Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Quest For Fun ~ 2009

Griswold Weiss Family Vacation 2009!

Our very first real vacation as a family! It was a whirlwind trip because I'm a planner people and when I go somewhere, I like to figure out stuff to do and we are busy! I spend so much time at home that when I go somewhere...I don't want to sit around. Now...I didn't get to do everything that I wanted to do....I had to cross some things off from the list due to lack of interest and crabby kids. But if I had had some time to myself...I would have done so much more.

Things that were crossed off the list:
See Bruno with Robert
Go to Boerner Botanical Gardens
Visit Stone Creek Coffee
Get Pie from Sweetie Pies
Eat a Chocolate Chambord Tower at Golden Mast Inn
Sleep with my husband
Have wine at Balzac Wine Bar
Visit Cans Bar and Canteen
Get more cheese from Wisconsin Cheese Mart

We started this trip on our 5th wedding anniversary and because the fifth year gift is WOOD, Calvin gave me the cork from a very yummy bottle of Pinot Noir...which we drank from the Super 8 motel paper cups in Rock Springs Wyoming. ROMANTIC!

click on the pics to see larger....
We met up with Calvin's family near North Platte and Edna Mary rode with us the rest of the way....she will probably never do that again since the kids kept her busy retrieving toys from the floor.

We stopped in Madison Wisconsin for dinner at The Great Dane Pub and Brewery and had an awesome burger that I had read about in Food Network's Magazine. If you get a chance try The Great Dane Brat & Bacon Pretzel Burger. It consists of a hamburger patty, brat patty, grilled caramelized onions, topped with applewood smoked bacon, sharp cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and pickles. All of this on a Pretzel Roll! This was the highlight of my trip!

The guys got a flight of beers!

The view from our summer rental was amazing! I drank my coffee out on the patio almost everyday and never tired of looking out the window.

Day One of our trip was a busy one. We drove up to Fond Du Lac and went to the Kristmas Kringle Shoppe. We found a neat ornament to remember this trip (Santa fishing with gifts in the boat). Mallory was freaking out....and kept telling us that she couldn't like Christmas. She really hated this life-sized Nutcracker.

Next was the lighthouse on Lake Winnebago at a beautiful Lakeside Park. There were walking paths and gazebos, water bumper cars, a train and carousal. We decided to just hit the park and let the kids run out some energy before heading to Green Bay.

The last stop of our day was the National Railroad Museum in Green Bay. It was really cool! Unfortunately, we got there a few minutes too late to ride the train around the property (which was the main reason we came) but we toured the inside of many, many trains and Alex enjoyed playing with the (free) train table in the gift shop. If you go to this museum, be advised that the train only runs every two hours.
Day two....Mary, the kids and I went to Trader Joe's Market in Northern Milwaukee. I was so excited for this little excursion because I am a foodie and I had heard such great things about this store. We walked in and I was amazed to see how small it was. But once we started looking around we found that they use the space really well and we discovered all kinds of great things! My favorites...Blueberries, Oatmeal Honey Soap, Goat Cheese Brie, Pita Chips, Pretzel Bread, Challah Bread and Milk Chocolate Truffle Candy Bar! Later that day we ventured out to find the Haus of Prime Meat and bought some brats to cook. We also found Butterkase and delicious Kona coffee.

Day Three....I woke up to a huge storm and rolling thunder. As I was about to get a cup of coffee...the power went out. It came back on about an hour later but our internet did not. The menfolk came home early with a huge amount of fish and we just hung around the house and played. In the afternoon, we decided to go to Mars Cheese Castle! What a great place! We bought a nice selection of cheeses, some candy and a toy for Alex. You should know that Mars Cheese Castle will ship to the continental US (and Alaska and Hawaii). Click HERE for a cheese tour.

Day Four...We took the kids downtown to The Betty Brinn Children's Museum in downtown Milwaukee. This is such a great place! So much for the kids to do and has large windows that face Lake Michigan. If you go to this museum and then find yourself hungry for lunch...walk 4 blocks west to the US Bank building and you will find a cafeteria on the second floor. I had the best burger and fries there! It's the closest place to eat...unless you count the hot dog carts.

