Thursday, May 13, 2010

Reclaiming My Family Room

There was a time...not so long ago that I was really good at decorating. I was going through some pictures last night looking for the proof that Squirrels are after me when I came across pictures of some of my former homes.

One of them was a 100 year old farmhouse, with broken cabinets, stained carpets, a ceiling that was falling down and at one running water. I decorated that little dump with everything I had in me. I tried so hard to make it pretty....

Since our white leather couch was destroyed by Victoria the Mouse...I had to rearrange the existing furniture and realized that I haven't *decorated* in several years. Once the kids were old enough to break all went into storage or was slowly eliminated in one of my fits of decluttering.

I recently assigned our unused dining room as the kids playroom and relocated most of the toys there.

Today I relocated ALL of the toys there, took back my family room and attempted to decorate with items from other parts of the house. I still feel like it needs some work and I want to get some throw pillows.

What do you think?

Calvin hates that STAR....he thinks only people that live in Texas should have them.  I really love it.

That reminds me...Calvin is on twitter now.  I finally convinced him that if he wants to be a successful iPad developer then he is going to have to embrace social media and learn to tweet.   This might also be a good time to tell you that his name isn't really Calvin.  It's Keith.  He wanted an alias to protect his identity while working on the super special space program...but that's dead in the water so I'm allowed to use his real name now.  Introducing...Mr Connie.

I made this picture for his twitter avatar but he won't use. 

Dear Jen Locke,

Yes. Please jump on twitter and follow me. I tend to chat over there a bit more than Facebook although NOW I won't be able to talk sh!t about Calvin Keith anymore so that's going to cut out about 20% of my tweets. And I won't be able to announce that I'm having a glass of wine at 4pm on a Tuesday. Oh wait...Keith hasn't figured out how to follow me back yet....

Follow me....

If you need me in the next few days...I'll be in the Panic Room reading magazines, eating jello and hopped up on Vicodin.


  1. You gave me a shout out! I guess now I HAVE to get on twitter :) lol! Just one more distraction for my day...

    I think the star looks great, don't let Keith tell you any different! And it's amazing what a lamp and a few little things can do for a room - now it looks like someone lives there :)

    Have a great day Connie! And good luck to you today, I'll be thinking of you :) (Make sure you use the bathroom before they knock you out - I had a 45 minute ride home when mine were done & was so out of it & had to pee and my mom would NOT pull over! I was SO MAD at her!!!)I hope you have a better experience :)

  2. I live in TX, and I have one of those starts hanging in Bud's room. A red one. LOL I like it too, but my opinion may not matter seeing as where I'm from.

  3. Yes!!! Cal - er- Keith- that's gonna be hard- I so like Calvin better!!! is right! STARS ARE for Texas- I have atleast 5 hanging in my house somewhere!!!! :))))

    Good luck today momma- no vicodin-derived comments on my blog today ok??


    p.s. I'm number ONE!!!!!

  4. I told Jeff that he is not allowed to get a twitter account or read my tweets.

    And that picture is awesome.

  5. I think the family room looks adorable.

    Good luck with the tooth thing. :-)


  6. Tell Calvin/Keith not to be a stick-in-the-mud about the pic. It's hilarious!

    And if you decide to get rid of the star, remember your TX friend! (Although I think it looks fab where it is).

  7. Okay, I think you're going to have to tell Keith that he now needs to change his name to Calvin, because since I have thought he was a Calvin all along, I can't picture him as a Keith. LOL, but serious! :) Also, my husband has a major issue with "stars" too, he won't let me put them in our house or outside of our house. It must be a guy thing, cuz I like them! :)

  8. PS- he totally needs to use your twitter picture! I ♥ it!

  9. Maybe Keith has a complex about the star because everything is bigger in Texas?

  10. LOVE your after pics! It's so amazing what a little bit of decorating can do.

    I'll be thinking about you today, Connie. Hope it goes super smooth, and you get a few days of rest and relaxation!

  11. I found Jen on twitter! Yay!

    I love the star. But I also have one. I am also from Texas. I do not currently live there...married that movin' military man.

    I love the profile pic for Calvin. It is obviously not true. -lol

  12. You can come be my decorator... I would post pics of my sad family room but I have to much respect for the world to show them such great sadness.

  13. Connie, I love the afters. And I love the star and I do not live in Texas. I think I need to buy one in hang in my house.

    I am not on twitter. I guess I should check it out.


  14. Nice! I always love a room face lift, makes a world of difference.

  15. That song is often my mantra:)

  16. I love following you on Twitter! I think the star looks great. (I may be biased -- I have about 4 of them throughout my house)...

    Have a great weekend Connie!


  17. i LOVE that picture! i can't believe he won't use it...its friggin bad arse!! and the living room is looking good lady!

  18. so are you really Connie?? lol

  19. I love the new look...I am slowly reclaiming our family room too....

    I hope surgery went well and that you are able to get rest.

    I am still not on Twitter, my husband has been trying to get me on but I am just not sure yet.

    I love that avitar for Keith (that was weird, so not use to his new name)...he should use it!

    Enjoy your drugs, I am waiting to score some muscle relaxers for my back. I hate being laid up!!!

  20. I'm terrible at decorating. IT's sad.

  21. Yay for you reclaiming the room! Now I'm from Texas, so your husband may not be swayed, but I like the star!

  22. I like the star and the room looks great. A few pillows will brighten the room even more, I need to do that with our leather couch too.

  23. Love what you did with the place, darn Victoria! We just purchased a new tv, so our old elephant of a tv has left the room, I'm so happy. I may have a similar post to follow!

  24. No mention of wisdom teeth pulling here either, although do I say congrats to Calvin/Keith or condolences? It's congrats, right? I mean for hopping on the tweetering -- twitting -- tweetie -- tw--phfffttt whatever you call that thing.

  25. I don't tweet. And I'm OK with that. Now I understand why you outed Keith. I though maybe with all the Rx madness you might have forgotten.

    You need drapery panels, ceiling to floor, on either side of that window. I like the barn star, btw.


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!