Thursday, March 27, 2008

The One About Pizza For Breakfast!

I know I am behind on posting. I just downloaded 100 pictures. I have a couple of things to write about but something happened this morning that has to take priority. Alex's booster seat has a hole in the top of it where a tray is suppose to fit in it, but we have him sit right at the table. He likes to stick things in the hole. he doesn't want to eat and his silverware.

Alex woke early this morning....

He is a lot like his Daddy and likes his sleep so I wondered what had him up so early. He couldn't wait for me to get him dressed and was really loosing patience with me wanting to hang up his clean clothes before I removed him from his crib. As soon as I had him dressed he was down the stairs like a shot, not even going to get Mallory from her room.

Mallory and I came downstairs to find Alex munching on a piece of pizza from last nights dinner!!! He was sitting on the couch watching The Today Show enjoying his crusty piece of pizza. I'm guessing he hid it in there last night and couldn't wait to get to it.

I asked Alex where he got the pizza and he went to the kitchen and showed me his booster seat.

I just can't believe that he wanted MORE pizza because he ate almost half of a cheese pizza, part of an orange and a banana last night for dinner.

Just look at my silly little booger!


Hubby told a co-worker about Alex's antics and he suggested that child protective services should look into alleged neglect of a two year old that needs to hide food to stay alive. So I thought I would add a surveillance photo of the two year old victim stealing grapes from the kitchen.

Isn't it amazing the lengths that this child goes to in order to sustain his life?
And he is probably sneakin food to his poor starving little sister.....


  1. Haha!

    I have a friend that whenever she has crumbs on her face and you point it out to her says, "yea I know. its a snack I'm saving for later."

    Erick should do that instead of hiding his food in his highchair :)

  2. OMG, Bella must have the same booster seat and she sticks food in that hole too!!


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!