Friday, July 27, 2012

Broncos Camp is Here!

Back in the old days, The Denver Broncos used to hold training camp at The University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, Colorado.

During this time, I lived (with my family) right behind the college and the field where the team would practice.

My sister had an autograph book (do you still have it Bobbi?) and we would spent many summer days watching the team practice and trying to catch a glimpse of a young new player named JOHN ELWAY!

He was dreamy.

Several years later, he would walk past me in a bar and I would lose my shit mind with excitement!

I'm so excited about this years training camp and to see what Peyton Manning can do.  I also have a new player crush.  I saw him in photos this week from when the team went to the hospital to visit the shooting victims.  His name is Ben Garland and he is number 63!

Keith's number on the Lakewood High School football team was 63 and my high school boyfriend also wore the number so I think it's fate!


If you are a fan of the Denver must click on the following link to see a super funny cartoon!

Broncos Camp is here!


  1. ahahaha! This sounds so much like me and my hockey team... Although I never had the fortune to live so close to where they practice! haha!

    When I met Wade Redden, and then Chris Neil, I totally lost my shizz. Couldn't even speak to Redden, and babbled "I'm sorry" over and over to Neil. Swell. :s

  2. I love football. But the Denver Broncos? Not so much. ;)

  3. I have no idea about any of this. But yay for you! Right?

  4. woo! love me some Broncos. of all the NFL teams the Broncs are my faves

  5. my dads friend played for them years and years ago and that was reason enough for me to jump on their bandwagon while I was in high school. and now? well I just keep on loving them because no one else I know does haha

  6. I'll forgive you for being a Broncos fan, partly because you live in Denver, but mainly because the Broncos rescued my beloved Dolphins from their moment of insanity when they tried to make a pitch for Peyton. He's past his golden days, and I'm afraid Denver is in for a long couple of years. Of course in your division, you might be able to win without any quarterback at all.
    On the other hand, I like Ben Garland very much, although I suspect that our reasons might be slightly different.

  7. not much of a sport fan but cute cartoon

  8. We love Peyton Manning!!! I'll be on the lookout for your number 63, too! :o)

  9. How cool that you, or your sister, has an autograph book. I am more into college football than NFL- but I do love football

  10. I use to have John Elway Quarterback for my awesome original Nintendo system ;) I think it is time for the kids to get some autograph books!


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