Friday, March 7, 2008

The One About The Frumpy Mommy Part III

Here I thought that I was doing really well Fighting The Frumpy.

I improved my hair and have been wearing real clothes and makeup. But I didn't realized until last weekend that I am a total Schlumpadinka! I was photographed by my husband with his iPhone while we did some shopping in Salt Lack City and this is what I am presenting to the world.

It looks like it is time to trim my beard!!!

Seriously. The jeans that I am wearing in this photo...I purchased when I was 6 months pregnant with my soon to be 2 year old son. I hated maternity jeans so I got these. They are too big now but they are comfortable so I wear them. I did not realize how incredibly FRUMPY they make me look!

So....In true What-Not-To-Wear style! I am going to throw them in the dumpster!!!! And buy a new pair of jeans tomorrow!!! A pair that fits me!!!

I have also decided to stop wearing my running shoes out of the house unless I am going running. Running shoes are for running and are only adding to my fumpadinkaness!

Any suggestions for fabulous jeans that cost under $30 dollars are greatly appreciated!


  1. Amen sister to not wearing running shoes unless you are actually running!

    You'll feel prettier in shoes that are so clumpy.

    Try the new trouser jeans. Super flattering.

  2. oh honey, please dont dumpster them, take them to the salvation army! someone can use them. I AGREE about the shoes. oh and SHB says it best, trouser jeans rock. I dont have any yet :-( but i do have bootcut ones and those would look great on you with a rockin pair of boots.. oh oh and umm..I got my last jeans like oh heck a long time ago, but they were Levi's from WalMart and they were under $20. So try there!

  3. The clerance sales are great place to find good deals. I agree with SHB the trouser jean is the way togo. I found mine on clerance for like $13.00. Just be deligent when your looking. Make sure they look good, dont just buy them because they are cheaper.

  4. I need to look for new jeans, too. I think I've put on a few pound lately, and I'm looking a little dumpy in my favorite jeans...


  5. Thanks. Today since it's casual Friday at the office, I convinced myself that it was okay to wear my running shoes. Now, I am pregnant, but that is a little TOO casual if I'm going to simultaneously fight the frump.

  6. GOOD FOR YOU on dumping the frump!

    Try Chadwick's for jeans. Lands End and Eddie Bauer have great sales too (I always shop via the internet for my jeans and I've have yet to return a pair yet!).

    Sign up to get their sale ads via e-mail and a catalog vai mail so you can get in on the "good buys". This will help you save on $$$ as well as time.

  7. Hmm, was looking for jeans today, but wasn't actually shopping(the toddler was being horrid) but try walfart, they seemed to have a pretty good and affordable selection, if they dont have any(or you don't want to go there) try a consignment store, they are seriously awesome!


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!