Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My hair of many colors and the ARES 1-X launch

I'm snuggled up on the couch this morning with a big mug of coffee while I watch the first test launch of ARES 1-X. It's so exciting! not....lot's of waiting actually. Calvin and I got up at 5:30am to start watching NASA TV and those engineers aren't much for small talk so there is lot's of uncomfortable silence and then a splattering of activity and lots of beautiful pictures of the Florida coastline. Maybe this is why people aren't that into the space program....

I was looking through all my pictures on my computer the other day and I was laughing at all of my different hair styles and hair colors. I've always considered my hair to be one of my best features....so I decided to make a little slideshow...and it made me want to grow my hair and color it blonde again. What do you think?

I added a new item to Channeling Martha. I saw a cute pillow in the Crate and Barrel catalog and I was inspired! Check it out HERE.

EDITED: I've decided that watching a rocket launch is a lot like being in labor.  Hurry up and wait and then...oh sorry, not today!  The launch has been scrubbed due to weather.  I'm bummed.


  1. I loved seeing all your hair styles and colors. You are very versatile! My favorite was the medium brown long style, but your face is so cute you look good with that cute short kind of shag style too. How fun is this? I feel like a hair consultant (with no prior experience!). Good luck with your decision. Or, you could start out long and change it every month until you have a very short pixie!!!

  2. you crack me up!! i love the video tribute to your hair...you really did switch it up a lot! but you always look hot hot hot lady! i can't wait to see what you decide to go!

  3. I loved the slide show, you do have great hair! This curly haired momma is jealous....my style is usually a pony tail :)

    Loved the analogy of labor to the space program!!

    Little baby "Connie" just started crying so I have to run :) Thanks for all of your kind words!!

  4. Wow, you're one of those rare people who look good both ways!

    I decided I like the medium brunette best, it accentuates your pretty eyes!

    And the pillow is great! Bet you'll sell a lot!

  5. You do have great hair- Just my humble opinion, but I love the red, short do- looks great!!


  6. You do look great in all the hair styles. My favorite is the brown--it makes your eyes glow. Do you have natural wavy hair?

  7. I loved all the different hairstyle! They all looked good on you. I think the dark brown makes your eyes pop.

  8. I like the brunette, and I think I like it long. Very pretty.

  9. Thanks everyone!

    I'm thinking I like it longer too. I miss being able to put it in a ponytail.

    My hair used to be straight...then with each kid, it became curlier and when I cut it...looked like I had a perm.

  10. We are so similar! I have had the same journey in hairdos, and have used Jen Aniston as my muse many times. I never got her hair, though >:-( My hubby likes mine blonde best, but it is too hard to keep nice, so I say it's natural forever. Much cheaper, too.

    I can't decided which of yours is best, all were cute.

  11. Labor and NASA - Cracked me up!

    I think you look sexy just the way you are...Us dark short haired sexy mama's need to stick together! =D

  12. You and I have done almost the same things to our hair over the years... you just haven't permed, and I have never been blonde. You look great no matter what you do to your hair, because you have the greatest smile! I, too wish I had long, flowing locks, but that is never gonna happen to me, I am stuck with the curls, and with the humidity here in Florida, I have embraced them.
    Speaking of Florida, I too was waiting for the launch... and was disappointed. I have grabbed the NASA app for my iPhone so that I can get great pics and updates no matter where I am - and it is totally FREE... my favorite word!!
    Let's hope it goes off tomorrow.
    I'll be up watching for it thinking of you...

  13. That was so fun! I change my hair so often it is freakin crazy! I just cut mine within the last 2 months and instead of going back in for a trim I am considering growing again! I just cant make up my mind. Short hair actually has to be done, like blown out and everything...ugh. When my hair is longer then I can either style it or pull it back and still have it be cute.

  14. Sorry about the launch!

    I had been thinking about doing a post of all my hair colors too - but it wouldn't be nearly as cool as that slide show. Plus most of the pics would have to be scanned, (which means finding them first) so I'll probably never do it. I've had most of the same colors as you! I liked the golden-blonde with the highlights the best. ;-)

  15. Wow, girl, your hair looks great so many way! I'm a little jealous. Honestly, my favorite favorite was the dark bob. Woo-hoo! I also like the medium/light brown that was shoulder length-ish :)

  16. Oh how I wish I was brave like you when it comes to hair! I've had THE SAME haircut since I was in high school.

    The only thing I've done is highlight it a few times.

    My fav do of yours is the second one after the Aniston pic :) But you look good in ALL of them.

    Lucky bee-otch.

  17. I like the red and short sassy do. Don't do long and blond. That is just too 80's. Sorry, just my opinion.

  18. Loved that video clip! I think you looked great with all of those hair styles and colors! You are a chameleon! I don't understand how some people stay with the same cut and color for years, I get bored so easily.

    I'm not sure which one was my favorite.... Maybe you should go a little lighter with some caramel colored highlights?


  19. Long and brunette looked beautiful...I have been every colour of the rainbow. Husband is just pleading with me to grow it long again for once, but I get a sick thrill from chopping my hair...

  20. Connie you have such a talent for the vlog girl... Love the photos and the composition - you got skillz.

    I think I like your hair most when it's shoulder length and brown, although you make a pretty blonde too!

    Do you know I've never ever ever coloured my hair? And I have lots of grey too. So one of the girls at the salon is always itching to get me to colour it. Aint gonna happen tho. I look like Rogue (X-Men) when I straighten it.... or at least that's what I tell myself. Lol.

  21. Okay, you look fabulous in ALL the pic's. My fav's are the brown hair and shoulder length! :) I also like how it is now! :)

  22. I totally love you with red hair C! I love the fact that you change it up! ME TOO!

  23. I think you look great with all hair colors (which is nice because not everyone does). But darker hair brings out your blue eyes. For length, I think my favorite was the style right after you had Alex. It was just the right balance of youthful and sophistocated. So if I were your stylist, I would suggest a shoulder length cut with long layers and a color between dark blonde and auburn (take your pick - they all look great).

    Loved the retrospect!


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!