Friday, April 5, 2013


My friend Jennifer is pregnant with a baby boy and all I can think about is babies!  I know that iKeith won't let me have anymore and my biological clock's battery is dead so I'm going to focus on something I can make happen.

A wedding.  I want to re-marry Keith!

I found the most beautiful wedding invitations from Minted! They are also having an Anniversary Sale right now and you can get 15% off from your order.  I absolutely love the invitations that look like a chalk board.  How original is that?

I can't even remember what my invitations looked like but I know they were not as artistic and cute as these.  Doesn't make you want to get hitched all over again?  It would sure take my mind off from the baby fever.  And my kids could stand up for us.

Look at this inspiration board.  I'm in love!

The other thing that caught my eye at Minted is the Journals.  My kids are just starting to write and Mallory loves writing her private thoughts.  I love this so much because I have been journaling since i was a young girl.  Check out the kids journals, you can have their beautiful faces put on them and personalized the journal with their name.  What an amazing gift for a young writer.

I'm in love with this journal with the Pretty Poppies.  I love this color combination....and you can order any journal with lined pages, blank pages or grid paper.

They have an adorable blog with craft ideas and you can find them on facebooktwitter and pinterest.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Minted but opinions and choice of groom are all mine.


  1. Those are so pretty!!!

    1. I'm in love with everything they have!

  2. Replies
    1. So cute. I want all of the journals!

  3. pretty almost makes one want to redo the vows

    1. I know! Wouldn't it be fun to plan another wedding?

  4. Cute stuff!! Those drinks look yummy, too.

    How you managed to make a sponsored post funny and interesting, I'll never know. ;o)

  5. Love lined journals! Heading over to check out the blog.


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