Monday, June 13, 2011

What You Missed: Unplugged Edition

Internet was intermittent today.  Managed to get a few photos uploaded but the video is still a no go. Going to post this before the web goes down again.

Daddy's Home!

iKeith came home from San Francisco on Friday night and we couldn't be happier! Mallory even broke out into a dance in the middle of the airport. I have the most adorable video of it....but my internet has been wonky since Thursday and I can't upload it. I'm seriously video challenged lately.

Was really happy to have iKeith home since when the pizza guy came to the door Thursday night...Alex told him that Daddy was not home and was in San Fran. I made double sure the doors were locked that night and gave Alex his first scare...about what strangers can do. He informed me that the pizza guy is NOT a stranger...because he brings pizza.

Connie and the Not Bummer Summer

We already completed two items on our list. We got ice cream at Sonic and yesterday we went to Dinosaur Ridge. We'll be doing both things again really soon!

Really Just a Yard Sale with Music

Thursday night I was trying to eat my pizza watch The Crappy Life of the American Teenager when I kept hearing really obnoxious music.  I finally figured out it was coming from just outside my patio and there were people setting up a tarp and hanging clothing from the tree limbs. There was a guy playing some kind of an instrument and then I spied a portable grill. I flipped my lid when I saw people leaning up against my very expensive vehicle! I went out to move my SUV and they had so much stuff set up that it took all my driving skills to get it out of there.  I might have run over a church lady.

When I got back to my apartment....I saw this hanging on my door.

A carnival.....with free used clothes.

When A**holes Attack

Saturday night....I went to bed kind of early because I got ZERO sleep while iKeith was gone.  I had just drifted off when I heard a ton of racket and then I heard Don/Dawn's dog freak out!  I was so out of it that I didn't really know what had happened...but I thought maybe people were drag racing down the street right outside my apartment.

When A**holes Attack

Turns out some jack hole in a street racer decided to do some cookies in the grass out side my patio. (it IS a popular location lately.. Maybe he hates clowns) He tore up the grass and scared the hell out of me and iKeith.  He was going to call the police but figured it was probably a gang member and he didn't want to get involved in any shenanigans.  Mick claims that they just evicted someone and he thinks it might have been them.  Awesome!

I really, really think it's time for us to move.  And Living Social Daily Deals agrees with me.

Get The Door!

So...Thursday, when I was completely without internet and had a migraine on top of it.  I decided I wanted to order a pizza. I haven't called in a pizza order in....about 3 years. I love ordering Domino's online and watching the tracker as they make my pizza.

I called.  And they had my order history! YAY!  So I placed my order for 1 medium half cheese, half ham and 1 medium ham and mushroom.  I order this ALL THE TIME!

They screwed up my order.  They sent me TWO half cheese, half ham pizzas.  Why the hell would I do that? If that's what I wanted....why wouldn't I order ONE cheese and ONE ham?  They also didn't give me the coupon price. I will NEVER call for a pizza again!

And now I don't have to....Domino's just came out with an iPhone app so you don't have to talk to their incompetent employees.


  1. That's a good update for not having internet! I want some ice cream cones. And Dinosaur Ridge sounds fun! I bet my boys would LOVE that.
    Um. Cookies on your grass??? That is FREAKING RIDICULOUS. You need to move. Stat.

  2. Dominos sucks. We got the most awful pizzas from there a few months ago. I think we ended up using them for frisbees. :)

  3. I want ice cream now :) Dinosaur Ridge sounds so fun!!! You so need to move :(

  4. I'd probably buy the living social deal and force myself to move. My life revolves around my impulsive living social deals... A great way to live.

  5. this had me all kinds of laughing! Dino Ridge sounds fun!

  6. I can't believe you had two monumental annoyances outside your apartment building in such a short time. So not right!

    And the half pizza order screw up was so stupid of them!

  7. LOL calling in pizza orders suck!

  8. Damnit Connie, now I need pizza! And it's a craving I've been fighting off for a week now and I just can't hold it back anymore. And of course I get weighed in tonight so I'll feel guilty for ordering it after having gained ten pounds in two weeks. Alex is right, the pizza guy is a friend for the reason he stated.

    I hope you at least went and visited the carnival. My BFF and I love visiting shotty carnivals, you know...the kind that illegal Mexicans run?

    What's Dinosaur Ridge? I'm sure I want to go...

  9. All I can say is...I can relate. Lots.

  10. I love the Not Bummer Summer idea. It never occurred to me to do something like that with Maddy. I think I need to go make a list.

  11. My only thought is, I wish you had gone further in depth about the type of ice cream you had at Sonic...HA! Oh wait, that's my job. YUM! And I MUST go to Dinosaur Ridge with the kids soon. And add another thing on my list of to-dos - do donuts in your front lawn as well. Ok, check and check.

  12. Mmmmm pizza, ice cream... I'm hungry. I wish we had a Dinosaur Ridge here too - sounds like something my kids would LOVE!

  13. No kidding-- agree with what Mimi said-- you have a great way with words and your posts!! I love it... and I'm followin you back too- how was I not before? bizarro! hugs!

  14. Here I thought we were likethis but I note differences. For one: I don't eat vanilla; my ice cream must be a shade of brown. (It's me, not you... ) And two: Dominoes is not really pizza. Not to be unkind and NYC-centric, but it's not. Sorry to hear that your apartment is adjacent to party central, and very glad that your isweetie is back home.

  15. Love the photo of you and Mallory with the ice cream... there is nothing else like going out for soft-serve. I have been eating WAY too much ice cream lately, but I just LOVE it.
    Sucks to have to be in the situation you're in, I think you should take up that "Living Social" offer and get the hell out of there. =)


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!