Sunday, March 9, 2008

The One About Our Crazy Week!

Welcome to the Nut House!!

Most weeks....seem to go pretty quickly, but this one was long! Very, very long!!

This little angel....

Is starting to take steps! Amazingly, she does the best when she is holding something in her hands, like a sippy cup! She will take about two steps at a time and then stop and get this huge grin on her face! Then she takes a day off from practicing walking because it is a lot of work.

Mallory also has a new supervisor. Alex keeps a very close eye on her and informs me when he thinks she is misbehaving by yelling....NO NO NO BABA! And if she tries to escape up the stairs...he comes to me and tells on her. BABA...NO NO NO! It is the funniest thing!

Mallory also started sleeping through the entire night this week! 12 hours!!! This has resulted in a new development which you will read more about in a little bit.


There has been a lot of crying around here this week. Alex is getting his two year molars and we are pretty sure that Mallory is getting some more teeth too. This is what I see all day long!

We started weaning Alex from his pacifier last week and it is going pretty well. He only gets it for naps and bedtime and is now very excited to take a nap because it means he can be reunited with his best friend PAS!! When he gets up, PAS goes into the top drawer of his diaper changing station. The other day, Alex went upstairs and retrieved it. And also took all of the socks out of this drawer and put them in his crib. Silly Kid. So, he comes down stairs with PAS in his mouth and I said WHAT is THAT? And he touched his mouth and gave me this, what? how did that get there? Gosh Mommy, I don't know.
He is so funny!

Alex has decided to skip learning new words and just learn some sentences. For example, when he retrieved his PAS from the drawer....I took him upstairs and put him down for his nap and he pointed to his PAS and told me....I got it!

If you ask him where something is....and he either doesn't know or doesn't want you to know. He says....I don't know.

When you tell him something and he already knows it. He says....I KNOW! And this one he says with total teenage attitude!

And lastly, we started learning to pick up our toys before nap and bedtime. I found two songs on iTunes about cleaning up toys so I play those and we Clean Up! He has put a few toys away which I find just amazing!!


Breaking News!! Mommy is playing World of Warcraft again. I had told Daddy that when Mallory started sleeping through the night...I would play again. My new character is a Blood Elf and her name is Connana! Alex calls me Mamama! So I thought that was appropriate. So Wednesday nights and Sunday Afternoons....we will be found in Azaroth!!

More Breaking News! Mommy is training to RUN a 5k race in May! Being a Stay-at-home-Mommy/Domestic Engineer....I don't have many things that challenge me. I decided that running a race would be a great challenge and I would get in shape at the same time. I want Keith and the kids to be proud of me and what is cooler than saying My Mommy runs races!! You may not know this but I had just started running when I met Keith....then he caught me and I quit.

Breaking Summer News! New month, we will be signing the kids up for swimming lessons. I am so excited and just found these great pictures of the pool here in Ogden that is just a few miles from our house. We are going to have so much fun!!!

BREAKING VACATION NEWS!!! There has been lots of discussion in the household about when to take the children to Disney World. I consulted lots of my Mommy Friends and after doing some research we have decided to wait on Disney World until the kids are around 10 years old and instead we will be taking them to DISNEY LAND spring of 2011!

We are telling you that if you want to join us, you have plenty of time to plan. We will be staying at Disney's Grand Californian Hotel and Spa! We would love to turn it into a Family Reunion!

That's all I've got for now! Have a great day!!!!

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