Alex was really drawn to the car repair station and Mallory was drawn to the bank.

I applied for a loan with her and she still hasn't gotten back to me....

We walked across the street to the Milwaukee Art Museum but it cost too much to get in so we walked over to Discovery World at Pier Milwaukee and toured the free Reiman Aquarium. They have a touch tank and the kids enjoyed touching the Stingray and Lake Sturgeon.
Check out this video of the Art Museum....

As we were leaving and walking back to the parking garage...three Air Force Thunderbirds were flying over Lake Michigan and Downtown. We stood (in a small rainstorm) watching these jets fly over...so low that we could see all of the details of the planes. We found out later that they were practicing for an airshow on Saturday.

Day Five...I got up really early and went for a walk in the woods. It was so peaceful and beautiful and I was upset really upset with myself for not making time to do this more often.

Friday was a lazy day spent eating pancakes, going for a ride on the boat and teaching the kids to cast.

This woman is on the dock of a multimillion dollar house....


Friday night as I was on my way to my father in law's 50th High school Reunion...the paparazzi found me.
i was updating facebook & twitter

On the way home to Utah, we stopped in Des Moines at Joe's Crab Shack so that we could have lunch with my friend Angie and her family. I met Angie a long time ago on a message board for Mom's having babies in April 2006. She became one of my favorite people and I was so thrilled to finally meet her and her family after all of these years.

Our kids all got along great and my kids talked about Belle and Parker all the way home. Alex can't figure out why we can't just go over and see them again. Sorry buddy.

Early Sunday morning, we had a little run in with the Nebraska State Patrol when we were pulled over for having a dog tied to our bumper speeding. My husband who drives like a senior citizen ....developed a lead foot and broke the law! I hope Nebraska spends our Christmas money wisely.

It was a fun and action packed vacation! The kids did great in the truck and slept fairly well in real beds (Mallory's first time) and did great without naps. I can't wait to see what our next adventure will be!

The Bachelorette...The EnD!


I just have to say that I am so freakin glad that The Bachelorette is over! I was bored to tears last night! Granted I did just get home from vacation and I was up before the sun putting stuff away and starting laundry so I was a wee bit tired but OMG! Jillian is boring.

I love Jill's family. Her Dad looks like a hoot and her cousin is beautiful right? Her Mom seems really nice and friendly. What a great family to marry into. My poor husband is wishing he had married Jillian right about now....

Let's cut to the chase shall we? I have more laundry and a really long vacation post to write so we don't have a lot of time to waste spend on Jill.

Poor Kiptyn. I think he really thought she was going to pick him and I think her Mom liked him more.

Reid. I still don't feel it buddy. Nope. Glad she said no thanks.

Ed! First...why does he dress like a gay man? And YAY!! She picked Ed! In the beginning of the show when he met her parents....he said something about the new Ed and the old Ed, I said OH! Two EDS? My darling funny (sometimes) husband looked at me and said, 'because you know...two Ed's are better than one!'

This picture is for my brother in law ROBERT. He was complaining that I never put pictures of the guys on my posts. IF he had been paying attention...he would remember that I did in the beginning. Here ya go!

Now we can get onto more exciting reality shows like The Real Housewives of Atlanta!! This thursday!! Don't miss it. Quick someone tell me a southern cocktail I can drink while I watch it with my mystery guest* every week?

*mystery guest.....I'm so excited!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Bachelorette...Men Tell All

I'm on vacation with my family but I did catch the show last night. I might have been a little drunk on wine when I watched it but after what I saw...I think that is the best way to watch it.

I just have a couple thoughts.

David. You can take your MAN CODE and stick it up your you know what. Your man code is stupid and disrespectful to women. I think Juan is a better man than you will ever be. And what's with the beard? Are chicks recognizing you and you have to have a disguise now?

