Monday, May 3, 2010

2nd Annual Jen Lancaster Day

Tomorrow is the big day!  The 2nd Annual Jen Lancaster Day! See the 1st Annual Jen Lancaster Day HERE.  It's a very special day all across America where women proudly wear their pastel colored Izod polo shirts and pearls and drink White Russians.  If you don't know who Jen Lancaster is...she is only the most brillant and funny author of all time!  Some people call what she writes Chick Lit...I just call it fabulous.

I will taking the kids out on a bit of a field trip tomorrow in search of the new book.

You are probably wondering why I didn't just pre-order the book.  Well...I enjoy the hunt.  Finding Jen's new book can sometimes be slightly difficult in Utah because she uses cuss words and doesn't have any vampires as characters.  This is fine by me because I'm not a fan of vampires (or wolves)...they scare me.

We will start at the closest bookstore and work out way south until I find the object of my desires!  And for lunch...we shall dine at CHICK Filck A.

If you are a fan don't forget to celebrate Jen Lancaster Day and pick up a copy of her new book My Fair Lazy: One Reality Television Addict's Attempt to Discover If Not Being A Dumb Ass Is the New Black, or, a Culture-Up Manifesto

Oh...and don't forget the the ultra fabulous Real Housewives of New Jersey starts tonight!


  1. I am so gonne look fr that today!!!!! Vampires and wolves arent my thing scary. hee hee

    Those jersey wives and their outfits...that is what I picture us all wearing while we are blogging.

  2. Have a fun hunt! I pre-ordered mine so I bet it will be here SOON! Perfect for my trip to Vegas in TWO weeks!!! :)

  3. Reading this post, it occurred to me that the first time I read your blog was on the 1st Jen Lancaster day! It has been a great year getting to know you & all your adventures. DOn't quite remember exactly how I first stumbled upon your blg, but so glad I did! :)

    And thanks for the reminder; can't wait for all the new Prostitution-whooo-re drama!

  4. Thanks for posting that clip- the book sounds so great!!!! I have been wanting to read her stuff for a long time now!


    P.S. I can not believe I am NOT one of your top commenters. That will change (out comes the competitiveness)

  5. I have one of her books on my shelf that I still havent read! I just havent had time lately

  6. I am waiting until she comes to DC on May 20th to buy it so I can get her autograph at the same time! Whoo, hoo!!!! Can't WAIT to meet her in person! I about DIED laughing in Bright Lights, Big Ass and Bitter is the New Black ....

  7. @ J.J. ~ I'm so glad that I'm not the only one that isn't into vampires!

    @Mighty M ~ VEGAS BABY!

    @Knoxvillepixie ~ So very glad that we found each other! Happy Jen Lancaster Day!

    @Becca ~ I can't believe you aren't in the top 10!

    @Shortmama ~ Make some time my friend!

    @Christina ~ I am so jealous! I want to meet her so badly....last year I stalked her through my sister and my dear friend Vivienne.

  8. If I ever visited I probably be run out of Utah.... I have a tendency to cuss a lot (not in front of the kids, of course!) I've heard of this author before, but never read her work. I'll have to check it out.

  9. *GASP* You don't love vampires (or wolves).

    Let me take a minute to soak up that idea.

    The book sounds great! I hope you're successful in your quest. I think I'll add it to my list of books to read!

  10. I too have one of her books on my shelf that I have yet to read :( I should crack that baby open!

  11. I've never read Jen Lancaster. I'll have to look for one of her books. Which one do you recommend to start? And is it romance? I don't like romance.

  12. ..that is what I picture us all wearing while we are blogging.
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