Monday, May 10, 2010

National Children's Book Week and other stuff

Well...Mother's Day is over for another year and that means I won't have a break for another year. Oh Wait....I'm getting two wisdom teeth removed on Thursday afternoon and I'm planning to milk that situation for all of the rest I can get.

I desperately need the rest. I've been having insomnia and hot flashes for a week and when I mentioned it to Calvin he got all excited and said that the perfect solution for Pre-Menopause is for me to play World of Warcraft again. WHAT? I was thinking more along the lines of AMBIEN!

Nice Try Honey.

Which reminds me...that conversation happened on our date night last week. We had a great time! Calvin was in a fabulous mood and was being funny and dare I say...delightful! We had dinner at The Athenian in downtown Ogden because I wanted to see live Belly Dancing. I recorded this Bollywood exercise show and sometimes I catch him watching it. I guess it's his version of P.orn. I thought I'd take him to see it in person but then they cancelled and our option was for the owner to dance for us.

No thanks.

We ended up at a mexican grocery store (in a scary part of town) to try the selections from their bakery and it was the coolest place we've been for a while! We looked completely out of place (and like we might have been lost) and we were walking around the store yelling to each other when we found something cool. We bought 6 bread/pastries/cookies and a giant piece of cake for $6.25.

And then we ate it in the car.

Did you know it's National Children's Book Week? It is and we're going to do a few book related things this week and I was thinking of not turning the TV on except to watch The Young and The Restless but it's raining again. And Cold. So that means we can't play outside because Mommy freaks the heck out when kids get muddy. We will be going to the library to finally get a library card. Finally. And I want to make bookmarks and I had plan to make bookbags but that would require a trip to the Crap Store and I just don't think I have it in me this week. Did i mention I'm tired?

Okay....have a fabulous Monday and in case you were not aware...the next season of The Bachelorette begins on May 24!

EDITED: Sneak peek of part of my outfit from my date...come see the whole shebang on Wednesday.


  1. Connie- check your local library to see what events they are doing for this week! I am sure they have a story hour for the kids and lots of times they do a craft in conjunction with it.

    Hope you feel better momma!!


  2. I do need to check with the library! There was a blurb in the newspaper and it said to call. I have a talking on the phone phobia so I haven't.

    I like looking stuff up on the internet! Get with the program OGDEN!

  3. I agree that you should milk your tooth thing at least through the weekend!

    And I'm with you- I want to be able to see what's going on by website, not by phone call.

  4. haha! you ate it in the car? awesome!! that's a good date night right there! my kiddos LOVE the library...maybe i should swing by today! hope you had an awesome mother's day! :)

  5. Please milk the wisdom tooth thing. It will be hard. You will need help. Will your sis be in town with you???

  6. @Sturgmom...they told me to expect to recover for a week! That seems crazy to me.

    @Alicia...Calvin ate most of his desserts in the car...because he didn't want to share with the kids. I saved mine for when we got home because I wanted coffee with mine.

    @Katie...Calvin is taking Friday and possibly Monday off. I might have to call Bobbi for reinforcements.

  7. You are such a good mom Connie. Thanks for letting us know about Book week.

    Good luck with your teeth! Yikes - get some ice cream to suck on - lol. Wish I lived closer and could come help watch your kids while you recover :)


  8. Oh Jen! You are so sweet! I think we'll be okay. Of course it will take me a week to clean up after Daddy in Charge....

  9. I so feel for you with the insomnia and hot flashes. I am there. Try some melatonin (300 mcg). I am taking this one hour before bed and it is helping with the insomnia.

    We bought a few books at the book fair at G's preschool today. I will have to check out the library here as well. Thanks for reminding me about it.
    Hope all goes well on Friday.

  10. hope everything goes well with the tooth removal.

    very cute shoes.

    I hate going outside when it is gloomy outside, makes you just wanna curl up with a good book. Oh wait its childrens book week. That may just work... If you could keep the kids interested in their own books long enough for you to read your own.. Probably isn't going to work with kids their age huh? Well I tried!

  11. This post made me laugh out loud. DH and I LIVE in that scary part of town...(guessing that was Rita's Bakery??) :) I definitely understand about looking/feeling ridiculously out of place! It's funny... and scary at times. But hey, the rent sure is CHEAP!

    And cute shoes!!

  12. Cool shoes!

    So on Thursday you are getting your teeth out and I am flying to Vegas. Hmmmm...which sounds better?? :) I will think of you lots, promise!! :)

  13. Woohoo! Can't wait to see your whole date night outfit. Sounds like you had a good/interesting time ;)

    I have a talking on the phone phobia too!

    And I'll be thinking of you on Thursday. No fun, but hopefully you'll get lots of rest and pampering out of the deal.

  14. I wouldn't want to be kicked in the taco - as Sue Sylvester says - with those shoes... I'm sure you looked smokin'. Good luck with the wisdom teeth!

  15. I must be having sympathy insomnia because I havent been able to sleep well in weeks! Please get some sleep soon so I can be less cranky! Please for the safety of my children!

  16. I was just wondering about the bachelorette today. I think it will be the show that makes me start watching TV again (I haven't really watched TV since Jake :)). Love your shoes!!! I also love your bookbag idea but I was just at the "Crap Store" last week and I don't really want to go back.

  17. Awesome shoes. I totally need some new shoes for work. But I need pumps. If feet could cry then mine would have today.

  18. Pointy toes AND tassels!?!?!? Love!!
    Three syllables for you on Thursday:

  19. We are huge library fans. I can request a hold on books I want and then I just swoop in and pick them up, they email me. No searching the stacks anymore! Our library even has free e-Books,not sure iPad compatibility.

  20. I'm late to the party but DAMN I LOVE THOSE SHOES! They are right up my alley! Are they mules? I love mules :) In fact, I have a pair that looks VERY similar to them, but without the tassle. I knew I loved you for a reason :) You have great taste in shoes! Lol!

  21. Girl you should register those shoes!

    Book bags are a great idea. My kids would love the upgrade from grocery sack.


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!