All About Me

My name is Connie.  If you want to get ahold of me my email is

I'm the wife of iKeith.  We've been together for 11 years, married for 10.  It was a whirl-wind romance that started after we were matched up on eHarmony. We had a rocky start....he was trying to decide if he wanted to pursue me and I thought he was dead! A chance encounter in the beautiful mountain town of Evergreen and our fate was sealed!

Two beautiful children (Alex, age 9 and Mallory, age 8) a 4 year hardship tour to Utah and we've been back in our hometown of Denver for 5 years.  Our kids are both 3rd Graders and we love our school.  We volunteer whenever we can and in our spare time, we travel and go out to dinner.  I'm in my 3rd year as the PTA President, it's a dream come true!

iKeith was a software developer for Double Encore in Denver.  They build apps and they rock the socks off from every project that is presented to them!  Needless to say, we're an Apple obsessed family and keep up on all of the latest trends. Keith is now a senior developer for Brandwise in Lakewood.


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