Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Buick Discovery Tour

It's snowing again.  Yes, it's April and we've had more snow this month than we've had our entire winter.  I'm ready for SPRING!  Luckily, Sunday was a beautiful day.  It was a bit overcast but the sun was out when we test drove a new Buick Encore.

Actually, Rachel gave us a ride. I don't like to drive in downtown Denver if I can help it.

Photo Credit: Connie Weiss

What do you think of when you hear Buick?  You probably remember the super reliable and big cars that your grandparents drove, right?  I've always thought Buick cars were too expensive and that's why older folks drove them.

Funny story!  When I met Keith I drove an Oldsmobile.  Four doors, vinyl top and electric doors and windows.  It was a Grandma car.  While we were looking at the cars he told me that he almost didn't keep dating me because of my car.  WHAT? Rude! 

Buick....you've come a long way since my Grandma's grocery getter!  I fell in love with a couple of the cars.  I'd love to put Keith in the new Verano when his car wears out.  It comes in a turbo (which he doesn't need) and it gets great gas mileage. 

Plus, I think it would be fun to have a Murano and a Verano.  And, Peyton Manning LOVES the Verano. Have you seen the commercial he's in?  I love it!

Photo Credit: General Motors
You're probably wondering why Keith and I were running around downtown Denver letting pretty school teachers drive us around.  We were invited to The Buick Discovery Tour that was put on by Buick (obviously) and Food and Wine Magazine.

I spent a lovely three hours at the Four Seasons eating, drinking and watching food demos by amazing chefs.  You may not know this but in my former life (BK...Before Keith) I was a manager of an auto repair shop and auto parts store.  I know cars!  In my new shiny Trophy Wife life....I'm a Rookie Foodie and highfalutin gal.

Photo Credit: Connie Weiss

We learned how to make fresh Ricotta and Cavatelli pasta from local chef Alex Seidel of Fruition Restaurant and Farms.  Alex is super adorable and has convinced me to get a sheep, a pig and a pasta maker. THIS JUST IN...Keith says I can't get a sheep or a pig but I can get a pasta maker. We can't wait to visit Fruition and take the kids to the farm for a tour!

Photo Credit: Intersport
Next was the adorable and funny cookbook author and pastry chef, Hedy Goldsmith.  She told us a charming story about her easy bake oven and is very passionate about balancing savory and sweet.  The recipe she made for us had basil in it and it was so delicious!  I can't wait to make the Basil Panna Cotta with Strawberry Consomme for my family.

Photo Credit: Intersport

Our next culinary adventure involved 21 weeks of wine instruction in 20 minutes with the hilarious Michael Green.  We tasted two wines with two different items.  A Sauvignon Blanc that was made better by sucking a lemon slice and a Tempranillo that was fantastic with a piece of dark chocolate.  The most important thing that I learned from Michael was....if a wine tastes good to you, it's good wine and it's okay to swallow.

ME and Michael Green
Photo Credit: Keith Weiss

The best was saved for last!  Michael Psilakis, world famous chef and restaurant owner made the most amazing little Gyro Sliders that I've ever tasted.  He told us a story about how food has connected him to his family and it touched me so much because this is what I want my kids to take away from their lives with me. I want to plant the seed!

Photo Credit: Intersport

I will be testing all of these recipes in the Rookie Food Kitchen in the next few weeks.

At the end of this wonderful experience, we were given many gifts!  Keith has asked me to give his swag away to one lucky reader.  Come to The Rookie Foodie for a chance to win a Buick Discovery Tour Swag Bag.

Disclaimer: I was given free tickets (all the tickets were FREE)  to The Buick Discovery Tour and a lovely swag bag from Food and Wine Magazine but all opinions are my own. 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Be a Smartie, Vote for Connie

I think I've wanted to be the PTA President ever since I heard the song Harper Valley PTA when I was a kid.  I obviously didn't understand the lyrics because it is NOT a pro-PTA song.  If I followed their rules I'd have to send myself a note for drinking too much wine while doing school work with my kids.

Through the years, I discovered my keen ability to organize, plan and lead people. I also have a mild addiction to excel spreadsheets.  I believe that I am born leader and I know that I'm passionate about my school and my kids education.  I'm so devoted to the PTA that at the last meeting a offered to tattoo the name of a local business on my rump in exchange for a donation.

PTA just seems like the perfect place for me to use my talents for good and not evil!

