a Sangria Party and had a great time!  We were thrilled to be invited to something....people like us...they really like us!

What did you do this weekend?

Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Confessional: Man Cold Edition

It feels soooo good to get things off from your chest once a week. It's like going to church. Forgive me Mamazarri...for I have sinned.


I Confess.....

that on Father's Day...iKeith cleaned the kitchen, the toilets and vacuumed Robert's living room.  And I let him.  I also *paid* him for his services.

I Confess....

that when I'm sick all I want to do is sit, read and eat cereal. I've been devouring The American Heiress since it came out on Tuesday.
The American Heiress: Book
The American Heiress: Kindle

I Confess....

that I hid a bag of little chocolate donuts from my family and ate them in secret.

I Confess...

that I will never go to Pho (pronounced FA) Duy in Broomfield ever again because when we asked our server why they don't have a liquor license he said they don't like to embarrass people by asking for their I.D. and then he waved his arm around our table and said he'd have to ask all of us...but then pointed at me and said...except for you.

I Confess...

that when I'd with my blogging girls, I like to say the word BALLS to make them giggle.

I Confess...

that I'm secretly so happy that my in laws don't live nearby anymore because my father in law is upset that we sold our giant vehicle....because now we can't pull his imaginary boat.  Never mind that if he actually HAD a boat to be pulled, we also live 1200 miles apart and couldn't pull the Pho King thing anyway.

I Confess....

that I wrote a post yesterday that ended up being like therapy and I'm thinking of pulling it down because it's too personal.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Where I'm From

I am from hot tea before bed, from Strawberry Pop Tarts, long blonde pig tails and banana seat bicycles with long tassels on the handle bars.

I am from the little yellow house in the cow town with cottonwood trees in the backyard. From cribbage games and Life, Uno and Orange Crush on Bronco Sunday.

I am from the intoxicating lilacs, the stacked pieces of wood on the patio and thunderstorms in the afternoon. From air shows, camping and lazy afternoon's spent reading.

I am from lefse and the best rolls you've ever tasted. From blue eyes, Leonard and Andrew and a one stop light town in Northern Minnesota.

I am from us against the world and not saying how you feel.

From now I lay me down to sleep and don't let the bed bugs bite.  Heart shaped pillows and a pink canopy bed.

I am from Daddy driving the church bus, memorizing bible versus and speaking in tongues.

I'm from Denver via San Fran via Minnesota, Swedish/Norwegian and German, peas, carrots and mac and cheese.

From the girl that kissed a boy at the fair under a lilac tree and the girl that grew up while the soldier was in the Army.

I am from album after album full of pictures of clouds and mountains and rivers, Lake Powell vacations and family reunions at the cabin. Smiling faces in better times.  Journals full of good memories and dark times that are better forgotten.

I found this from Jennifer at Playgroups are No Place for Children who found got it from Stephanie at Adventures in Babywearing.  The template to make your own can be found here.

I'm sharing my awesome with Jennifer from Momma Made It look Easy even though I feel like I'm standing here in my underwear with this post.   

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Summer Bag

Ever since Mamarazzi showed us her new summer bag in her vlog...I've been looking everywhere for a cool bag.  I had my heart set on something that could take a beating and go on all of our fun Summer Fun Activities.  I wanted it to be big enough to hold some snacks and some juice boxes and our letterboxing bag.

It also needed to be able to get a little dirty.  I carry a white purse right now and I'm constantly cleaning it.

I had kind of given up because I wasn't finding anything I liked and I'd rather just use one of my handy cloth grocery store bags than use something I don't like.  I'm weird like that.

Around that same time....Bob from Simply Bags contacted me and asked me if I'd like to try out one of their Beach Bags and blog about it.

I said Yes Please!

My Summer Bag

I was so thrilled when this beautiful pink beach duffle bag showed up at my door!  It has outside and inside pockets, a padded strap with an cell phone (or iPod) holder and it's easy to clean!  It will hold all of our summer fun supplies and have room for a box of wine books!

If you are still looking for the perfect summer bag, please check out Simply-Bags!  They have a bag for everyone and everything and they won't break the bank.

