Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Vlog: Wacky Wednesday

I decided to vlog today...since I had make up on.  And I had some stuff to talk about and I will be posting my Connie's Diary entry on Friday so here we are with Wacky Wednesday!

I posted about my skin cancer situation on Facebook today when I got home and found out from several people that when they had their surgeries...the tissue was examined during the surgery to make sure they got everything....instead of sending the tissue off to be checked.  I wish I had know about this type of surgery before I chose this doctor.

In other news...The Ares 1-X launched from Kennedy Space Center this morning and I missed it by 30 seconds. I walked in the door right after it happened. Luckily, Calvin taped it for me.  I was glued to twitter the last two days watching the hashtag #ARES1-X and I was disheartened by so many people that wanted the rocket to fail.  I would like to dedicate this song to those people.

On to the vlog!


  1. So sorry about your ordeal at the doctors. You and your daughter are adorable together.

  2. That was FABULOUS and my heart is just so full of love for you right now, I can't hardly stand it.

    Don't worry about the pumpkins, you know we carved ours but now my kids keep rolling them down the street and I have to go running after them. It is not pretty. So you should feel lucky you don't have to deal with this.

    Kiss Kiss

  3. That was...ugh...bananas. I thought you'd just had a really, really big night until I read the words.

    Funneeeeeeeeeeee. Kids are sweet too.

  4. I thought you were joking about being re-dug into until you showed your owie. That is such a bummer. Mallory is the CUTEST! I totally heart her!

  5. Hey Connie, we're playing blog tag! Hope it's okay, just put a link to your vlog cos it's too damn cute.

  6. how stinking cute. Your poor ouchie! I can't believe they didn't get it all. Sigh! Oh and I vlogged tonight, I need editing tips. Do you use iMovie or something else. don't come watch mine is super duper lame compared to yours.

  7. I tried to make a vlog and I can't get the damned thing to load, what is the trick to it??

    And that sucks that they had to cut you again! wth?? Hopefully they got it all now.

  8. so sorry about your medical craziness. no fun. but your vlog had me cracking up. loved it!

  9. As usual- so funny. I needed a laugh today cause I am feeling yucky!!!


  10. Your kids are adorable! I have some hearing problems, so I could've sworn that she said Buttfly. What's That?!!
    I'm sorry about your doctor appt! I hope they got it all that time.

  11. Love hearing more Wicked at the end!! Pumpkins just rot anyways. ;-)

    I was thinking of you yesterday when the rocket launched. Sorry you missed it!!

    PS: LOVED your Rachel Zoe impression - especially when you said you "literally had to find someone to watch your kids!".



    I love you!

    I'm not mommy, I'm rachel zoe

  13. I love your vlogs Connie. I still think your hair is cute.

    I'm so sorry about the horrible skin stuff. I hope they got it all out!

    And I was so bummed about Glee this week. Then I remembered that it wasn't going to be on for a while. Made me sad.

    I don't like carving pumpkins at all. So yucky, cold, slimy. You are lucky not to be doing that. I hope you guys have a wonderful Halloween!

    I still haven't figured out when Festival of Trees is, but I really want to get together. I think it will be fun!


  14. Another great vlog, Connie! That's a shame about your face... I'm sorry. :-( We carved pumpkin for the second time EVER last year. This year will be our third time. Don't feel badly.

    PS: If I was closer I'd watch your kids next week. I'm very responsible.

  15. Great vlog! We grow our own pumpkins so there's no getting out of the pumpkin thing here :)

  16. You're flippin' cracking me up! I love love love the Rachel Zoe impersonation (is that how you spell that?...I need spell check in the comment section). I'm sorry you're owie had to be cut on twice. I'll be praying there is no scar. And like ohmygod, I hope you find a babysitter for next omg...they should know better than to scedule appointments when your darling husband is gone.


  17. I'm so sorry that the MD didn't get all the margins, I've been thinking of you. I hope the scar is not too bad, the first incision looked so good.
    I loved your vlog!! I've never actually seen the Rachel Zoe show, only other people "doing" her (and I hate the way she pronounces her name, it should be Zo-E'), but I digress! Mallory is such a cutie pie and I'm sure made the best "Butt-fly".
    Have a great night...

  18. OMG you crack me up :) Mallory is ADORABLE (as are you!) Hope you've got someone to watch the kids this week for you at the Dr's & that they have good news for you this time. Put neosporin on your incision!



I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!