I didn't have any immediate plans to run for President but then the opportunity arose and now next week, I'll be voted in!  I had big plans to actually run for President with shirts and campaign songs.  My BFF Heather is going to be my co-president, provided that we convince another of my friends to be the treasurer.  I've been assembling a TEAM to make the next two years the best this school as ever seen!

I had a few songs selected to use as our campaign song.  Please vote for your favorite!

I've got a campaign sloan too!  

Be a Smartie, Vote for Connie
(and Heather, but mostly Connie)

Disclaimer: This post is all in fun.  The days have not been doggy and Mama can't do crap for you.  Heather is my partner....as long as she doesn't get rid of her iPhone and does what I tell her to do.  Just kidding! She can get a different phone.  Just kidding! 

Note to parents from my school:  If you happened to google my name because it's been in the school newsletter a million times lately and you found my little blog....HI.  Keep in mind that I'm a humor blogger and a part time stand up comedian.  You can catch my act at the next PTA meeting.  It's fun....I promise!    

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Fairy Garden

I've got BIG plans to create a Fairy Garden out in the woods by the lake near our house.  I'm going to secretly create this garden and then happen upon it with my kids.  This may be the coolest thing I've ever done and I'm so excited I could pee my pants.

Actually, I shouldn't say that.  I've been sick for over two weeks and have peed my pants about 30 times.  Having two kids in one year plus coughing constantly equals Connie pees her pants.  I also learned the hard way that you should NEVER cough while squatting next to a small child's desk in a Kindergarten Class.

Back to the Fairy Garden.

I just discovered that TARGET is selling little Fairy Garden sets but you have to order them online.  They are just precious and will compliment my plans perfectly.

I love this Dreamscape Fairy Garden.

I can also see the Backyard Oasis working well for me too.

This is the Fairy Door that I'm ordering from NothinButWood on etsy.

DISCLAIMER: Target is not paying me to write about their stuff. I just can't get enough of Target and had to share.

Friday, April 12, 2013

SMASH Your Year: March

Welcome to SMASH Your Year!  Me and my friend Jessica are SMASHing two (or more) pages a month for the whole year to document our lives!  We don't want to lose these precious memories and scrapbooking is too hard.  It's not too late to join us!

January SMASH pages
February SMASH pages
Jessica's pages

I feel like I lost a week of March.  It was very busy and we traveled 1900 miles to Texas and back.  My daughter also turned 6 and I now have two six year olds for the next couple of weeks.  She thinks during this time that she is the BIG sister.  We let her think that.....

 I did two pages for March and then a bonus TEXAS vacation page.  Only problem is that I accidentally skipped two pages in between.  Dang it.

This month I listed all the great things that happened! I love those little booklets from SMASH BOOK.

I had to do one whole page about the birthday girl!


I've been sick for two weeks so my pages are not as creative as I would have liked.  Hopefully they will be better next month.

And my cover....I added TYPE A.  I think it fits me.

April pages will post on May 9th! 

Friday, April 5, 2013


My friend Jennifer is pregnant with a baby boy and all I can think about is babies!  I know that iKeith won't let me have anymore and my biological clock's battery is dead so I'm going to focus on something I can make happen.

A wedding.  I want to re-marry Keith!

I found the most beautiful wedding invitations from Minted! They are also having an Anniversary Sale right now and you can get 15% off from your order.  I absolutely love the invitations that look like a chalk board.  How original is that?

I can't even remember what my invitations looked like but I know they were not as artistic and cute as these.  Doesn't make you want to get hitched all over again?  It would sure take my mind off from the baby fever.  And my kids could stand up for us.

Look at this inspiration board.  I'm in love!

The other thing that caught my eye at Minted is the Journals.  My kids are just starting to write and Mallory loves writing her private thoughts.  I love this so much because I have been journaling since i was a young girl.  Check out the kids journals, you can have their beautiful faces put on them and personalized the journal with their name.  What an amazing gift for a young writer.

I'm in love with this journal with the Pretty Poppies.  I love this color combination....and you can order any journal with lined pages, blank pages or grid paper.

They have an adorable blog with craft ideas and you can find them on facebooktwitter and pinterest.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Minted but opinions and choice of groom are all mine.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April Goals

I'm still sick....but not too sick to make a list.

March was a blur and I didn't do very well with my fitness goals.  Maybe now that the weather is looking up I'll have more luck.

