Thursday, June 9, 2011

2011 Summer Fun List

Yesterday Tuesday....I was supposed to vlog about what we're doing this summer. I still can't get my video out of my camera and I'm too lazy to re-record it so I thought I would show you what we're going to be doing.

Summer Fun List 2011

I made this sign* with all of our ideas and little boxes so that we can put a sticker up after we complete our summer task! Please notice...Make Sangria is on the list. This is strictly an adult activity and we will not be feeding Sangria to the children.

I even left room at the bottom if we come up with some other ideas. Like...Send Mommy to rehab The Spa.

*Vivienne....I made this with poster board that I had stock piled behind the entertainment center. I was so excited to realize that I was already following one of you tips!

For those of you that emailed me and were upset because you didn't get to see my pretty face yesterday on Tuesday....I give you this.

Disney Princess Deluxe Magic Mirror is available at Toys R Us.  I was not compensated for this post but would gladly paper my walls with this mirror if Disney wants to send me 100 of them.


  1. You could do a virgin sangria with fruit juice instead of wine and that one could be for the kids. I bet they would enjoy that.

  2. LOVE the poster - what a great idea. I think we are going to have to make our own!! :)

  3. Jeremy's been making margaritas, and the girls are so bummed that they don't get to have any citrusy, slushy drinks. So we've been making sno cones! ;)

    And thank you so much for posting that video. I seriously cracked up! I'm going to need one of those mirrors asap!

  4. That is a great idea and the poster looks good. My poster had one thing on it and I already checked it off...

    Can you guess

    Get Oprah's show off tv. lol

  5. I love that idea! I'm totally stealing it :)

  6. Inspiring poster.

    One is more likely to do the to-dolist, if it's there glaring back at them everyday, with big, funky letters. :)

  7. Love the idea of a bucket poster!

    May I come over the day you knock Sangria off your list?

  8. I want a mirror that tells me I am pretty.

  9. ROCKIES GAME. yeah totally on my list, but I think i will get a sitter for the 2 year old so I can drink over oriced beers and yell at randoms. Plus Victoria Secret has really cute Colorado Rockie gear, LOL.
    Fun list! Dino RIdge looks interesting and wouldnt mind hitting up the children's museum, we are planning a trip to the Aquarium , I want to work as a mermaid there, LOL!

  10. I really love the poster! How fun will it be for the kids to put a big X through each fun thing they did this summer. A really great visual. :)

    I agree with Jennifer, you could totally do a virgin Sangria, or have them make their own fun drink??

  11. What a fabulous idea! We've got a short list of things we'd like to do this summer too, but no where near as fancy-shmancy as yours!

    PS - I LOVE that you have Sangria listed on there!

  12. I want a mirror on the ceiling but that's where the swing is.

  13. Can I come to stay at your house this summer? It looks like you are going to have lots of fun... especially the Sangria. =)
    I loved the video of the magic mirror, I want a couple of those, too - especially one for my ceiling, HaHa!
    And, YES you do look skinny and I don't think it has anything to do with the magic mirror, you are one hot mama!

  14. My only question is why wasn't making sangria listed every second box? Oh, and papering your whole room with the Disney mirrors would be awesome!


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