Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Looks like Jon's getting some Sexy Time

I've been so busy crossing things off my list of things to do before our trip that I haven't had a chance to even think about Jillian today. I'm not going to recap the show because I thought most of it was boring as heck!

My thoughts.

The date with Kiptyn...scared the heck out of me. I wouldn't be caught dead on the top of that 10 foot pole. I thought they worked together nicely and he was really encouraging. I thought it was funny that everything he said to her this week was pretty much what she said to him in Spain. He's no dummy!

The date with Reid make me feel uncomfortable and I think he blew it by not telling her what she wanted or needed to hear. I thought it was hilarious that she called him a Magic 8 Ball. He was being too cautious and admitted to being indecisive. No girl wants to hear that!

Richie...I mean Ed. I loved his green mankini and was so excited that she got to meet his parents. I don't know what the heck happened in the fantasy suite but I think she should chalk it up to too much sun. They are obviously attracted to each other, they just couldn't make sexy time. I was THRILLED that she picked him.

I'm going to try hard to watch The Men Tell All next week...but we will be on vacation. *fingers crossed* that it works out.


There has been something bothering me for a couple days. That something is Hailey Glassman. You may know her as Jon Gosselin's new girlfriend. The 22 year old that has been arrested and convicted of drug possession. Great role model for the kids JON!

I really have never had much respect for Jon Gosselin. I've always thought he was a little on the lazy side and that he deserved much of the flack that Kate dishes out. I think Jon could have been a lot more helpful through the years.

The final straw for me was the 23 year old school teacher. I've been a spouse that has been cheated on and it sucks. His cheating proved to me that not only is he lazy but he is also stupid.

And now....here is more proof that he is an idiot. Divorce papers were only drawn up THREE weeks ago. I really don't think it is appropriate for him to be galavanting around FRANCE with his new whore girlfriend until he is divorced. Can't he wait 3 freakin months?

I can tell you that if my estranged husband was dating women like this and exposing them to my kids I would be livid! I can't even imagine what Kate must be thinking.

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  1. isn't it creepy how she actually resembles Kate, she looks like she could be kate's sister. I haven't caught much press of the two of them, which makes me happy!

  2. HOLY COW Denise! I didn't even notice! Someone needs to photoshop a reverse mullet on her!

  3. i agree with the entire bachelorette portion! and as for jon...he's a complete d-bag. he makes me sick to my stomach. and that girl is a frigging media seeker...thats the only reason she's with him. his decisions are so irresponsible that it makes me angry! kate is so much better off without that loser!! and to top it off, now he SMOKES! WTF? holy midlife crisis...

  4. Jon needs to calm down and should have waited until the divorce was final before parading around with that HO! The poor kids!!!! Kate is not perfect either but I believe she has the kids best interests at heart. I do hope she slows down on her touring though and spends some more time with them.

    As for Jill....it was a bit boring, in fact I was on FB through the whole Kypton date and don't feel like I missed that much. She went a little overboard with the whole ED thing!

    Have a great vacation!!!!

  5. I am SOOO glad I found your blog! You write what I am thinking. I love the bachlorette and so glad you shared your thoughts from this week. I do agree to chalk the night up with Ed as to much sun that day!!
    Who is she going to pick??

    As for Jon's girlfriend...I had not heard that!! I use to think he was okay until this season and when they talked about getting divorced he was selfish and never showed any emotion. He is a freaking idiot and I feel so sorry for Kate because she is going to end up raising the kids all on her own and that is not fair!!! What a dumb butt (to put it nice)!!!

  6. I saw the part about Jon yesterday on Yahoo! - and I instantly thought, "What a scumbag". But then again, the same thing happens to hundreds if not thousands of women everyday, the only difference is they got through it without a camera in their face 24/7.

  7. Did you see the picture of her face planting into an actual plant in a hotel? CLASSIC. The whole thing bugs me, his poor kids are going to read all this at some point and put the timeline together. I never thought I'd say this but I feel for Kate at this point. No one deserves that kind of public humiliation.

  8. I am so glad to finally see someone else feels the same about Jon Gosselin as I do!! I could not believe he was already photographed holding hands and what not with her! It makes me want to spit nails!!

    Have a great trip!

  9. Jon Gosselin is a moron, and I hope someday he can look back and feel ashamed of his very public mid-life crisis...he'll regret it all later...live it up buddy, your 15 minutes is almost over!

  10. That chick isn't even pretty! You know the only reason she's dating him is for the press. Although I have to say it's pretty funny that she went into hiding in France because she's was upset by the bad press about her!
    That's what you get for being an ugly, home wrecking, ho bag!

  11. Connie,
    I just discovered your blog yesterday and I feel like I have found a kindred spirit! Or at least one who likes all of the shows I like and likes to discuss them! I too am disgusted by Jon Gosselin. I agree that if I were Kate, I would be out of my mind with anger and disgust. I'm loving the Bachelorette, too. Can't wait to see all of the guys next week. Hope you get to watch it!

  12. Okay, oh my gosh, that is horrible!!
    I read this a couple days ago and have had it opened since.

    I am shocked.

    Does that spell 'spite' to you?? It does for me!! That plastic surgeon and his wife LOVED Kate! He did the surgery for free. They had her stay in their home. and became very close with her.

    This, to me, reads revenge and spite. What a jerk.

    I bet her parents are so pissed with both of them.

  13. Ugh - I'd be happy if both Jon and Kate disappeared. TLC needs to cancel their contract STAT.

  14. I think the Gosselins are proving what kind of people they really are. He is so gross.

  15. Yeah he needs to stop parading around with his gf in my opinion...not cool!

  16. I decided not to watch the show after seeing that France thing. I am not going to fund anymore of this crap by watching it. I think it is so disrespectful and idiotic to run off with her and hold hand and god knows what else. He thinks the grass is going to be greener on the other side but guess what buddy, you're going to get old and be a has-been and IF anybody wants you, their going to want to settle down and have a family and then what? You'll have had your fun and want to run back to your family? Good luck getting them back.


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!