I'm loving this Wine Bottle Handbag.  It looks just like a purse....but holds two bottles of wine!

Wine Bottle Handbag

What are you looking for in a summer bag?

Disclosure: I was given a bag for my review. No monetary compensation was made and the thoughts and opinions are mine and honest.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Not a Minivan Kind of Girl....

In 2004, a few months before our wedding, iKeith bought me a brand new car.  It was a Murano and I'd never, ever had a brand new car before.  I loved it! I used to roll around in the back of it...breathing in the new car smell and thought I would drive it until the wheels came off. 

In 2009, I convinced iKeith to have a 3rd baby with me.  It took a long time to get to this point because he had family in his ear telling him that we didn't need a 3rd baby and that he was getting too old.  Those people should just shut the hell up and leave us alone.  And stop borrowing money from us and not paying it back. Anyway...he agreed and then we decided that our little Murano was too small for three kids.  Another carseat just wouldn't fit.

We went to look at a bigger vehicle.  I told him I would never ever drive a minivan.  I'm just not that kind of girl.  I'm fun and sporty.  Minivans are not fun or sporty.  They look like a hearse.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B
We ended up trading in my precious Murano and getting the Nissan Armada.  It was big enough for SIX car seats and had tons of room for storing all kinds of crap groceries.  But then...Obama cancelled the space program....and iKeith changed his mind about having a third baby.  It's an understatement to say that I was devastated.

Now the Armada was a constant reminder of my dream that would never come true and now I was stuck with it for 5 and a half years.

While iKeith was in California recently, an ad junk mail arrived that I let Mallory open. It was a advertisement for the Nissan Quest and their new super air scrubber and came with a popcorn scented air freshener.  It suggested you should come test drive a van and see for yourself that you can not smell the popcorn.

Mallory was a girl obsessed!!  As soon as iKeith got home she told him they must go to the dealership and test drive a van.

And so we did.

We sat in the van and you couldn't smell the popcorn.  Then we looked at the Murano's and I lusted after one that was bright silver.  It looked like a silver bullet.  We sat in it and Nate Pool showed us all of the cool features that had been invented since we had owned a Murano.

I told Nate that if there was a way to get out of our lease I would buy another Murano.  He said he'd see what he could do for us.  Did I mention that Nate was tall and funny and kind of cute?

pic i snuck of nate
 Those of you on twitter that called me a Cougar and said you didn't know 12 year old's were allowed to work at should know that Nate is old enough to have a girlfriend and he votes. He votes for the wrong people even though he's a Republican but we didn't hold that against him.

Everyone at Empire Nissan in Lakewood  was incredibly helpful and wanted so badly to make my dream of owning another Murano come true.  They worked tirelessly for 6 hours and they helped entertain our children.

Tent and Campfire in the showroom

One amazing lady even made them a bag of popcorn that she had in her desk.  Another set Alex up with a computer to play Nick Jr games and listened to him tell lies stories about how we go to Chuck E Cheese every Sunday....but just for the pizza.

Thank you Empire Nissan and Nate Pool.  We're very happy with our new purchase!

Hey just got a new car...where are you going next?

I'm going to Target! 

And thank you Nissan for the slick advertising campaign that got us in the door.

To the people that have to clean out my old Armada....I am so so sorry.  Please remember that we have children and they are gross little monsters. 

Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Confessional: Skivvies

I'm joining Mamarazzi and Friday Confessions this week because I feel like I need to get some things off my chest.


I Confess....

that I only left the house twice this week.  Once to go to McDonald's and yesterday to go to King Soopers for half and half. While I was there at 6am...I decided to just get a Starbucks Iced Coffee and told the girl that I was so happy it was Friday.  She regretted to inform me that it was Thursday. Totally ruined my day.

I Confess....

that I've been letting the kids run around in only shorts because it's so hot in our apartment and I that I might have joined them yesterday.  Topless Thursday!

I Confess...

that I forgot that Father's Day is this weekend and I have nothing planned.

I Confess....

that I let my friend Viv from Weddings: What Knot to Do use a picture of me holding up my underwear for her new blog.  I will do anything for my friends.  Including embarrass myself.  Go follow her...because I have another story to contribute to her blog.