Wes. I still think you are a loser and if everything you said was not true and you were *edited* poorly...I think ABC would have came forward and said that they did so. But they just showed us MORE footage and you didn't come on the show to defend yourself. Then this new info that your nickname is the Rooster? Yep, I think you are a big C*CK. Good Luck with Laurel....

Jake. I love you.

Good Morning from Lake Okauchee

Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy Wife...Happy Life!

Today is our 5 year wedding anniversary and to prove that the honeymoon is over...we will be spending this evening in the Super 8 in Rock Springs Wyoming. There will be no Sexy Time.

We have rented a house with my in-laws on Lake Okauchee in Wisconsin and will be there all week. If that isn't romantic...I don't know what is. And the good news is that the house has internet and I found a bar a short boat ride away with a $10 bottomless glass of wine.

By the way, my sister Bobbi is having a giveaway in honor of her 100 post. Stop by and say hi and enter to win!

I leave you with a post from last year...it is our love story.


Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous.

~Albert Einstein

We met on eHarmony, in August 2003. Calvin was one of 10 guys that matched my personality profile. We emailed back and forth for a week or so and then we decided to meet at The Village Inn.

After three hours of drinking coffee and non-stop talking. I was smitten.

He called and asked me on a proper date. We met at Bennigans for drinks and the plan was to go to an Indian restaurant, then to a movie. We talked so long that we missed dinner and just headed to the movie. We saw the Kevin Costner blockbuster, Open Range...a romantic/drama/western. I kept wishing he would hold my hand. At the end of the night, he did kiss me goodnight and he asked if he could take me out for my birthday.

I said yes....

He took me to The Melting Pot and we had a great time! I was mesmerized by him and his stories. He looked so handsome and I thought to myself....I could listen to his man talk for the rest of my life. He came to my side of the booth for the dessert course and in between bites of melted chocolate and fruit....we made out like teenagers.

And then....

I didn't hear from him again. Days passed and he didn't call or email me. I became concerned because we had had such great times together and I really thought he liked me. I couldn't imagine that I was wrong.

He conveniently hadn't told me where he lived, so I couldn't stalk him. I finally sent him an email and asked him if he was dead. I had these visions in my head that he was laid up in a hospital bed somewhere and couldn't tell anyone how to contact me, since he didn't own a cell phone so he didn't have my number handy.

He was fine.

He told me that he was trying to decide between ME and two other women. I told him that was fine, figure it out, do what you need to do but I will warn you.....most men fall in love with me. Not to be narcissistic, but it is true. Men love me. I am a catch...that is why I have been caught so many times!

And then I still didn't hear from him and I started to get mad.


My friend Misty and I were supposed to be going to our company picnic at Elitches. We both had worked that day and would just be going for a couple hours so we decided to bail on the picnic and do something else. We had a wild and crazy idea to go to a little mountain town called Evergreen (30 miles west of Denver). This is home to the world famous biker bar called The Little Bear !

Meanwhile.... back in Lakewood, Calvin was out to dinner, hoping to run into some old friends. Amazingly, he did run into these friends and also met a woman at the bar who was meeting a blind date. He told her that if things didn't work out to come back to talk to him. He was such a ladies man! She came by later and dropped a napkin in his lap....it said, meet me in 10 minutes.

He left with her. She said they were going dancing and she wouldn't tell him where. She started to drive up into the mountains.....

I had been at The Little Bear for about 20 minutes when Calvin walked in the door with his whore 'date'. I was facing the door and through the crowd, we immediately locked eyes. It was like a scene out of a movie! I could not believe that he was there. What was he doing here,...of all places. Misty and I checked out the woman. She was thin, but old looking. We decided I was way hotter than her.

His 'date' went to the bathroom and he came over to me. Trying to be all smooth and flirty. I was brushing him off and Misty was telling him to buzz off. He was putting his hands in my pockets and I accused him of trying to steal my money. Finally, he went away, and I started doing shots of tequila.

