Thursday, April 18, 2013

Be a Smartie, Vote for Connie

I think I've wanted to be the PTA President ever since I heard the song Harper Valley PTA when I was a kid.  I obviously didn't understand the lyrics because it is NOT a pro-PTA song.  If I followed their rules I'd have to send myself a note for drinking too much wine while doing school work with my kids.

Through the years, I discovered my keen ability to organize, plan and lead people. I also have a mild addiction to excel spreadsheets.  I believe that I am born leader and I know that I'm passionate about my school and my kids education.  I'm so devoted to the PTA that at the last meeting a offered to tattoo the name of a local business on my rump in exchange for a donation.

PTA just seems like the perfect place for me to use my talents for good and not evil!

I didn't have any immediate plans to run for President but then the opportunity arose and now next week, I'll be voted in!  I had big plans to actually run for President with shirts and campaign songs.  My BFF Heather is going to be my co-president, provided that we convince another of my friends to be the treasurer.  I've been assembling a TEAM to make the next two years the best this school as ever seen!

I had a few songs selected to use as our campaign song.  Please vote for your favorite!

I've got a campaign sloan too!  

Be a Smartie, Vote for Connie
(and Heather, but mostly Connie)

Disclaimer: This post is all in fun.  The days have not been doggy and Mama can't do crap for you.  Heather is my long as she doesn't get rid of her iPhone and does what I tell her to do.  Just kidding! She can get a different phone.  Just kidding! 

Note to parents from my school:  If you happened to google my name because it's been in the school newsletter a million times lately and you found my little blog....HI.  Keep in mind that I'm a humor blogger and a part time stand up comedian.  You can catch my act at the next PTA meeting.  It's fun....I promise!    


  1. I think this is such a perfect fit for you. I know how much you care and what a great advocate you are for those kids.

    Not to mention that your organizational abilities are far beyond human capabilities!

  2. You will make a great PTA president.

  3. You go get it done, Connie!!

  4. you have my vote you will totally rock

  5. I vote Slave For You, but only if you wear that slinky green outfit and carry around an albino boa constrictor and get it all on video.

    Hope you win!

  6. LOL! I love the disclaimer at the bottom! :o) Good for you running for president. You got this one in he bag!

  7. You will be awesome! And yes love your disclaimers!


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