Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bachelorette Ali Drinking Game

I have been known to drink a glass bottle of wine while watching The Bachelor and Bachelorette.  It helps me pay attention to what is being said and it makes the show a heck of a lot more fun.

Here are my previous drinking games:

Jake Drinking Game (scroll to bottom of post)
Jillian Drinking Game

Take a swig of your drink every time Ali...

  • wears yellow
  • says amazing, job or sexy
  • kisses someone
  • gets drunk 
  • cries 

Take a swig of your drink every time...

  • someone mentions a girlfriend
  • someone speaks in spanish
  • a bachelor gets drunk 
  • a helicopter appears
  • a bachelor tries to kill himself
  • an ambulance is called

Do a shot every time...

  • Chris Harrison appears 
  • a musical group performs for Ali 


  1. oh my...that post was AMAZING!Connie...you are AMAZING. Just AMAZING!

  2. Guess I need to hit the liquor store before the next episode! Let the "Happy Hour" begin!

  3. LOL, I LOVE it! I am totally in!!! and.... just another reason I wish we lived closer so we could watch together. :(

  4. Man I wish I could drink and watch it, maybe Ali wouldn't bother me so much then! BTW I am counting on your Bachelorette updates so I don't have to fully watch the show :)

  5. lol....too funny. I just might give this game a try next week.

  6. ok, I don't drink but if I ate chocolate instead I believe I would experience an enormous weight gain


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