I Confess...

that I got my feelings hurt over something stupid this week and my husband had to talk me down from it.

I Confess...

that I'm going out to dinner with some bloggers tonight and it's been so long since I've had a conversation with an ADULT besides my husband that I might go a little wild.

I Confess.... 

that if my husband ever leaves me....I'll probably lock him in the basement.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Speechless Thursday

From my June Apartment Newsletter...

What is that?

A stack of rocks?   Or Weinergate?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Five Ways I'm Just Like Emily Maynard

Five Ways that I'm Exactly like Emily Maynard.

Star of The Bachelor: Brad
1. People always want to know what we're wearing....and where we got it.

Yellow Shirt from Old Navy
2. We both have a 5 year old.

My 5 Year Old

3. We are both not real blondes.


4. We both look like Disney Princesses.

5. People like to make up stories about us and try to friend people we know on facebook to get info about us.


Bachelor Pad Cast

Gia Allemand (Jake's Season)  Again?
Holly Durst (Matt's Season)  Irritating!
Vienna Girardi (Jake's Season) Why?
Jackie Gordon (Brad's Season)  Boring!
Michelle Money (Brad's Season) The Reason I'm Watching!
Ella Nolan (Jake's Season) Who?
Erica Rose (Lorenzo's Season)  Didn't watch this season.
Alli Travis (Brad's Season)  Not my favorite.

Graham Bunn (DeAnna's Season) Very cute!
Kirk DeWindt (Ali's Season) UGH!
Kasey Kahl (Ali's Season) Subtitles?
Jake Pavelka.... I HATE JAKE!
Justin Rego (Ali's Season)  Rated R...Rated NO!
Michael Stagliano (Jillian's Season)  Why?

But wait....there's more! Three Mystery Men from Ashley's season will be joining in as they are sent away without a rose! I've read that Bentley is NOT one of them.  A shame really because I think The Bachelor Pad would be the perfect place for him.  If you watched The know that the reason Bentley will NOT be on is because he will be back to torment Ashley.  WHY?

This train wreck begins on August 8th.

Monday, June 13, 2011

What You Missed: Unplugged Edition

Internet was intermittent today.  Managed to get a few photos uploaded but the video is still a no go. Going to post this before the web goes down again.

Daddy's Home!

iKeith came home from San Francisco on Friday night and we couldn't be happier! Mallory even broke out into a dance in the middle of the airport. I have the most adorable video of it....but my internet has been wonky since Thursday and I can't upload it. I'm seriously video challenged lately.

Was really happy to have iKeith home since when the pizza guy came to the door Thursday night...Alex told him that Daddy was not home and was in San Fran. I made double sure the doors were locked that night and gave Alex his first scare...about what strangers can do. He informed me that the pizza guy is NOT a stranger...because he brings pizza.

Connie and the Not Bummer Summer

We already completed two items on our list. We got ice cream at Sonic and yesterday we went to Dinosaur Ridge. We'll be doing both things again really soon!

Really Just a Yard Sale with Music

Thursday night I was trying to eat my pizza watch The Crappy Life of the American Teenager when I kept hearing really obnoxious music.  I finally figured out it was coming from just outside my patio and there were people setting up a tarp and hanging clothing from the tree limbs. There was a guy playing some kind of an instrument and then I spied a portable grill. I flipped my lid when I saw people leaning up against my very expensive vehicle! I went out to move my SUV and they had so much stuff set up that it took all my driving skills to get it out of there.  I might have run over a church lady.

When I got back to my apartment....I saw this hanging on my door.

A carnival.....with free used clothes.

When A**holes Attack

Saturday night....I went to bed kind of early because I got ZERO sleep while iKeith was gone.  I had just drifted off when I heard a ton of racket and then I heard Don/Dawn's dog freak out!  I was so out of it that I didn't really know what had happened...but I thought maybe people were drag racing down the street right outside my apartment.

When A**holes Attack

Turns out some jack hole in a street racer decided to do some cookies in the grass out side my patio. (it IS a popular location lately.. Maybe he hates clowns) He tore up the grass and scared the hell out of me and iKeith.  He was going to call the police but figured it was probably a gang member and he didn't want to get involved in any shenanigans.  Mick claims that they just evicted someone and he thinks it might have been them.  Awesome!

