Friday, July 10, 2009

Baby Fever and Big Brother 11

I've been gathering up all of our *baby* stuff this week to take to the consignment shop. I've got three activity stations, a high chair, car seat and stroller, a bumbo chair, tons of clothes and my maternity clothes.

The maternity clothes have been sitting in my kitchen for a week. I look at them a couple times a day and realize that I'm not going to be having anymore children. It has made me sad to think that I won't be peeing on anymore sticks and will never feel a baby kick again.

Deep inside my heart I still long for another baby, but I decided that stopping at two children was good for our family. I can actually go places with the kids by myself and Alex and Mallory need a lot of attention at this point in their lives. And let's face it...their Dad isn't getting any younger and I'm not sure he can handle any more kids at his advanced paternal age.

Yesterday, I watched my friend's baby Sophie. She is 15 months old and so sweet. When I told the kids that she was coming they couldn't wait for her to arrive. Alex even waited for them on the front steps. They were great with her, bringing her toys and talking to her. Alex questioned me about why she didn't talk when he talked to her. They shared their goldfish crackers and patted her pretty curls.

I sat and watched them play and thought about how wonderful it would be to have three kids. I couldn't stop smiling the whole time she was here and our home felt full. Mallory, was a little territorial and made sure to come sit right next to me a few times as if to're MY mommy.

Before I knew it, her Mom came to retrieve her and she was gone. Mallory said she missed her and I did too. It was wonderful to have a baby in the house....


Did you watch Big Brother last night? I have watched bits and pieces of this show over the last few years and I've never really gotten into it. I feel like I'm at a loss for things to watch since the Real Housewives don't come on again for a few weeks. While I'm at it...

Real Housewives of Atlanta......July 30th
Flippin Out with Jeff Lewis....August 17th
Project Runway Season 6.......August 20th
The Rachel Zoe Project..........August 25th


So I was watching this show at 1:30am because I was sick to my stomach and thought I needed to hurl. It seems pretty interesting and I'm curious about how they split them up into cliques. There is one houseguest that is bugging me. Her name is Laura but I think her nickname is going to be (0)(0). I think she is the spitting image of Casey Anthony.

Casey Anthony
And I think the reason she did so well in the wedgie challenge was because her (0)(0) are filled with air! If you are on can get show updates HERE....and updates from the HOH HERE.

Did you watch this show? Is anyone standing out for you?


  1. I remember the feeling when we had our last daughterof thinking this is it....made me really sad!

    Yes I did watch Big Brother...I don't like that girl already. I do she that she looks like Casey Anthony.

    The one that sticks out for me it the girl that has the Phd. I think she may do well.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Am I the only blogger out here that didn't watch Big brother? Lol maybe I should join in next week :)

  3. Okay few things. :)

    One i love BB, it is probably the trashiest show on TV but you end up hating 'characters' like we did Wes from the BAchelorette, except times wes by at least 5 b/c that is how many people you will dislike at some point on this show. :)

    Two. I so have baby fever too. I broke down last night and bawled like a baby to my Mom. It isn't something I have shared in Blog world b/c it is just so personal to me, but I have been trying for two years and nothing:(. Last night, one of my very good friends, who just started trying (and who is 10 years younger then me) found out that she was pregnant. And even though I am SO EXCITED for her, I am also very discouraged.

    I just have to pray and know that God has his timing.

    Look forward to watching BB with you and CANT WAIT for Project Runway! :)

  4. @Tina...I like the PHd girl too!

    @KatieLane...I almost didn't watch it. Just decided at the last minute to record it last night. It's on again on Sunday.

    @Michelle...I feel for you! When I was married to my exhusband I tried for 6 years to have a baby. It is so frustrating when it doesn't happen when you want it to. I just came across a You Tube video for Yoga for fertility. Can you email me so I can send it to you.

  5. I think we all wish we could go back and do it again (the good parts I mean), but when you decide that your family really is complete, then you have to just go with that - no regrets. And having three small children, I can tell you, it is REALLY hard to go anywhere solo with them. Even with two parents, they all run in different directions. I recently spent the weekend with just my boys while Chris took Eleanor out to CA. It was like a vacation - so easy! I doubt I'd feel that way if I had two kids - but when you take one away for a little while, it really does make a difference!

  6. We recently went through and got rid of everything baby, it was a lot harder than I thought it would be and I cried when my hubby took the last of it out. But I am at peace with our decision now and loving all the extra room we have! haha

  7. I don't have any words of wisdom to offer on the baby issue since we are child-free, but I can give you {{{hugs}}}. I always believe in following my heart and if something is telling you your family is complete then it probably is. And you do seem to have a really great family! :-)

  8. Project Runway is not going to get here fast enough! Thanks goodness True Blood is on right now to tide me over.

    I must be the weirdest mom on the planet - After I had Madaline I was stoked to pack up the maternity cloths and have systematically been moving out the baby gear for months. No more baby here! One is enough.

  9. I had my tubes tied after my fourth baby. I was asked so many times along the way to that moment if I was sure. I knew I was sure. I had no second thoughts. I even gave a huge two-thumbs-up sign when I was asked one last time in the operating room (that made the nurses laugh).

    But I distinctly remember clearing the kitchen table. Something about an empty table made me think about the fact that I could not have any more children. There was something so haunting about that moment.

  10. I'm a BB junkie! I got hooked on it 2 or 3 seasons ago and each year I say, "it's too much...too many shows in one week, I can't waste my time with it" and then the season premiere hits and I'm all giddy waiting for it to start.

    I LOVE IT!

    I, too, cannot stand laura and you're so right- she looks like Casey Anthony!! WEIRD!

    No more kiddos for you??

    You can have them and give them to me so I don't have to push any out of my va-jay-jay. If it weren't for the actual birthing process, we probably would have had kids 10 years ago :)

  11. I know just how you are feeling. It is a hard thing to come to terms with. I still get baby hungry when I see little newborns.

    I haven't watched Big Brother for years. I should tape it. I really need something to watch at night.


  12. I am addicted to BB. Even read the blog for daily This season I cant say I like anyone just yet, maybe the girl with the phd. The clique thing is different, last season they paired couples up to make "love matches".

    I totally get the baby fever... its a fever going on at my house too. Especially now that the boys are like little boys!! BUT like you 2 children completes our family. :)

  13. Hiya from SITS! :) Your kids are adorable!

  14. My baby fever got cured the minute I found out I was pregnant with baby 4 when baby 3 was only 6 months old :)

    Beware of thinking about baby 3! I'm purging as soon as Jason outgrows stuff b/c I don't want to have to think about it and be sad later that those days are over. They are over, but after 4, it's almost like, eh, what's another? (I did NOT just say that!) Casey Anthony - you're funnY!


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!