 March Goals:

[X] Go Shopping with my Sister in Dallas HECK YEAH!
[ ] Have a blogger meet up in Dallas didn't happen.  sad panda
[X] Go to Fort Worth HECK YEAH!
[X] Touch a cow HECK YEAH!
[ ] Lose 2 pounds ummm...no
[ ] Complete Lose a Jean Size Workout 9 times  did it once, husband stole my ball
[ ] Run 7 Times no
[ ] Make Pasta  no
[X] Have Breakfast with Mom's from Mallory's Kindergarten Class  HECK YEAH!
[X] Become the PTA President I've been nominated! 

April is just as busy as March and there are only 37 school days left!  Can you believe it?

April Goals

[ ] Have a Tea Party for my very pregnant friend
[ ] Hold my friend's brand new baby boy
[ ] Run a successful campaign for PTA President
[ ] Bring Vlogging back
[ ] Finally start training for a 5K
[ ] Celebrate my son's 7th birthday 
[ ] Run Walk a 5K
[ ] Read 3 books 

What are your goals for April?  Link up with Angie at My So-Called Chaos.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Down With The Sickness

I had big plans to do a VLOG showing you all of the cool stuff I got while shopping with Bobbi in Dallas.  Unfortunately, I've been sick since Saturday and I've had a turn for the worse.  If I live...I'll try to do it for tomorrow.

I've had plenty to do while laying on the couch because Keith informed me he's finally shutting off the cable TV since The Walking Dead is over for the season.  This means I had to quickly watch 300 hours of DVR'd shows.  I'm all caught up on The Rachel Zoe Project, Whitney and The Real Housewives of Everywhere.

I deleted the entire season of Dallas because J.R. is dead and I didn't want to watch him die.  I'm in denial.

ANNOUNCEMENT: I'm moving Smash Your Year to the second Thursday of every month because I like ordering my photos from Foxgram and it takes about 5 days.  You should also know that they have a new app so you can order right from your phone.

In closing I want to tell you that I can't wait to take my Nyquil tonight and get to bed.  Last night, I dreamt that Channing Tatum was wooing me and trying to get me to leave Keith.  Every time I said No....he'd start dancing.  I woke up in a sweat.  I could have been the fever......

Monday, April 1, 2013

Going Through the Big D

We had so much fun in Texas that I've had trouble really putting a post together. There were so many pictures to go through and I felt like so much happened in just a few days.  

The drive there was long even though we had snacks and a travel scavenger hunt for the kids to work on; it was too many hours in the car.  We've learned our lesson and a few others, like Keith and I are too old to drive after dark and eat Sonic after 8pm.

The kids had fun with the scavenger hunt and Alex didn't realize he was reading words.  Shhh....don't tell him it was educational, it takes all of the fun out of it!  They searched for white trucks, horses, cows, signs, a star, a church, a gas station and a bunch of other things! 

Our first real day of vacation was super busy!  Grandpa Bob took us to the pilot shop at the Addison airport because he needed to get his grandson a log book.  Alex was to supposed to get his first flying lesson but it didn't work out.  We also had a cup of coffee together to celebrate! 

Later that day Aunt Bobbi had a birthday party for the kids at a local park.  She invited some of her friends and their kids and we had a great time.  Even though it was cold and grey.  The kids didn't mind and our giant Texas cake was delicious.  It's true....everything IS bigger in Texas.

Have I ever told you how much Bobbi and I love Target?  I also love that you can buy wine at Target. 

On Monday, we went to Ft. Worth.  My parents have lived in the Dallas area for 16 years and I'd never been there.  I wasn't missing much!   HA!

I did get to sit on and touch a cow which was one of my goals for March.  I loved it!  

Alex sat on the cow too and he also conned his Grandpa into buying him a hat and a stick horse.

We had a wonderful barbecue lunch (review coming this week on The Rookie Foodie) and then we tried to go to Billy Bob's Texas to look around and go to the gift shop.  We ended up walking out because they wanted $2 from each of us for the privilege.  I don't think so Billy Bob! 

Tuesday we did some shopping and I got a new outfit!  We headed out Tuesday afternoon because we learned that when you're old, it actually takes TWO days to drive 800 miles.  We also decided that taking the interstate is the best way to go because you can go very fast!  The kids got to add two more states to their list of places they've been

Oklahoma is beautiful in March! 

If you made it through this entire post you deserve a reward.  Thanks for reading!