I really, really think it's time for us to move.  And Living Social Daily Deals agrees with me.

Get The Door!

So...Thursday, when I was completely without internet and had a migraine on top of it.  I decided I wanted to order a pizza. I haven't called in a pizza order in....about 3 years. I love ordering Domino's online and watching the tracker as they make my pizza.

I called.  And they had my order history! YAY!  So I placed my order for 1 medium half cheese, half ham and 1 medium ham and mushroom.  I order this ALL THE TIME!

They screwed up my order.  They sent me TWO half cheese, half ham pizzas.  Why the hell would I do that? If that's what I wanted....why wouldn't I order ONE cheese and ONE ham?  They also didn't give me the coupon price. I will NEVER call for a pizza again!

And now I don't have to....Domino's just came out with an iPhone app so you don't have to talk to their incompetent employees.

I Haz No Internet

My internet has been screwed up since Thursday.

We thought it was the router because Comcast told me my modem was LIVE.

We spent a lot of money on a new router.

STILL having problems.

I can't upload photos or video and my What You Missed blog post won't be the same with photographic evidence.

Also....not enough internet juice to comment either.

So I guess I'm on a break until iKeith gets it figured out. Or I may mobile blog from my phone. 

I'm already going through withdrawals!!!!

Thank goodness I can still tweet....

Thursday, June 9, 2011

2011 Summer Fun List

Yesterday Tuesday....I was supposed to vlog about what we're doing this summer. I still can't get my video out of my camera and I'm too lazy to re-record it so I thought I would show you what we're going to be doing.

Summer Fun List 2011

I made this sign* with all of our ideas and little boxes so that we can put a sticker up after we complete our summer task! Please notice...Make Sangria is on the list. This is strictly an adult activity and we will not be feeding Sangria to the children.

I even left room at the bottom if we come up with some other ideas. Like...Send Mommy to rehab The Spa.

*Vivienne....I made this with poster board that I had stock piled behind the entertainment center. I was so excited to realize that I was already following one of you tips!

For those of you that emailed me and were upset because you didn't get to see my pretty face yesterday on Tuesday....I give you this.

Disney Princess Deluxe Magic Mirror is available at Toys R Us.  I was not compensated for this post but would gladly paper my walls with this mirror if Disney wants to send me 100 of them.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Gifts of Time and Other Things

I had a great post for you today with a little video.  But the vlogging gods are against me today or all of the folks in San Francisco at the WWDC are sucking the internet juice and making it impossible for me to upload a video.

Maybe tomorrow.

I've been wanting to write this post for a week now so I guess today is as good as day as any.  I've been on a Self-Help Book kick.  I'm always working hard to better myself and seek a better understanding of why I feel the way I do.

If you have any issues with shame or not feeling like you're good have to read Dr. Brene Brown's books.  The most recent book that I read from her was The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You're Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are. It made me realize that I am enough just the way I am and that if people don't like who I am...that isn't my problem. I'm not everyone's cup of tea and that is okay!  I also learned that my past doesn't define me and that I can't let other people shame me into doing what they want.  My goal is to live a wholehearted and authentic life.

Because of this book...I'm reading more, creating more, reflecting more and loving the life that I've created for myself.

The next two books I had on hold at the library and they became available at the same time. They were perfect to read together and resulted in the creation of a time sheet that I fill out daily keeping track of what I need to do....and how I spend my time.

Daily Time Sheet

168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think helped me realize that I have much more time than I think I do.  Once I started writing down what I was doing each day and where I was spending my time....I was much more conscience of how much time I was wasting. I can easily lose several hours in front of the computer.  I decided what things are most important to me.  Creating with my kids, reading, sitting on the patio with a glass of wine and my husband.

I'm going to purchase a copy of Organized Simplicity because she has the best organizing tips I've ever seen! Her tag line on her book is...the clutter-free approach to Intentional Living. I love that!
She calls her sheet, her daily docket and I borrowed her MIT idea for my sheet. MIT stands for Most Important Tasks. I only make three a day so that I know that I can get them done and I love marking things off from a list!