But he was back a short time later saying that he couldn't find his harlot 'date'. He said her VW Bug Mercedes Convertible was no longer in the parking lot. She must have seen him pawing me and left him there. Then he had the balls to ask for a ride back to Denver. I told him to take a hike.

Turns out Calvin didn't have much cash on him and used all of his change trying to call his brothers to come get him. With his last 50 cents he placed a call to his ex-girlfriend, who eventually got ahold of his brother and relayed the predicament that Calvin was in.

His brother came....with his parents and their dogs. They even stopped at Taco Bell on the way and made a road trip out of it. Calvin was mortified.


I called him the next day to see if he made it home okay because I was genuinely concerned for him. We talked about just being friends and we decided to watch the tv show ED together the following Wednesday.....

We both realized that there was no way that we could be friends. Fate had brought us together in Evergreen and he began to fall in love with me....just like I told him he would.

On December 13, 2003....Calvin proposed to me at the House of Wax in Dallas Texas... in front of my Mom and President Clinton. He even asked my Dad for my hand in marriage!

I said yes.....

On a bright and sunny day in July, four five years ago.....

We joined our lives together for all of eternity. My parents gave me away for the last time in our backyard with our families and a few friends present. It was the perfect wedding for us. We spent our wedding night at The Hotel Teatro in Downtown Denver. That hotel is special to us and it was magical. We ordered room service, almost got stuck in the tub together and passed out too exhausted to consummate our marriage!

The last four five years have been the most amazing of my life. I love this man more than I ever thought I could and I am happier than I have ever been. I have always believed in fate and that things happen for a reason and that true love is the most sensational feeling in the world. And that someday....all of my dreams would come true!

I finally found the man that I belong with and understand what love is really all about. Calvin and I are so good together, we come from similar backgrounds and have the same values and many of the same beliefs. Some of the things he does drive me bat-shit crazy! But he also makes me laugh so hard and I love talking and listening to what he has to say. I feel protected and loved beyond measure.

This is our song.

And then there are these two precious children that are here because fate brought us back to each other and we fell in love....

While the fates permit, live happily; life speeds on with hurried step, and with winged days the wheel of the headlong year is turned." -
-- Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Looks like Jon's getting some Sexy Time

I've been so busy crossing things off my list of things to do before our trip that I haven't had a chance to even think about Jillian today. I'm not going to recap the show because I thought most of it was boring as heck!

My thoughts.

The date with Kiptyn...scared the heck out of me. I wouldn't be caught dead on the top of that 10 foot pole. I thought they worked together nicely and he was really encouraging. I thought it was funny that everything he said to her this week was pretty much what she said to him in Spain. He's no dummy!

The date with Reid make me feel uncomfortable and I think he blew it by not telling her what she wanted or needed to hear. I thought it was hilarious that she called him a Magic 8 Ball. He was being too cautious and admitted to being indecisive. No girl wants to hear that!

Richie...I mean Ed. I loved his green mankini and was so excited that she got to meet his parents. I don't know what the heck happened in the fantasy suite but I think she should chalk it up to too much sun. They are obviously attracted to each other, they just couldn't make sexy time. I was THRILLED that she picked him.

I'm going to try hard to watch The Men Tell All next week...but we will be on vacation. *fingers crossed* that it works out.


There has been something bothering me for a couple days. That something is Hailey Glassman. You may know her as Jon Gosselin's new girlfriend. The 22 year old that has been arrested and convicted of drug possession. Great role model for the kids JON!

I really have never had much respect for Jon Gosselin. I've always thought he was a little on the lazy side and that he deserved much of the flack that Kate dishes out. I think Jon could have been a lot more helpful through the years.

The final straw for me was the 23 year old school teacher. I've been a spouse that has been cheated on and it sucks. His cheating proved to me that not only is he lazy but he is also stupid.

And now....here is more proof that he is an idiot. Divorce papers were only drawn up THREE weeks ago. I really don't think it is appropriate for him to be galavanting around FRANCE with his new whore girlfriend until he is divorced. Can't he wait 3 freakin months?

