Monday, March 31, 2008

The One About Easter!

I know...I'm late telling you about Easter but in my defense...I had a lot of pictures to choose from and very few of them had the children's faces in them, so I was overwhelmed.

On Easter Eve, we cleared the family room of all of the toys and filled the plastic eggs with goldfish crackers and M&M's while watching Gone With The Wind. Have you seen this movie? It is really, really, really long. Anyway, we had fun hiding the eggs and Hubby made me promise not to force Alex to find the eggs.

As If!

Poor Hubby has a bad childhood memory of being forced to search for Easter eggs when he was 4 or 5 years old.He did get a prize out of the deal and he had a choice between a Mr Peanut Peanut Butter Maker and a Bazooka. He choose the Bazooka and left it out on the boat dock where it got wet and was ruined because it was part cardboard. He regrets to this day that he did not choose the Mr Peanut Peanut Butter Maker. I have a bad childhood memory of competing with a bunch of other kids for Easter eggs at a big Easter egg hunt and older kids stealing my eggs. It's funny the stuff you remember from your childhood that haunts you when you are older!

In the morning, Alex found eggs right away! And Mallory found one too.

Notice in this picture....the yellow egg. We thought for sure that Mallory saw the egg. But she was after something else. Didn't see the egg at all! LOL!

Alex was so funny. He would go find an egg and then come to a little spot in front of the fireplace to eat the contents. If the egg contained goldfish...he would dump it out. If it contained pastel colored M&M's he would pick them out one at a time and savor each one. Saying Num...Num. And he wouldn't share with Daddy or Mallory. Occasionally, one would slip from his sticky little fingers and Daddy and Mallory would scurry to the floor, fighting for it. Too bad Mal is so little and slow....

We gave them gift bags with Chocolate Easter Bunnies and some toys in them....Alex is more interested in what is in Mallory's bag.

My favorite picture from Easter has to be this one.

Our family room without toys!!!

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  1. 1 - i'm laughing at the photo of your family room without toys. soooo many people take that for granted, me thinks.

    2 - how cute are your kids in their PJs??? i LOVE pj's on little kids...and yours are adorable!


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