The book that has made a huge difference in my life.  The final piece of the puzzle.  I truly believe that God put these books into my hands in the order that he did because he wanted to me to see where my time was going....and how there were things being neglected.  I was being neglected and I was neglecting him.  One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are.  Time is racing away from me and how I spend my 168 hours each week is important.  I need to pay attention to the moments and thank God for them. The many gifts that are right in front of me each day....each week.

It's already been my goal to give my kids' the best childhood that I can.  To give them experiences and teach them lessons but there are so many little things that I wasn't noticing.  Things that you can only notice if you are still....and paying attention.  Living in the moment!

Many people want more time in their day....they don't have enough hours to get everything done. Are the items on your to-do list really that important? Here's what I want you to know.  You have all the time you need.....the trick is to do less, pay attention more and count your gifts.  And living in a 990 square foot apartment with less stuff is also very helpful!

"I'm sharing my awesome with Momma Made It Look Easy and you can too!

In case you missed it.....

Our 2011 Summer of Fun List
My Summer Reading List

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

That Summer Vacation Feeling....

Somehow....knowing when our local schools had their last day of school...has put me in a Summer Vacation mood.

We aren't going anywhere.  Well, that's not entirely true...iKeith is in San Francisco at Mac DisneyLand and having a great time!

But the kids and I are just feeling lazy and crazing popsicles.

I don't feel like doing much of anything except sitting on the patio with a cold drink and a book. Have you seen my summer book list?

I DID try to make a Vlog for the June Vlogging thingy.  I tried to use my new video camera that iKeith bought for me but I can't get the video out of it.  And he's not here to help me so.....

Sorry guys.  No Vlog today.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Summer Reads 2011

Did you catch Love Bites last night?  I loved every minute of it!  I rarely laugh out loud (for real, not LOL) unless I'm watching The Big Bang Theory but this had me laughing the entire hour.  You can watch the full episode here.

"If a man wants to read good books, he must make a point of avoiding bad ones; for life is short, and time and energy limited."
— Schopenhauer

Today I wanted to talk about what I'm going to read this summer.  The last few books I've read have been Self Improvement Books and I'm ready to just lose myself in a few books while drinking iced tea on my patio! I'd love to see all of you do a similar post so that we can all find new books to read.  And friend me on Good Reads if you haven't already!

 Good Enough to Eat by Stacey Ballis is available on amazon, kindle and iBook.  I got my copy from Teri at Mighty M Family.  This is the story of Melanie...I woman who lost half her body weight, opened a gourmet cafe and then her husband left her for a fat chick.

I'm obsessed with Kate and Pippa Middleton so I will be reading book The American Heiress: A Novel by Daisy Goodwin. This is the story of Cora Cash, an American heiress in the 1890's who bags an English Duke.

Next is Burnt Mountain by Anne Rivers Siddons. It comes out on July 19th and is the story of Thayer Wentworth, a tomboy who grows up and returns to her old summer camp where she must confront dark secrets.

And lastly....because I'd love to escape to a beach this summer (but it's not going to happen) I'll be reading On Folly Beach by Karen White. This is the story of Emmy, a young woman who is getting over the loss of her husband. She buys a book store in Folly Beach, South Carolina. She finds love letters in the store that lead her to details of a possible murder and mysterious disappearance during WWII.

Edited to Add: I finished Good Enough to Eat in 24 hours...couldn't put it down! So I picked up a new read at Target just based on the cover and the blurb on the back. It's The Summer We Came to Life by Deborah Cloyed and I think I'm going to love it because it's about love and friendships and set on a beach. If you want this book when I'm done with it....shoot me an email or leave a comment.

Edited July 4th: I've added another book to my list!  I kept seeing friends on Good Reads reading this or putting it on their TO-READ list so when I was out at a REAL book store on Friday night...I saw it and I bought it.  Paid WAY too much for it...but I had to have it.  The book is Don't Breathe a Word: A Novel by Jennifer McMahon and it's kind of a scary mystery about a missing girl.

What are you reading this summer?