I can tell you that if my estranged husband was dating women like this and exposing them to my kids I would be livid! I can't even imagine what Kate must be thinking.

Tomorrow is the LAST DAY to enter the giveaway for the $100 Visa Card! I will be drawing the winning name at 6pm MST tomorrow night!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Releasing The Butterflies! NOT!

Remember a while back, we got some butterfly larvae and we were going to watch them grow into beautiful butterflies? Well...we have and they are and now we want to release them into the wild. We decided to take them on a road trip to Salt Lake City to the Red Butte Gardens so that they could have a chance of surviving.

It was a great plan! I got up, got the kids up, dressed, breakfast, make snacks and sippy cups and we were off like a pair of panties. Darling husband had two things to do. Get up and get the butterflies. I'm guessing doing TWO things is TOO much.

We forgot the butterflies.

Regardless, we had a wonderful time walking around and seeing all there is too see! I had my first squirrel sighting! The squirrel population of Colorado was out to get me and I'm now deathly afraid of them. I screamed like a little girl when I saw it. They have a darling children's garden and the most delightfully smelling herb and fragrance garden. My favorite by far...was Edna's Waterfall Garden. It is the most peaceful place...I could have sat there all day.

Note to self: Next time bring....
A picnic lunch
A bottle of wine
My freakin camera
A babysitter
Next...we went looking for some lunch. I had heard about Cafe Trio from my foodie friends on Twitter and it looked darling. There were so many great items on the menu but I decided on the asparagus and mushroom cannelloni and it was amazing! So creamy and yummy....the song AT LAST came on just as I took my first bite and I was in heaven!

Cafe Trio
680 South 900 East
Salt Lake City, UT 84102

We saw the Tulie Bakery next door so we saved a little bit of room in our tummies and enjoyed the most mouthwatering desserts we have ever had. Hubby selected a banana cream tart, the kids each had a frosted cookie (this frosting was out of this world) and I just wanted a little bit of chocolate. Chocolate Bouchon (Bouchon is french for cork) is a small brownie like cake, the outside is crispy and the center is moist and fudgy. Hubby couldn't stop thinking about the slices of cake so he got one of those too and it was the best cake he has ever had. We will be ordering our birthday cake from here in September.

Tulie Bakery
863 East 700 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84102

HERE is a video of our little excursion! You tube has muted it because I used a song that belongs to someone else. But if you can't view the other one....HERE is my video without sound.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Baby Fever and Big Brother 11

I've been gathering up all of our *baby* stuff this week to take to the consignment shop. I've got three activity stations, a high chair, car seat and stroller, a bumbo chair, tons of clothes and my maternity clothes.

The maternity clothes have been sitting in my kitchen for a week. I look at them a couple times a day and realize that I'm not going to be having anymore children. It has made me sad to think that I won't be peeing on anymore sticks and will never feel a baby kick again.

Deep inside my heart I still long for another baby, but I decided that stopping at two children was good for our family. I can actually go places with the kids by myself and Alex and Mallory need a lot of attention at this point in their lives. And let's face it...their Dad isn't getting any younger and I'm not sure he can handle any more kids at his advanced paternal age.

Yesterday, I watched my friend's baby Sophie. She is 15 months old and so sweet. When I told the kids that she was coming they couldn't wait for her to arrive. Alex even waited for them on the front steps. They were great with her, bringing her toys and talking to her. Alex questioned me about why she didn't talk when he talked to her. They shared their goldfish crackers and patted her pretty curls.

I sat and watched them play and thought about how wonderful it would be to have three kids. I couldn't stop smiling the whole time she was here and our home felt full. Mallory, was a little territorial and made sure to come sit right next to me a few times as if to say...you're MY mommy.

Before I knew it, her Mom came to retrieve her and she was gone. Mallory said she missed her and I did too. It was wonderful to have a baby in the house....


Did you watch Big Brother last night? I have watched bits and pieces of this show over the last few years and I've never really gotten into it. I feel like I'm at a loss for things to watch since the Real Housewives don't come on again for a few weeks. While I'm at it...

