Sunday, March 2, 2008

The One About The Toy Baby....

We got up bright and early yesterday morning for our quarterly trip to Salt Lake City! We love going to the big city because they have stuff. And we are mostly stuffless, suffering in our lack of stuff and absence of good food that we have not prepared ourselves.

We had a very full morning planned right down to the last minute. That is what you have to do when you must travel an hour each way to get to a place that has stores that you want to visit. We usually only go to The Gateway Mall because they have lots of good shopping and a Starbucks. But we were on a mission.

Birthday presents and out of the ordinary cooking ingredients.

We had THREE stops on the list. THREE! I was a bit nervous because THREE stops means THREE times of getting kids, diaper bag and stroller in and out of the car. This is no easy feat!

We arrived at our first stop right on time! We pulled up to Toys R Us at 9:15am because their website told me that they open at 9 am. Guess what.


They open at 10am. I grabbed Hubby's iPhone to double check that I had read it correctly. I Was Right...I am always right. Now I am mad.

We cruised around the parking lot and found the Party America store open so we went in there and spend an hour getting birthday party supplies and Easter stuff. We had a great time!

We finally got to Toys R Suck and we raced around like crazy people looking at toys and trying to find the bathroom. We found these LIttle Mommy baby dolls that coo and you can buy it a matching stroller! It was awesome and Mallory lit up like a Christmas Tree when she saw it. I found one in a purple outfit with blue eyes....perfect!!

Alex took it out of the cart and started loving it. Kissing it and whispering to it. It was so sweet!! We might have to get him one too.....

We got Alex The Mickey Mouse Talking Clubhouse and some plastic Golf Clubs. And a Ball. The kid loves balls!!

We are also getting them a joint gift.

Our Next Stop was Wild Oats Market! I was so excited because there are so many ingredients that I can't find in SuckTown that I KNOW I could find in Denver. This is supposed to be the largest Wild Oats in Salt Lack City. sigh I hate to see what the other one's are like. This store is the size of a WALGREENS! I only found three things on my list. But the Deli guy was funny....he brought the kids some fresh cut cantaloupe and gave us a great Star Wars impression!! He also advised us to lock Mallory in her room when she is 14 years old to keep the boys away! Alex loved the produce department and was running all over asking 'wassdis'!

By this time...the kids where gnawing their arms off. We went to a Hawaiian BBBQ that was right next to Wild Suck. It was really good and so much food that we brought it home and ate it for dinner too. NOTE to Family: There is one of these in Aurora and Lewisville Texas is getting one soon. I know you will be shocked to hear this....Ogden doesn't have one.

It is now 12:38pm and the kids passed out in their car seats as soon as we buckled them in. So Daddy did not get to go to his favorite store. The Apple Store.

Poor Daddy.....

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