Friday, March 21, 2008

The One About The Frumpy Mommy Part IV

I had to take a little break from Fighting The Frump.

Remember when I went to buy new jeans to replace the ones that made me look bad? Well, it wasn't really the pants fault, it was the body underneath. The problem is that I am a Hot Mess! But I am working on that. I am training for a 5K race, although I had to take a week off from that too because of Hubby traveling, Mallory's birthday and debilitating migraines.

I went to the doctor this week to talk to her about my disease. Hand to Mouth Disease. I have been exercising very consistently since January 1st....isnt' that when everyone starts exercising? Anyway, the not moving. I thought it was the scale. That perhaps it was broken. But it isn't. So....they are running a battery of tests. Oh, and she gave me this great exercise tip. She told me to do sit ups. Seriously? Sit ups are the answer to my weight loss problem? Oh my Gosh! Thanks so much!!!

I also wanted some help with my horrible, life stopping migraines that have returned with a vengeance after a two and a half year break while having kids. I guess pregnancy hormones agree with me! LOL!! She gave me a preventative drug called Topamax that will hopefully stop me from getting the horrible migraines. The bonus is that they can cause weight loss. YES!

I just completed day two of these miracle weight loss pills and I can tell you this. I could care less if I ever ate again. I have no interest in eating and it took all my power to make my family a meal last night. And the Mountain Dew that I am addicted too. Tastes like crapola and I don't ever want to see one of those freakish green cans again. Alcohol. Don't want that either. I love wine....but I don't want any. No more Hand to Mouth Disease!!! And I have not had a migraine in two days!

now....the side effects. Dizziness, drowsiness, confusion, nervousness.

And you can go bat-shit-crazy.

If you ask my husband. I have already gone there. So....friends and family. If you see me going bat-shit-crazy....please tell my husband. He has been instructed to take my credit cards away and get me a guest spot on How I Met Your Mother!


  1. I feel your pain. I am currently taking a drug that causes weight gain (and I just got off one that causes weight gain), so I'm working diligently and it aint movin....only 6# down and I gained 30# total. NONE of my clothes fit. It SUX!

    Good luck! I'll be cheering you on.

  2. I want migraines!!!!

    Just kidding. I hope this pills have all the desired effects and NONE of the undesired ones.

    Cute post!!

  3. I feel your pain, I have a thyroid condition that causes weight gain. they can control it with medicine but only once you reach 'critical' levels of TSH so none for me yet *sighs* though the ulcer has caused me to lose some weight.

  4. dumping the mountain dew alone is enough to get the scale moving! You are well on your way.
    I am training for a 5K run too. I'm ready to run the race, not because I am fully trained, but because I am sick of running!

  5. I have several friends that were, or are on topamax. Some because they need it, and some because they "say" they need it. :) I hope it helps your migranes.

  6. Since I had my son I have had not luck losing weight either. Doesn't matter what I eat, how much, how little, how much I exercise r how little. I stay within the same 10 lb range...

    What's a girl to do??

    I opted for not beating myself up anymore about it and realizing that I am more than just a very round body. Life is too short to spend it beating myself up over it - I am healthy and I have a great life - why screw it up perseverating about my weight?

    Anyway - best wishes. I hope you get what you are hoping for.


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!