Real Housewives of Atlanta......July 30th
Flippin Out with Jeff Lewis....August 17th
Project Runway Season 6.......August 20th
The Rachel Zoe Project..........August 25th


So I was watching this show at 1:30am because I was sick to my stomach and thought I needed to hurl. It seems pretty interesting and I'm curious about how they split them up into cliques. There is one houseguest that is bugging me. Her name is Laura but I think her nickname is going to be (0)(0). I think she is the spitting image of Casey Anthony.

Casey Anthony
And I think the reason she did so well in the wedgie challenge was because her (0)(0) are filled with air! If you are on Twitter...you can get show updates HERE....and updates from the HOH HERE.

Did you watch this show? Is anyone standing out for you?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Bachelorette...It Ain't Me Dude

Oh Jillian. I was completely prepared to throw things at you this week because you appeared to be the dumbest woman in Canada. But then you gave me hope that you do have a good head on your shoulders.

The group went to Spain for their hanky panky dates. Or as Mama Kat called them...four one night stands.

Kiptyn was first. She has adored him from the start and thinks he is the perfect package with all of the qualities that someone would want to marry. She mentioned his hometown date and how cool his family was. And then she said that his mom was a doll and full of energy. That was code for...your mom is a little overbearing and I'm scared that she might be my Mother-in-law soon. They had some serious conversations and he told her that a proposal seems far off. She was obviously taken back and told him that she wants an engagement at the end of this and that you must take a leap of faith. At the end of the date, she turned down the one night stand saying that she didn't want to get her feelings confused by knocking boots with him. They did cuddle somewhere for a little bit but then she sent him on his way.

Reid was next. She described their relationship as slow to start but that they have physical chemistry and that she's crazy about him. She does question if he is ready. Their date was really funny and romanic (this is how REID says romantic and would be a deal breaker for me), they had a picnic basket and they needed to fill it with food but they don't speak any spanish and found it difficult to order anything. During the date, Reid continually says that he really, really likes her and tells the camera that it could be love but he isn't sure. Jill is giddy around him. Also, no one night stand for him either.

Oh Ed. (sigh) He earns himself a run, hug and squeal! Jillian is worried that Ed is too career driven and is still upset that he left her. They talk about it but I really didn't get an explanation from him...just that he couldn't stop thinking about her. They discussed how she didn't get to meet his family and she asks about them and he doesn't really say much. He also has horrible eye contact skills and it's freakin me out. Ultimately, she invites Ed to the fantasy suite so that she can catch him up to the other guys and by catch him up she means make out for hours.

Last and certainly least is Wes. Before he even meets up with Jill he makes a remark about the music scene in Spain. DUDE. You are here to see Jillian. They meet up and take a bike ride to a picnic where he sits as far away from her as he can, doesn't looks her in the eye and hasn't touch or kissed her at all. She is noticing the lack of affection and when she asks him if he would move to Vancouver for her he just *blinks* and doesn't really give an answer. They he used a great conversation ender....he spilled his beer all over his @ss. At dinner, he was distant and when she again grilled him about Laurel...he slipped up and said that he told some of the guys about his *girlfriend* and that he was with her for 6 years (was she with Wes when she was texting BRAD WOMACK?) Then he admitted that he was there because his manager thought it would be great for his music. And he told her Numero Uno is most important!

At this point, I am yelling at the TV...WALK OUT JILL! KICK HIM TO THE CURB! NO FANTASY FOR YOU PAL! He says he thinks they should use the fantasy suite. I almost lost my mind!

Jillian comes to her senses and escorts him outside to a cab. She says that she is embarrassed that he rode her this far....

And then we had The Most Clearcut Rose Ceremony EVER! And I was sad to see that Chris Harrison didn't make it to Spain. As the guys are standing there...Wes remarks to the guys that he will soon be back home having lots of sex. The looks on the guys faces....priceless!

