Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rainy Days, Date Night and What I Wore

The rainy cold weather is really putting a damper on my outfits. We aren't doing much outside of the house because it's either too cold or raining, or snowing. The good news is that each day this week is going to get nicer and nicer but unfortunately...I'm going to be laid up recovering from my oral surgery. That just figures doesn't it.

I forgot to take a picture of Saturday's outfit when I went to the Farmer's Market with my daughter and Sunday, Monday and Tuesday I was in my comfy clothes because of the rain...and the mouse!

Utah Weather: 55 degrees, Partly Cloudy
Plans: Keep mouse from running up my pants.

Shirt: Black shirt from Target
Hoodie:  Grey, Victoria's Secret
Pants: White Terry cloth Victoria's Secret
Knee high Socks: Target
Shoes: Saucony

Utah Weather: 30 degrees, Snow
Plans: Coffee Date with Shannon

Shirt: White V-Neck, Target
Hoodie: Black, shrunk in wash, Old Navy
Pants: Black, Danskin for Wal-Mart
Shoes: Saucony

Thursday...Date Night!
Utah weather: 45 degrees and cloudy
Plans: Greek Food and Belly Dancing

Shirt: Boho Shirt,  J.C. Penney's
Pants: White Slacks, New York & Company
Shoes: Joan & David from Nordstrom
Jewelry: silver bangles from Wet Seal and earrings from Payless Shoes.

Utah Weather: 53 and Sunny
Plans: Laundry

Shirt: Purple V Neck, Target
Cardigan: Black, Old Navy
Yoga Pants: Dark Grey, Old Navy
Slippers: PINK, J.C. Penny

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  1. Love the mouse pants!

    You look beautiful in the green shirt!

  2. I love that shirt! And it was on sale at JC Penny recently!

  3. LOVE the green date night shirt! (And you know how I love your shoes!)

  4. I LOVE the shoes you wore for date night! And, damn girl - your look HAWT!!!

    I miss wearing comfy cloths! Perhaps a good reason to stay home this weekend and do nothing?

  5. Love the date night shirt! So pretty! Your mouse outfit is my attire most days, minus the whole sweats in the socks thing

  6. I just bought some Saucony shoes for running--Oh my GOSH! I love them! My old shoes gave me an ankle sprain and then pulled my achilles tendon--a week on the Saucony and I'm always healed!

  7. Almost.* At least you get another M&M!

  8. I bought my Saucony shoes for running and they are amazing! I'll never buy another kind.

  9. LOVE the green shirt. Can I borrow it sometime. ;)

  10. Oh my! I love your anti-mouse pants :D I would be on top a chair with the mouse socks and all!!!

    Cute blog - I love the name.. hee hee!

  11. I love your green boho shirt from Pennys!

    And I know you think the TX heat is bad in the summer (OK, it really is) but I cannot believe it's still "freezing" there! Doesn't Utah know it's almost JUNE?

  12. love the date night outfit! thanks for linking up!

  13. Hawght Momma!!!!! Love Thursday's outfit- you look amazing!!!!

    (not that you don't look amazing in your comfy clothes....)


  14. Love the date night picture, gorgeous girl.

  15. Maybe I'll try this next week. Kind of scares me though!

  16. Connie I love that you are doing this :) I tried a little harder today and actually wore SHOES (not sneakers or my born thongs) grocery shopping, and a SWEATER instead of a sweatshirt. I was almost photographical :) Seriously - I looked at Linday's blog the other day and was like, ok, I wouldn't post a picture of what I'm wearing but I go out in public like this? Really. Anywho! LOVE that green shirt! Lovely on you! And I love that Mallory popped in that picture with you :)

    Good luck tomorrow with your surgery! You will do fine, I'm sure :) Hang in there! At least you can rest in your mouse-free panic room!

    (And I'm thinking I need to just hop on Twitter and follow you...feel like I'm missing a lot!)

  17. I love your blog!
    Great post and some fun outfits, it is great to see what others are wearing.

  18. I love the date night shoes and the pink have such range!!!

    Again...I soooo dig the green top!!!
    (thanks for the sneak peek!)

  19. Um, hello HOTTIE! Love your date night outfit. The mouse catching outfit is nice too . . . in a different way.

  20. I'm thinking you might have some sort of entrepreneurial venture with those anti-mouse pants. You could totally make those and sell them at 3 o'clock in the morning on TV.


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