Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Five Ways I'm Just Like Emily Maynard

Five Ways that I'm Exactly like Emily Maynard.

Star of The Bachelor: Brad
1. People always want to know what we're wearing....and where we got it.

Yellow Shirt from Old Navy
2. We both have a 5 year old.

My 5 Year Old

3. We are both not real blondes.


4. We both look like Disney Princesses.

5. People like to make up stories about us and try to friend people we know on facebook to get info about us.


Bachelor Pad Cast

Gia Allemand (Jake's Season)  Again?
Holly Durst (Matt's Season)  Irritating!
Vienna Girardi (Jake's Season) Why?
Jackie Gordon (Brad's Season)  Boring!
Michelle Money (Brad's Season) The Reason I'm Watching!
Ella Nolan (Jake's Season) Who?
Erica Rose (Lorenzo's Season)  Didn't watch this season.
Alli Travis (Brad's Season)  Not my favorite.

Graham Bunn (DeAnna's Season) Very cute!
Kirk DeWindt (Ali's Season) UGH!
Kasey Kahl (Ali's Season) Subtitles?
Jake Pavelka.... I HATE JAKE!
Justin Rego (Ali's Season)  Rated R...Rated NO!
Michael Stagliano (Jillian's Season)  Why?

But wait....there's more! Three Mystery Men from Ashley's season will be joining in as they are sent away without a rose! I've read that Bentley is NOT one of them.  A shame really because I think The Bachelor Pad would be the perfect place for him.  If you watched The Bachelorette...you know that the reason Bentley will NOT be on is because he will be back to torment Ashley.  WHY?

This train wreck begins on August 8th.


  1. But you're prettier. And your boobs are prolly real. :)

  2. Wow - you two could be twins! I love the blond hair!! :)

  3. I think you are way more famous!

  4. Now I feel like I should start watching that show to watch you...er...Emily.

  5. I had to google Emily Maynard :) but I love the list!

  6. I love Emily. Now I know why I love you too. I like the blonde Connie. Cute!

    Okay...I'm sooooo ready for BP but I'm NOT happy about some of the names on the list (and some of the SAME as last year does NOT make me happy). But I'll be watching anyway. Now I just need to see what happens on Monday with Bentley. They must have paid him to come back and torture her.

  7. Until this post, I had not a clue whom Emily Maynard was/is. But, I admit, I'm very happy you finally shared where that pretty yellow shirt is from! Thank you!

  8. I love your old blonde look!

  9. Michelle is going to cause some crazy - can you imagine if her and Bentley were on together?

    This will be my first Bachelor Pad - I don't know what to expect. I'm hoping for greatness.

    I like blonde Connie. I used to be blonde too, we should go back!

    PS you are FAR more interesting than Emily, I'm 110% sure.

  10. Was just going to say, Emily who? I like your blond look as well! Looks very natural.

  11. You make me laugh... Thanks :-) I needed that....

  12. This is the only post I've read of yours on the Bachelor/ette because I had no idea who Emily Maynard was... TeeHee!
    I completely disagree with you that you are like her, you are SO much better. (Hey, you look great as a blond.)

  13. I LIKE you WAAAAAY better :) I don't think I do not think I will be tuning in for that one. I have watched 2 episodes of the bachelorette and can't STAND it!!


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!