Jillian comes out and thanks the guys for making her feel beautiful and in love. (expect for you Mr Jack@ss..you know who you are) She selects Ed, Reid and Kiptyn to be her lovers in Hawaii and walks Wes out to a waiting limo.

This is where it got really interesting. Wes says...he is the FIRST GUY on the Bachelorette to make it to the top 4 with a girlfriend! With an ugly smirk on his face he said it's going to take him a loong time to get over this and then says he is going to get his freak on in Spain! EVERYBODY'S GONNA KNOW MY NAME! He says that his acting days are over and that this was just a bump in the road....and he's cutting off the chains. THEN...he said that ED wouldn't even get so much as a nibble back in texas.

Dear Wes *Asshole* Hayden,

First of all, I would nibble ED from head to toe. He is a real man and you...my friend, are a loser!
I don't think I have ever hated someone on a reality show before. You are a sorry excuse for a man and I hope to god that no one buys your music. Just because everybody knows your name...doesn't mean that you will benefit from it. If I walked into a bar in Texas and saw your name on the marquee...I would walk out. The only job I really think you're cut out for is delivering singing tele-grams. Or maybe a singing Wal-Mart greeter. Here's the thing...you are just a run of the mill bar band. I've seen my fair share and you aren't anything special. In fact, you are an embarrassment to country music. OH and here's a great title for your next single....It Ain't Me Dude.

Good Luck...you're going to need it.

Please take the poll on the left...thanks!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

I Love a Parade!

We have had the best weekend! Calvin had Friday off for Independence Day so we decided it would be the best time to take the kids to their very first movie! We saw UP and they loved it! Poor Mallory is too small to fit in a seat so she sat in my lap. They loved that they got to eat popcorn and JuJuBe's in the morning and we loved sharing our love of movies with them.

Then we went to Zeppe's for some frozen custard for lunch.

Friday night, we grilled steaks and sat on the patio with a glass of wine and listened to our neighbors behind us practicing for the parade. They had their band set up on the back of a big truck. I love live music and they played for hours....

Saturday, we were sooo excited to walk a couple blocks from our house to see the Cherry Days Parade. Folks in our town start setting out their chairs along the parade route days ahead of time. We had just arrived when we ran into our neighbor across the street. These are the only folks that have really been friendly to us and their daughter is our babysitter. He invited us to come sit in their roped off area and some of our other neighbors were there. Everyone was very nice to us and even offered us chairs to sit in. One of the boys, gave Alex and Mallory some of the poppers that you throw on the ground and they pop. They loved these things!

We were all waiting patiently for the fly over to signal the beginning of the parade!

Once the parade started...all of these kids walked into the streets with plastic bags. We soon discovered that every float throws candy and the kids scramble to retrieve it. Alex was so excited about this and he was great at grabbing a couple pieces before the vultures other kids took them.

Mallory wasn't interested in the candy or much of the parade. She was interested in eating all of the grapes that I brought as snacks.

For some unknown reason, Alex decided to eat his own fingers. I thought his eyes looked so pretty in this picture.
During the parade, a float from our doctor's office was going by. The kids' pediatrician was walking with his son, recognized us and came over to where I was sitting and gave me a water bottle with the clinic's logo on it. I was amazed that he had seen us in this crowd of people.

We let the kids stay up very late so that we could take them to see the fireworks. Around 9:15pm we headed over to Pop's Malt Shop to get some shakes before driving to find the perfect place to watch. We were the only customers there and they brought out some little fireworks and lit them in the parking lot for us. The kids even got to hold some sparklers. The grocery store was in our way for viewing so we drove a few blocks away and sat and watched the kids' first fireworks display. They loved it! Mallory kept saying Boom Shakea Shakea.

This was such an amazing day. For the first time since we moved here 32 months ago...it felt like we were accepted and welcome. The people we spent time with today were so generous and friendly. It felt like we were home....

Alex was up bright and early this morning. (WHY LORD WHY) and he wants to go see a parade and some fireworks. Oh sweetie....not until next year.