Monday, July 30, 2012

Things That Suck

Things That Suck

  • being on a very low calorie diet while your husband is on his period.
  • vacuum cleaners.
  • being on a very low calorie diet while attending a birthday party.
  • elephants?
  • finding out that someone didn't do what they said they were going to do.
  • 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife.
  • when The Young and The Restless doesn't record.
  • lost mail.
  • peeing 100 times during the night.
  • rain on your wedding day.
  • having to return library book that you haven't read yet.


Glad I got that all out of my system!  I have something exciting to talk about tomorrow.  You won't want to miss it!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Broncos Camp is Here!

Back in the old days, The Denver Broncos used to hold training camp at The University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, Colorado.

During this time, I lived (with my family) right behind the college and the field where the team would practice.

My sister had an autograph book (do you still have it Bobbi?) and we would spent many summer days watching the team practice and trying to catch a glimpse of a young new player named JOHN ELWAY!

He was dreamy.

Several years later, he would walk past me in a bar and I would lose my shit mind with excitement!

I'm so excited about this years training camp and to see what Peyton Manning can do.  I also have a new player crush.  I saw him in photos this week from when the team went to the hospital to visit the shooting victims.  His name is Ben Garland and he is number 63!

Keith's number on the Lakewood High School football team was 63 and my high school boyfriend also wore the number so I think it's fate!


If you are a fan of the Denver must click on the following link to see a super funny cartoon!

Broncos Camp is here!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Jef and Ari

I think this season of The Bachelorette was the hardest for me to watch.

I honestly wanted both Ari and Jef (with one F) to win.  I wanted Emily to pick them both, pack up and move to Las Vegas and get two houses right next to The Sister Wives.

I know the three of them could work this out and then Little Ricki would have two daddies AND a mommy.

I do believe that this is what Ari had in mind when he stalked Emily in Charlotte and left his journal on her doorstep.


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 It's pretty cool!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Our Song

Eight years ago, I married the love of my life.

Our life together has been like a dream that I never want to wake up from and I'm so proud to call this man my husband.

 I love you honey!


Monday, July 16, 2012

Paper Planners Make Me Giddy

You can roll your eyes at me all you want.

I can take it.

I know I'm not like other girls and that it's not normal to get so excited about a special package that is coming in the mail.  It wasn't wine, or chocolate or even a present.

I think giddy is the right word to describe how I felt when this package arrived last week.

Something tells me that the FEDEX guy has delivered a few of these around town because he handed me the box and then ran from my apartment like his pants were on fire.  I wonder if a few housewives have gotten amorous with him......because they are so happy.

I slowly opened the box.  I wanted to savor every moment much like you would a special meal or a special someone.  What does it say about me that I love my new life planner more than I love Christian Whatshisname.

I'm in love!

Do you use a paper planner? 

 Do you have an Erin Condren Planner?  

Do you love organizing and planning as much as I do?  

How do you feel about cilantro?

Disclaimer: I was not paid to blog about my planner.  I'm just super excited about it and wanted to share it with THE WORLD.  I may or may not be sleeping with my planner.  Do Not Judge Me.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Somebody Loves Me...or Pizza

To say that my daughter is excited to start Kindergarten is an understatement.  She was ready a year ago when her brother was getting ready to go.  She couldn't understand why he could attend she wasn't old enough.

This girl is so ready!

The other day, the kids were working hard on something that was TOP SECRET.  It ended up being a scavenger hunt for me and I had to find three pieces of paper that were hidden in different locations.  For a hint, I could push a button on my children and a robotic voice would give me a clue.

It took me forever to find them but it was worth it.

Each piece of paper had a drawing on it and the words I LOVE MOMMY.  This one was my favorites.

That is either a dog (or chicken) pooping.  We don't own either so it's wishful thinking on Mallory's part.

Alex has been communicating with me via the written word too.  During Mallory's gymnastic class this week he got hungry and decided to make a note explaining what he was hungry for.

And since he did such a great job....I ordered pizza for dinner.

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Super Fan

Did you have a great 4th of July?

We sure did!

I'd been looking forward to this day ever since we made our Summer Fun List because I had been given tickets to the Denver Outlaws lacrosse game.

What?  You didn't know that Denver has a lacrosse team?  I didn't either but I'm here to tell you that they do, they are awesome and you should go to a game yourself!

Sports Authority Field is a pretty amazing and I had never been so close to the field before.  Alex was telling me that he his tummy was tickling himself.  He was so excited!  We were sitting directly across from where iKeith's Bronco Season Tickets are so it was nice to picture where he hangs out during every home game.

Once the game got started....Alex (and maybe iKeith) only had eyes for these girls.  I decided my life will not be complete until I own pom poms and white cowboy boots.

Outlaws Dance Team
I couldn't stop watching the super fan that was dressed in a suit! I texted Aunt Bobbi a picture in hopes that she'd fall in love at first sight and get her skinny butt back to Denver.

The game was very entertaining and easy to keep up with.  The ball is small and they toss it back and forth a lot so you really have to pay attention. It's kind of like hockey on grass.  the Denver Outlaws won 17-13 against the Ohio Machine, and we were super fans ourselves when it was over.

The added benefit of being at this game was that it was one of a few places that was having a fireworks display.  Many of the shows had been cancelled because of the wildfires and fire danger in Colorado.

It was the most amazing fireworks show I've ever seen!  And the music they chose to go along with it was perfect.  My children were awe struck!

This could be our new 4th of July tradition.

Have you ever been to a lacrosse game?

Disclaimer: I was given tickets to the Denver Outlaws game.  I was not asked to blog about it or drink 3 beers at the game.  All opinions and thoughts and headaches are my own.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

I'm At A Pay Phone

I'm at a pay phone tryin' to call home, all of my change I spent on you.  Where have the times gone, Bobbi it's all wrong, where are the plans we made for two?

My sister came to visit for four days.  We had a great time together and the kids were so excited that they thought they were going to the airport with me to pick her up.  Yeah right.

I spent 20 minutes circling the Denver International Airport (which is NOT in Denver, by the by) at 7am because of this sign.

There is no waiting, or stopping.  Even if the person you are picking up is moments away from coming through the door.  You must circle.

Our first stop was Winchell's Donuts and Starbucks and that's when we saw one of these.

Later we went swimming.  And a young boy was enthralled with Aunt Bobbi and her assets.

We went to Target because that's our favorite thing to do together and we got stuck in this chair.  Target now owns a hilarious video of us trying to refold the chair.  I hope it never makes it onto You Tube.

Aunt Bobbi watched the kids and iKeith and I had a date night downtown.  We had a lovely time and we established that I'm not fun anymore.  I think I'm just a nice Republican girl that won't do certain things.

Me and Bobbi went to see Magic Mike while iKeith took the kids to see Brave.  I can tell you that we liked our movie very much and we were tickled to see every male employee standing at the door to see everyone leave the theater.  I think they were looking for single girls in need of love.

I immediately wanted to go to an Army Supply Store and purchase some camo pants, a white tank top, black boots and hat for iKeith.  I told him not to be shocked if his pants suddenly have velcro closures on the side and the cheeks of his underwear go missing.

Instead.  We went out for cocktails.

And then iKeith took us on an ill fated trip to Target where Bobbi and I did our best Rachel Zoe impressions.  He will not do that again.  

Someone was very sad to wake up to find Aunt Bobbi gone.

Come Back Aunt Bobbi.  

Move to Denver.

We have pay phones.